After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 58

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 58

Chapter 58 Natalie Spears proactively reveals the clue

“So you don’t need to brag and come here for an experiment. It won’t do you any good, nor will it do Graham

Group any good.”

Julian Graham’s voice was faint, clearly reminding Natalie Spears and unconsciously drawing a line with her.

Natalie Spears raised her eyes and smiled stiffly.

She was too lazy to explain and there was no need to explain. Julian Graham’s misunderstanding of her now

happens not to expose her identity, and she has nothing to lose. Why not?

In Julian Graham’s eyes, the slightly stiff smile of the woman in front of her was clearly sour and at a loss,

making her look pitiful.

However, Julian Graham clearly did not show any emotion.

“Get out of here now.”

These words did not carry any temperature

Natalie Spears pursed her lips, and what came to her mind was that her experiment had not been completed

yet, but looking at the current situation.

Before Natalie Spears could react, Julian Graham had already reached out and pulled her wrist, with a cold

expression as she walked down the stairs

There was no room for Natalie Spears to choose at all, and obviously he didn’t want her to stay in this

experimental building for a moment

Since Natalie Spears had just admitted that he came here to help the the Graham family, it was obvious that

Julian Graham could no longer have doubts.

Natalie Spears did not resist. She followed the man silently, and the two walked back and forth to the side


Natalie Spears lowered her head and glanced at the palm of Julian Graham’s wrist.

Still not letting go?

Julian Graham noticed Natalie Spears’s gaze, and he suddenly let go of her wrist with a hint of impatience in his eyes.

It’s not she wanted him to pull her wrist! What’s the matter with this calm expression?

Julian Graham strode towards the door, his eyes scanning the bodyguard at the side door.

The bodyguard saw the visitor and immediately opened the door, not noticing that there was another person beside Julian Graham.

Natalie Spears narrowed her eyes, no wonder Julian Graham could enter the laboratory so smoothly. So, he was going through the side door?!

She was still wondering why Julian Graham could easily enter the experimental building, even though she had already tightened her defense and specifically instructed the bodyguard in front of the gate?

She even had her bodyguard carefully check the surveillance video of the gate and didn’t see Julian Graham

at all.

So Julian Graham walked directly through the side door?!

The side door of the experimental building was extremely secret, precisely because the vast majority of people cannot find it, and Philip Johnson did not add more personnel, only sent a bodyguard at the side door.

It seemed that this bodyguard had obviously been bribed by Julian Graham and must not be left behind.

Julian Graham walked out of the door and looked back at Natalie Spears, who was standing in the same place with a complex expression.

She must be regret.

His face was cold and he glanced at the woman before getting into the car.

He pulled Natalie Spears out of the laboratory because he was afraid that she would make mistakes and offend Doctor Nancy. Now that Natalie Spears had come out, he didn’t need to have any further contact with her.

With Natalie Spears’s temperament, every contact made her daydream.

He won’t give Natalie Spears any hope.

Gave her a thought, and when faced with reality afterwards, she would only be more hurt.

The assistant saw the CEO sitting in the car, started the engine, and saw Natalie Spears again in the rearview mirror. He silently glanced at Natalie Spears standing at the door.

This scene seemed a bit familiar.

At the the Graham family banquet, Natalie Spears seemed to be standing at the entrance of Graham’s house like this, silently watching the CEO?

He don’t know why, but there was a hint of pity and sympathy in the assistant’s eyes.

In love, the pain felt by the person who was not loved was very heartbreaking.

Miss Spears loved the CEO too much, but unfortunately, the CEO loved Miss Linch. Miss Spears was infatuated with the wrong person.

“Leave or not?” Julian Graham’s voice was cold.

The assistant regained consciousness and said, “Sorry, let’s go now.”

Although he was already standing on Miss Linch’s side, seeing Natalie Spears with a complex face standing at the door, he still felt a bit pitiful for her.

The assistant quietly glanced at the gloomy CEO, and carefully asked “CEO, why is Miss Spears here?”

He was wondering if he could bring Miss Spears into the car as well?

Julian Graham sat in the car, his face complex, pondering why he hadn’t seen Doctor Nancy twice in a row.

What’s wrong?

Upon hearing the assistant’s question, he suddenly had a question in his mind.

How did Natalie Spears enter the laboratory in front of him? How did an orphan get into the laboratory?

She had neither connections nor family background, so it was impossible for her to master the methods of entering the laboratory like him.

Did Natalie Spears have any secrets?

Julian Graham’s eyes narrowed.

The assistant saw that Julian Graham not only didn’t answer, but his face became even more gloomy. He couldn’t help but tremble and swallow the following words into his throat.

The next day, inside the villa.

Natalie Spears had just woken up when she received a message from Ryan Swan.

She casually ordered it while eating breakfast.

Doctor, the authorization letter we sent to Graham Group has been rejected. What should we do?

Natalie Spears was surprised to see the content of the news.

Had Julian Graham rejected the authorization letter delivered to him? What? He didn’t even want a power of attorney?

Didn’t he come to the laboratory several times in a row just for the authorization letter? Julian Graham was foolish, right?

How could it be rejected?

Natalie Spears posted the doubts in her mind..

Julian Graham should not be so foolish, it was highly likely that there were other reasons?

Not long after, Ryan Swan’s message was sent again.

I just inquired and the sender told me that Graham Group does not accept anonymous packages.

Natalie Spears’s eyes narrowed. Since when has Graham stopped accepting anonymous packages? She remembered that Graham Group used to collect it.

Doctor, do we still need to resend one?

She pursed her lips, without any hesitation in her mind, and then returned the information.


Just fill in Natalie Spears’s name.

Since she had already weighed in her mind and decided to give the authorization letter to Julian Graham, she

would not change it now.

Despite everything Julian Graham did the day before yesterday and yesterday, she felt



But this was for Henry Graham, and compared to Henry Graham, she could completely ignore everything

Julian Graham did.

As for risking from Julian Graham by filling in her name on the mailed package. So easily revealing clues, she

had her own plan in mind.

Ryan Swan saw a strange name sent by the doctor – Natalie Spears.

He paused with a puzzled look in his eyes, wanting to ask who Natalie Spears was

Before he could speak, the doctor’s message was sent over. Natalie Spears is my name.

It seemed that she had fully understood his thoughts.

Natalie Spears? Ryan Swan silently recited the name once in his heart.

So the doctor’s name is Natalie Spears.

Okay. Ryan Swan replied.

He thought for a moment and added. If you don’t mail the anonymous package, it will be delivered to Graham.

Group soon.

I should send it today and arrive tomorrow. He remembered the doctor said it would be better as soon as


Natalie Spears replied with a “good” gesture

She just wanted to send it away early and got it over with.


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