After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 63

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 63

Chapter 63 Julian was embarrassed

After listening to Julian’s words, the director smiled. He was smiling all over with his eyes narrowed into a seam, and even the wrinkles on his face disappeared a lot.

“Okay, with your promise, I can rest assured.”

The status of Hazel Hospital in Los Angeles went without saying, and there was no need for Julian to risk offending Hazel by forging an authorization letter.

Graham Group was also known for being trustworthy in the medical industry.

He still believed in Julian.

The director did not open the authorization letter. He put it back in its original place and placed his hands in

front of his chest. Although he was over fifty years old, his eyes were still burning.

“I believe in you, let’s talk about the price.”

Julian raised his eyelids and agreed in a faint tone.

“I don’t know what Graham Group’s offer price is in your heart.” The director picked up the coffee cup and

sipped a little.

“You can make an offer.” Julian bent his finger against his chin and stared at the director with his profound


He was handing over the power of decision to the director.

The director didn’t say anything while his fingers rubbing the precious coffee cup. With his thoughtful

expression, nobody was able to tell what he was thinking.

The two remained silent.

The atmosphere of struggle in business was somehow revolving around the two of them.

Both sides couldn’t fathom each other’s thoughts, and in a exploration step by step, they speculated and

gambled with each other. In the end, the one with weak psychology would collapsed little by little and

became the loser.

This was the charm of business gaming.

Only by laying out and designing step by step could one become a winner in this battle without gunpowder.

This was what Julian was best at, and it was also his natural ability without any effort.

Julian stared at the other party with his burning eyes.

The director’s expression was complex, “On the side of Hazel…”

In the middle of the sentence, he stopped all of a sudden.

The director didn’t continue, he pondered and touched the authorization letter on the table with his hand in a

Chapter 63 Julian was embarrassed


casual way.

Julian knew what he was thinking exactly, he already understood Hazel’s thoughts.

“Graham Group doesn’t ask for high prices, only for a friend as Hazel.” Julian said in a flat tone.

Julian didn’t push him hard step by step, but took a step back instead. He was clearly an experienced and

skilled hunter.

He also believed that the director could understand his meaning.

Upon hearing this, the director stopped his hand that was touching the authorization letter casually. His

originally complex expression faded, instead, he burst into laughter, “Fine, that’s good!”

“You deserve to be the CEO of the Graham Group, I truly admire your spirit.”

“The younger generation will surpass the older.”

Julian’s expression remained unchanged, and a symbolic smile rose from the corner of his mouth. “I’m

flattered.” He said.

The director took another sip of coffee in a good mood. He loved to talk about cooperation with a business.

genius like Julian who had excellent minds.

“Please confirm the authenticity of the authorization letter, and then we can sign the contract.”

Julian insisted on being infallible in everything, and he didn’t want any inexplicable incidents to happen in the

future. It was better to confirm it in person.


The director picked up the authorization letter with a smile and opened it in a casual manner.

He understood that this was just a formality, and if Julian took the initiative to ask for it, there would be no

problem with the authorization letter.

The director took a glance at it and then put down the authorization letter.

No problem.

“Wishing us a pleasant cooperation.” The director stood up and extended his wrinkled palm to express


Upon hearing this, Julian also stood up, slightly bent down to level with the other party, politely extending his palm with a rare sincerity in his tone.

“Wishing us a pleasant cooperation.”

The two was polite and alienated, with a precise sense of propriety between them.

The matter of New Bleomycin Drug was solved, so the difficulties faced by Graham Group were over and his CEO’s position had been firmly established.

Chapter 63


The two of them almost shook hands.

Something was wrong?!!

The director withdrew his hand all of a sudden and Julian failed to shook hands with him.

“What’s the matter? Julian raised his eyebrows slightly, and a puzzled expression flashed on his face.

The director ignored Julian, frowning tightly as he picked up the authorization letter again and carefully read it from beginning to end.

Subsequently, the authorization letter was heavily thrown onto the table.

With too much force, the authorization letter fell on the table, making a muffled sound.

The director only felt his anger rush towards his forehead, as if he had been hit hard on his head. His tone was filled with great anger, “The Graham Group shows no sincerity at all?!” He said.


“Is Graham Group joking with me? Although I am over fifty years old, I haven’t even reached the point where you can play tricks with me.”

The confusion on Julian’s face deepened.

“You can take this litter and leave, Hazel doesn’t welcome you!”

As soon as the director finished speaking, a group of bodyguards broke in and stood beside him with a cold


Julian had a bad premonition, litter?

“Is the authorization letter fake?!”

The director snorted coldly and threw the authorization letter in front of Julian, “You don’t need to pretend to

be innocent here.*

“I still have a certain favor for Graham Group in my heart. I think the Graham Group has always been a

trustworthy company. But I didn’t expect you, Julian, to be such a person!”

Shock flashed across Julian’s face.

How could it be possible?!

This authorization letter was brought by Niki. Niki’s family was a medical family, how could it be fake for her

to get this authorization letter.

How could it be fake?” Julian expressed his doubts.

“This authorization letter was indeed given by someone in the laboratory, and I have carefully compared it with the authorization given by Doctor Nancy before.”

Chapter 63 ulian was embarrassed


The two are exactly the same.”

Although Julian was shocked in his heart, his tone remained calm and he continued, “I don’t know how you find that this authorization letter is fake.”

Niki wouldn’t deceive him.

He had also carefully confirmed this authorization letter. With double guarantee, how could it go wrong?

He didn’t believe it.

But the reaction of the director of Hazel made him somewhat incredulous.

The director frowned and let out a cold snort with a mocking expression on his face. “Although I am old, my

eyes are still good.”

“You even said they are the same thing?”

“This is completely different from Doctor Nancy’s authorization format!”

“Want to play tricks with Hazel in such an easy way? What do you think Hazel was?!”

As he spoke in this way, his anger grew stronger and stronger.

He took a breath and waved to the bodyguard next to him. “Call Hannah over and ask her to make

Doctor Nancy’s personal authorization contract transcript.”

The bodyguard retreated in response.

Julian stood aside with furrowed brows, his sharp and angular side face was now even colder.

In a moment, Hannah handed over a copy of the contract transcript.

The director took the contract and threw it on the table in an indifferent way, “Take a look.”

“The evidence is here. What else do you want to say, Julian.”

copy of

Julian picked up the copy of the contract, frowned and opened it. He looked at it word by word, with his brow

furrowed even deeper.

The shock in his heart was also increasing.


This contract transcript… was the same format as the authorization letter he tore?!

Was Natalie’s authorization letter true?!

How was that possible?

The director stared at Julian coldly, without any emotion in his words, “Hannah, see off the guest.”

“This way, please.” Hannah looked expressionless at Julian with her emotionless tone since she was completely executing the command.

Chapter 63 Yulian was embarrassed


Julian did not move.

He was still in great shock in his heart.

Niki’s authorization letter was fake, while Natalie’s authorization letter was real?!

Natalie, she…?

“Mr. Graham, the director has already given the order. If you still stay here, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Hannah’s face was cold.

The bodyguards around were also staring at him in the same way.

Julian regained his composure with his body stiffened, and he unexpectedly felt a bit embarrassed. He agreed in a hoarse voice.

The situation right now was completely beyond his expectation!


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