After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 62

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 62

Chapter 62 Cooperation

“No, it’s all done of my own accord. The Graham family’s business is my own business.”

Julian stared at Niki, with his eyes tinged with softness.

“Anyway, I will marry into the Graham family sooner or later…” Nikl smiled with a bashful tone.

Her tone was generally light, but she raised her tone when she said that she would marry into the Graham.

family, as if she just mentioned it inadvertently.

Upon hearing this, Julian’s face that was originally soft became somewhat stiff, and his expression showed an indescribable change. He had previously promised his grandfather not to divorce Natalie.

But now the matter of authorization had been perfectly solved…

He was one step closer to fully taking power, and the divorce matter could also be put on the agenda.

Thinking of this, Julian’s stiff expression relaxed.

Niki caught the fleeting complex emotions on Julian’s face and said, “Julian, did I say something wrong?”

With a tone of grievance and an innocent face, anyone who listened to her would feel pity for her.


“You will marry into the Graham family sooner or later.” Julian’s eyes were fixed and distinct, with a unique

sense of confidence as if he was at the top of the food chain. In his pupils, there was only a reflection of Niki.

Niki heard the promise as she wished, then she said in a leisure tone, “Well, I hope that Mrs. Graham won’t

worry too much or have too much malice towards me anymore.”

Julian touched the hair in front of her forehead. “As you wish.” Said Julian in a flat tone.

“I’m afraid that Natalie will say something to Mrs. Graham again, after all, Natalie has been staying by her

side when I was absence…”

Upon hearing Natalie’s name, Julian frowned almost in a second.

After listening to Niki’s words in silence, his face showed a hint of mixed emotions. “I will talk to my mother

about it.” Julian comforted her.

His mother’s attitude was really firm and she was indeed tricky.

But Niki had helped the Graham family so much this time, so her mother’s attitude would not be as tough as before.

“Fine!” Niki nodded lightly.

The two looked at each other.

Niki was close to Julian, and they were so close that they could hear each other’s breathing clearly.

She tilted her head slightly, staring at the man’s angular jawline. Julian felt her gaze.

Chapter 62 Cooperation


Nikl’s clear eyes turned while she blushed a bit, with a girlish and bashful smile that was perfect on her face.

*Julian, the authorization has been solved. You shouldn’t be so busy now…?”

Julian gave a consent in a soft tone.

“Then come to the apartment tonight… Since the company had gone wrong, you has been ignoring me… I

want to stay with you.”

Julian’s face remained unchanged.

“Wait until I make a deal with the hospital.”

What?! She had to wait until him making a deal with the hospital….

Niki felt that it was just an excuse, and Graham Group’s major concern seemed to have been solved. Why did

she still have to wait?

Was he unwilling to touch her?

Niki’s face was a bit stiff, and the anticipation and joy she had been filled with had already disappeared.

But she didn’t express her thoughts,”Okay.” She said with a thoughtful smile on her face,

After Niki left, Julian sat in a chair and stared at the authorization letter.

He wanted to make it quick to solve these matters and gain more real power as soon as possible, which meant he could own the right of making decision and not being coerced by his grandfather, so that he could truly reassured Niki.

But it was not the right time now…

The next day.

The largest hospital in Los Angeles, Hazel International Hospital.

This hospital was not only the best hospital in Los Angeles, but also the director of the hospital who was from a wealthy family in New York was very famous in the medical industry of New York.

Julian got off the car and walked into Hazel International Hospital.

He came today to discuss medicine cooperation with the director of Hazel.

Graham Group now held the authorization and had no worries about the production of New Bleomycin Drug

that would have problem being introduced to the market.

New Bleomycin Drug was currently in short supply in the market, and having this authorization was equivalent to having a dominant position. Many hospitals in Los Angeles and even hospitals in New York

relied on Graham Group to get the medicine.

Even the price could only be determined by the Graham Group.



“Hello, do you have an appointment?”

The receptionist of the hospital gently looked up at the man with almost perfect facial features in front of her

and secretly blushed.

“Yes.” A simple word was said that exuded polite alienation.

The assistant jogged out and said, “We have an appointment with the director at 10 o’clock this morning.

This is Julian Graham, the CEO of Graham Group.”

“Graham Group… Julian Graham…” The receptionist whispered and then realized something all of a sudden.

“The director specifically explained this morning that I shall take you to the office at once after the CEO of

Graham Group arrives.”

The receptionist said in a respectful tone.

“This way, please.” The receptionist was a bit hesitant to look up at the man in front of her, she just lowered

her head.

She had long heard that the CEO of the Graham Group was handsome and wealthy, but she didn’t expect him to be even more handsome than she imagined.

“Thank you.”


The receptionist helped Julian open the office door.

Inside the office, an elderly man over 50 years old was sitting at a wooden table made of sunken wood that

was thousands of years old to cook coffee. Seeing someone was coming, he stood up in a hurry.

“Mr. Graham, you finally come.”

“I’ve been waiting all morning, I even thought that you’re not willing to sell me the medicine.“

The assistant on the side helped Julian pull out the chair, then Julian lowered his eyes and sat down.

“You’re really here at the right time. The coffee is just cooked, smell it, it’s superb Santos.”

Santos, which full name was Santos Coffee, was extremely rare.

Looking across the country, it could only be got from New York. To be precise, only the Spears family, a medical family in New York could get it.

Because Mr. Spears loved Santos Coffee so much, the Spears family almost monopolized the Santos Coffee that was already rare.

There was a world-renowned expert in traditional medicine in the Spears family, that was Mr. Spears who loved Santos Coffee.

Julian glanced at the coffee and said, “Thank you.”

The director waved his hand and said, “Well, if it weren’t for your authorization, I would not have been willing to treat you with Santos Coffee. You must understand what I mean.”

There was nothing else he could do since there was a real shortage of New Bleomycin Drug in the market, and whichever hospital owned it, their value would increase several times.

Although he disdained dealing with any company in Los Angeles, the authorization possessed by Graham Group in Los Angeles made him look at them with new eyes.

The director of Hazel clearly knew coffee very well He ground the coffee bean and boiled water, then added ground coffee in it. After that, he scooped away the foam, and boiled three times further, then poured the coffee into the cup. The movements went smoothly, and the final coffee was in a brown color, just like the simple atmosphere in Santos.

After the coffee making was over, the director placed a cup of Santos Coffee in front of Julian and said,


Julian picked up his cup and took a small sip, the coffee had a sweet taste remained after it was drunk, “It’s really good coffee.”

Julian was very clear about the meaning of the director of Hazel in his heart as he saw the series actions of


Treating guests with coffee was the highest etiquette of the director of Hazel, let alone it was Santos Coffee.

He didn’t want to be too mysterious. Julian put down his coffee cup and said, “Don’t worry, Graham Group will

definitely offered New Bleomycin Drug to Hazel.”

The director was overjoyed with a smile on his face. “It’s worth this cup of Santos Coffee.”

Julian took out the authorization letter and placed it on the sunken wooden table, and he pushed the

authorization letter towards the other side with his slender fingers.

“This is the authorization letter, please have a look.”

“After check it, we will discuss the price.”

The director took the authorization letter but did not open it. “Are you sure it’s real.”

“Of course.”

The person who was extremely indifferent in the usual days was coupled with a seemingly innate confidence

at this moment, which made Julian even cooler and more dignified.

He was invisibly saying that the authenticity of this authorization letter was beyond doubt.


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