After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 59

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 59

Chapter 59 The authorization letter was obtained by Niki Linch

Julian Graham sat in the car, his eyebrows furrowed and his face gloomy, as if he had countless melancholy. The cold face was even more intimidating due to its gloomy expression.

It was obvious that not finding Dr. Nancy twice in a row had made his mood exceptionally poor.

The assistant drove the car cautiously, fearing that a careless move would anger the CEO.

The phone bell suddenly rang, appearing unusually abrupt in the thick and gloomy atmosphere of the car.

The assistant suddenly heard his phone ring in such a quiet environment, and his heart trembled. He couldn’t

help but silently “mourn” for the caller.

Julian Graham answered the phone and said, “Julian, where are you? Hassan hasn’t seen you for several


Niki Linch’s sweet voice came.

The assistant was relieved that it was Niki Linch on the phone, that’s good!

He had never seen the CEO get angry with Niki Linch before. Niki Linch might even make the CEO feel better,

so he wouldn’t suffer.

Julian Graham’s voice did not fluctuate. “Outside, the company is very busy.”

“Hassan goes to help you! Hassan hasn’t seen Julian for several days, I really miss you.”

“I’m not available,.” Julian Graham said in short words, indicating the man’s extremely bad mood as he

twisted his brow.

The matter of authorization left him feeling extremely anxious.

Niki Linch heard Julian Graham’s clearly unhappy tone on the other end of the phone. From Julian Graham’s performance, she already understood that the crisis Graham had encountered this time was very serious.

Last time Niki Linch came to Graham Group, she leaned over and listened outside the door, roughly understanding what difficulties Graham was facing this time.

If she rashly ask Julián Graham about the company, he obviously wouldn’t say these things to her, just to

reassure her.

She needed an opportunity.

The opportunity to help Graham overcome the crisis.

She had abandoned everything abroad, and if she missed him again, she would have nothing, and she absolutely cannot accept it!

She can’t even watch Natalie Spears take over the position of President Graham’s wife as a substitute!

Niki Linch continued in a coquettish voice, “Julian, Hassan knows that you are busy with work, and I also want to help you.”

Helping Graham overcome this crisis could help Linda Mills not focus on her past affairs, otherwise she might not be able to marry into the the Graham family.

When Niki Linch came to the the Graham family before, she deliberately pretended to open the door unintentionally, just to let the the Graham family know of her existence. The more the Graham family members know, the better.

She wanted the Graham family to be disrupted by this, at least letting them know her existence, so that she

could win some chances for herself.

If the the Graham family members were unaware of her existence, she would never be able to marry into the

the Graham family.

She can’t be so foolish as to wait for Julian Graham to take her to Graharn’s house, she couldn’t wait! She

wanted to fight for herself at all costs, not just sit idly by!

“You can’t help it.” Julian Graham’s voice was cold, as if he suddenly felt that his tone was a bit off. Then he

added, “There’s nothing big about the company, you don’t have to worry.”

Upon hearing this answer, Niki Linch’s lips lit up with a smile.

Julian Graham was indeed as she though! He clearly had her in his heart.

“I can help.” Niki Linch smiled lightly, her tone warm and gentle, but inexplicably made Julian Graham feel a

hint of firmness.

“How can you help?” Julian Graham said in a somewhat gentle tone.

Niki Linch’s heart was filled with joy, and her tone was cheerful. “I have something for you that can be of great

help to Graham Group. Julian, please wait.”

From the time she clearly saw that Rudy Graham had found her, but the Graham family did not make any

movement. She was inexplicably flustered, afraid that she would not be able to marry into the the Graham

family, so she began to prepare this thing.

She put in a lot of effort to get this thing! Graham Group had definitely contributed to Niki Linch’s success in

overcoming this crisis!

Thinking in this way, Niki Linch seemed to be able to see the grand scene of marrying into the the Graham


Upon hearing this, Julian Graham turned his gaze to the night outside the car window, and his expression remained unchanged. “Then come to the company tomorrow,” he said.

“It’s too late today.”

Niki Linch just came to send him some cakes and to relax his mood.

He didn’t expect Niki Linch to bring him any surprises to help Graham Group, but after all, she was also trying

to give him some comfort.

Furthermore, he promised his grandfather not to divorce Natalie Spears for the time being in order to secure

Chanter 59

let fly”

the position of President Graham. He also felt guilty and didn’t want to let Niki down.

Niki Linch pondered for a moment, then agreed with a worried tone, “Okay, Julian, don’t be too tired. Hassan

will be very worried about you.”

“Hmm.” The man’s voice was faint, and then he hung up the phone.

Seeing the CEO hang up, the assistant looked at him from the mirror. Although Julian Graham’s expression was not as gloomy as it had just been, it still carried an indescribable emotion..

When the assistant saw Julian Graham’s current appearance, he suddenly felt that the rich must have some

difficulties he didn’t know.

Even for magnates, they were hierarchical.

In the class of Los Angeles, the Graham family was undoubtedly the most top-notch, especially Julian


He was undoubtedly at the top of the food chain, standing in a position that ordinary people would never reach in their lifetime, but there were also inevitable costs, right?

The next morning, downstairs of Graham Group.

A man in a courier suit walked into Graham Group and delivered a package to the front desk. “Hello, this is a

package sent to President Graham. Could you please sign for it?”

The receptionist raised her eyes in response, and she looked at the unattractive package with a nonchalant

tone. “Who sent it?”

At the same time, Niki Linch was wearing a white dress with long hair flowing down her shoulders and

appeared at the entrance of Graham Group.

Upon closer inspection, there was a hint of pride in her eyes.

“Let me take a look, it’s a package sent by Miss Natalie Spears.” The man picked up the package and glanced

at it, then gave the name of the sender.

The man’s voice was not loud, but the words Natalie Spears he uttered fell straight into Niki Linch’s ear.

Niki Linch’s eyes almost instantly deepened. Her eyebrows furrowed slightly, and she turned to look at the

package on the front stage with a hint of disgust.

How could Natalie Spears be so shameless and even give something to Julian Graham?!

Why did she always expect things she shouldn’t have? Shouldn’t she think about whether she’s entitled to

something before she gave it away?

She was just a stand-in!

Niki Linch’s originally bright face suddenly changed, and she walked towards the front desk with a gloomy


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The man who was mailing the package was handing it to the front desk when Niki Linch’s delicate figure suddenly appeared in front of him and snatched the package away.

The package suddenly appeared in Niki Linch’s hand.

The man’s face was stunned, his eyes full of surprise.

How could someone be so blatantly robbing things? Or a woman with such a pure appearance? It was really

the first time.

This package was specially instructed by the customer at a high price that it must be undamaged and delivered to Graham Group without any accidents. He cannot afford to make mistakes.

The man’s expression turned serious. Miss, could you please return the package to me.”

Niki Linch ignored, her eyes were all on the package, full of disgust.

The front desk was suddenly taken away with the package, and she also raised her eyes in response, clearly’ seeing a familiar face.

wasn’t this Mr. Graham’s girlfriend? Should be surnamed Linch?

She almost offended her last time. She must not offend her again this time.

The front desk hurriedly put on a very familiar smile, and her face was attentive, “Miss Linch, why are you



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