After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 60

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 60

Chapter 60 What secrets does she have?

When Nikl Linch heard the flattering voice from the front desk, she looked up impatiently. Her usual clear eyes were now full of pride.

She just glanced impatiently, didn’t pay any attention to the front desk, and then played with the package with anger, her eyes dark.

Completely lacking the purity and sweetness of the past.

The receptionist stood awkwardly aside.

The man in charge of the delivery wanted to say something more, “Miss…” but was interrupted by the


“This is Mr. Graham’s girlfriend, just give her the package.” The receptionist tone was urgent, and she looked

at the man with a voice that couldn’t be ignored, as if inviting credit.

The man looked up carefully at Niki Linch, as if unsure.

“The things inside are very valuable. Are you sure she’s Mr. Graham’s girlfriend? What should we do if something goes wrong?” The man spoke with suspicion and clearly didn’t believe it.

When Niki Linch heard the man’s words, Natalie Spears sent a very valuable item?

Niki Linch’s face became complex.

She didn’t originally want to open it, but now she has changed her mind.

She wanted to see what valuable thing it was!

She reached out to the package with a fair hand and said to the front desk, “Give me a knife.”

The front desk just listened to the person’s words and became somewhat hesitant. If it was really a very

valuable package that was opened without the permission of the president, she would not be responsible for

anything that happened.

If the CEO blamed her, she wouldn’t be able to keep the job she barely managed to keep.

Seeing that there was no action at the receptionists, Niki Linch’s eyes were cold and her tone was not kind.

“Can’t you hear me? I need a knife now. Don’t you want to stay at Graham’s anymore.”

The receptionist’s gaze flickered slightly, hesitating for a while before finally feeling overwhelmed and handed the knife to Niki Linch, with a tone full of flattery. “Please pay attention to your hands, may I help you?”

Better please Mr. Graham’s girlfriend first!

To provoke Mr. Graham’s girlfriend, she also had no good result.

Niki Linch snorted coldly, took the knife and was about to open the package. The man was in a hurry and ran forward to snatch the package.

“What are you doing?”

Nikl Linch’s voice was a bit loud, causing the bodyguard at the door to look at her. The bodyguard’s hand had already touched the walkie talkie at her waist, as if to report to her superiors.

“I’m not sure of your identity. You better not take this package.” The man’s expression was hesitant.

Niki Linch noticed the eyes and movements of the bodyguard at the door. She didn’t want to cause trouble to Julian Graham, as she had just lost control of her emotions. When it came to Julian Graham’s ears, it would

shatter her image that she had worked hard to maintain.

She suppressed her anger and on second thought, what valuable things could an orphan have?

But it was just something worthless.

She didn’t need to set up her own hard maintained persona for something worthless.

Niki Linch didn’t choose to ask for a package from the man thinking of this. Natalie Spears couldn’t even give anything worth.

Just as she was about to give up, she heard Julian Graham’s helpful voice, “Miss Linch, why didn’t you tell me in advance when you came? I’ll come and pick you up.”

The assistant came out of the elevator, his face full of laughter.

The CEO asked himself to wait for Miss Linch downstairs in advance. Unexpectedly, as soon as he opened the door, he saw that Miss Linch was already standing at the reception. He was afraid that if Niki Linch was in a hurry, he would be scolded.

When he walked up to Niki Linch, he realized that the atmosphere was a bit out of place, and Niki Linch still had the lingering anger on her face.

The assistant looked reproachfully at the front desk and said, “What’s going on?”

Miss Linch wants to open Mr. Graham’s package.” The receptionist truthfully informed him.

“Then dismantle it, Miss Linch can dismantle whatever she wants! ” The assistant spoke with a tone of hatred, as if warning the front desk not to provoke the woman in front of her.

The assistant took the package directly from the man’s hand.

The man recognized the assistant in front of him and knew he was the assistant of President Graham, who had come several times to pick up the package.

It seemed that the person who snatched the package was really President Graham’s girlfriend.

Niki Linch didn’t answer. Her eyebrows were disdainful, and she said with some arrogance, “No need.”

The assistant’s hand reached out in mid air and upon hearing this, he collected the package again.

“No need?”

Miss Linch was angry?

Niki Linch didn’t speak, she took a step and entered the elevator. The assistant didn’t have time to put down

the package and quickly followed up.

Quickly arriving at Julian Graham’s office, Niki Linch pushed the door and entered, followed by his assistant.

However, he placed the package behind Julian Graham’s desk and carefully exited the door.

Niki Linch was clearly a bit angry, he didn’t dare to stay inside and mix in.

Julian Graham raised his eyes when he heard the sound. He glanced faintly at Niki Linch and then lowered.

his head to review the document.

After Niki Linch entered the room, she just sat on the sofa across from her desk, her face cold and silent.

After a while, Julian Graham realized something was wrong.

In the past, when Hassan came to the company, her face was cheerful and full of vitality, as if she had endless words to say to him. Why haven’t she spoken for half a day today?

“Didn’t you say you wanted to surprise me?” Julian Graham looked up and spoke first.

Niki Linch’s face was bulging, and she slightly pouted her mouth. “I unilaterally cancelled your surprise.”

Julian Graham raised his eyebrows, perhaps amused. “Why?”

Niki Linch looked aggrieved and said, “It’s just cancelled, there’s no reason.”

Julian Graham didn’t speak, his gaze turned to the package on the desk, which was Natalie Spears?

Niki Linch stole a glance at Julian Graham and saw that he had already seen the package. She spoke jealously, “Natalie is getting divorced with you and still thinking about you. She must love you very much.”

“I don’t know how many times Natalie has sent things. Julian must have received them all, right?”

“Is Hassan not supposed to exist? I really bothers you.” Lin Niki’s voice was sad and aggrieved, as if the vinegar jar had been knocked over.

She would never let Julian Graham take anything from Natalie Spears!

Natalie Spears’s things were extremely dirty.

Niki Linch felt aggrieved on her face, but she thought so in her heart.

Julian Graham recognized Niki Linch’s meaning and spoke calmly, “This is Natalie Spears’s first time sending. something.”

“There is no relationship between us.”

Upon hearing Julian Graham’s steadfast words, Niki Linch blinked her clear eyes and decisively took it easy.

“Well, Niki believes in Julian.”

“But can I take a look at what’s in this package?” Niki Linch lowered her tone with sincerity.

Julian Graham opened the package.

Chapter 60

secrets does she have?.

The package was carefully sealed, and Julian Graham opened it layer by layer, with a paper material inside.

Julian Graham’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, how could it be made of paper material? He had already taken the divorce agreement from Natalie Spears, so what’s this?

He took out the paper material and his eyes probably scanned the paper. Was this the authorization letter

from Glory Group?!

Julian Graham’s face was surprised, with an incredulous expression on his face. It was actually sent by

Natalie Spears?!

What secret was there in Natalie Spears?

How could she have an authorization letter? Did she have any other identity?

Niki Linch saw the shocked expression on Julian Graharn’s face, and she quickly stepped forward, her gaze also fixed on the paper material.

Authorization letter?!

It was still sent by Natalie Spears!


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