After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 64

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 64

Chapter 64 You’re no match for Henry.

This way, please.” Hannah’s voice softened slightly.

Julian’s face looked dark and strained as he said “Yes” again.

Julian took a step forward.

He’s never been questioned before, let alone in a situation like this.

He’s got mixed feelings at the moment… Shock, embarrassment, disbelief, anger, disappointment.

At this point, an ordinary person must have felt extremely embarrassed or must have pleaded with the other.

person, and also begged Hazel International Hospital for forgiveness.

After all, Hazel International Hospital was the best hospital in Los Angeles, and offending Hazel International

Hospital will only make it even more difficult for pharmaceutical companies to continue developing in the


The coldness and detachment on Julian’s face did not diminish at all. Although his emotions were complex,

his instincts over the years kept him looking the same.

The nobleness and astonishing sense of control of a wealthy young master were vividly displayed in him.

“Sorry for the trouble.” Julian said politely out of his own cultivation.

“There are reasons for the error in the authorization and the reasons are very complex. After I solve it, I will

definitely give Hazel International Hospital a reply.”

“I hope you will not be prejudiced against Graham Group because of this.”

“I apologize on behalf of the Graham Group for this offense, and I will visit you again some day.”

The words were said without any leakage, and the tone was calm, like Julian’s cold temper.

At this, the dean turned his head, as if he suddenly remembered something, “Do you know why I have such a

good impression of the Graham Group?””

Julian stopped his steps.

He lifted his thin lips lightly and said, ‘Why?’

The dean did not answer immediately. His face was dark and he had a deep gaze, which made people wonder

what he was thinking.

It was as if he were remembering.

He spoke slowly, “Because of Henry.”

It had been too long since he had heard the name.


The name suddenly popped out of the man’s mouth, like a thunderbolt, fierce and swift.

That familiar feeling pounding against Julian’s heart… That wound had been sore for years.

“Henry… ?”

Julian’s tone was calm, but at the bottom of his words, it seemed as if a storm was surging with a hidden


“Henry is the most controlling person I have ever seen in years, he is so capable.”

All of Hazel International Hospital’s previous collaborations with Graham Group were led by Henry. He had

seen countless business geniuses in New York, but none were as good as Henry.

Although he had only met Henry a few times and worked with him only a handful of times, his impression of

Henry was very good.

So much so that he has a very large filter on the Graham Group.”

That’s why Julian made him very angry this time.

“That’s all. Never mind.”

“You should go.”

Julian’s face tightened. His confidence and dignity crumbled when he heard the name Henry

“Whatever the facts may be, you made a mistake today when you presented a false authorization and used it

to negotiate with Hazel International Hospital.”

“It’s a mistake you shouldn’t have made. It’s a sign of incompetence.”

Or perhaps you know that this authorization is fake, but you think you can deceive Hazel International


“It also means that you’re not competent, that you’re not doing a good job of assessing who you’re working with and that Hazel International Hospital is not as gullible as you think.”

Life was like playing chess, where one mistake led to a complete loss.

Julian’s face was covered in frost like ice.

The dean slowly finished these words without saying anything more.

He turned around and left.

Late afternoon, in a black Maybach.

Julian furrowed his eyebrows, feeling only a headache. He pressed his fingers on the lighter and slowly lit a cigarette.

Julian had no habit of smoking.

The car window was open.

The wind blew in gusts, and the smoke shortened in his hand… The unburned tail of the cigarette fell, leaving a brief line of hot orange in the dark night.

In an instant, it rolled into the wind and burst out small sparks of orange and red, which rolled and went out.

He had no habit of smoking. Lighting a cigarette and watching it go out was like an outlet for his discharge.

The name Henry… It was like a scar on his heart.

Julian had ambivalent feelings about the scar, the pain of pulling at the scab.

Julian twirled out his cigarette and started the engine, feeling only irritated.

The black Maybach flew like a flying sword all the way.

He stopped in front of the apartment building.

Julian walked into the apartment building with a gloomy face and knocked on the door.

Gina opened the door.

“Sir, what are you doing here… ?”

Julian didn’t speak. His face was expressionless, his eyes looked cold.

“Ms. Linch… Mr. Graham comes…” When Gina saw Julian with this look on his face, she automatically went

to Niki.

She knew that Mr. Graham was cold, but she had never seen such a sullen look as today.

Niki immediately stood up at the sound and trotted up to Julian.

It’s really Julian!

“Julian, why don’t you tell me before you come?” Niki looked shy.

“You said that you would come back to the apartment to see me after discussing cooperation with the

hospital. I thought it would take a long time, but I didn’t expect you to come so soon!”

Niki was really happy

Even though he said he would wait until he had a deal, he couldn’t resist coming to her apartment so soon.

“It seems that I am still very charming.”

Niki smiled as she leaned closer to Julian and pulled him into the living room.

Niki was too happy to notice Julian’s dark face.

“Julian, it’s a little hot in here. Take off your coat first.”

As Niki took Julian’s suit jacket, she winked at Gina, indicating that she should leave the apartment


She must seize the opportunity tonight.

Knowing what was going on, Gina opened the door and went out in silence.

“Julian, are you done with your work? I’m so happy.” Niki’s voice was soft and sweet.

There was no response.

Niki finally realized something was wrong.

Julian hadn’t said a word since entering the door.

She was nervous.

*Julian,… what’s wrong?”

She’s done with the authorization, and there shouldn’t be anything else that would make Julian look so


Julian opened his mouth, his words chilled, “Where do you get your authorization?”

Niki had a bad feeling. “What’s wrong…

“Answer me.”

When Julian wa in a commanding position, he created a strong sense of oppression, and with his height and

build, if he stared at someone, it just sent a chill through their heart.

Niki suddenly felt a bit flustered.

“I… entrusted my family to bring it from the laboratory…”

“Tell the truth.”

Three short words, without any feelings, but full of pressure.

Niki felt a tingling sensation in her scalp. She opened her mouth, but the words stuck in her throat.

She obtained this authorization by bribing people in the laboratory.

Although it was not obtained through her so-called medical family, it was not fake. She didn’t know why Julian suddenly asked this question.

Julian sat down slowly. He leaned back on the couch and looked at Niki, waiting for her answer.

Niki remained silent for a while.

He looked at Niki, who hadn’t spoken for a long time, with impatience on his face, as if he couldn’t wait


On weekdays, Lin Nian’er’s shyness is very touching, but in Gu Jingxing’s eyes now, it only makes him feel disgusted and impatient.

The authorization is fake.”

“You should tell the truth,” he said in a tone of impatience.

Niki’s shyness, which had normally been appealing, now made Julian feel disgusted and impatient.

It was a split second, and she knew it.

She seemed to have made a big mistake

Someone at the lab that she paid off gave her a false warrant?

Gu Jingxing seemed to have accumulated a great deal of anger, and his eyes burned. “Stop pretending.”

“Tell me the truth.”

“I’m giving you this one chance. Don’t let me down again.” Julian sounded very cold.

Niki had been terrified at the thought of Julian’s anger and disappointment since the last time she had seen.


“It’s Natalie’s fault!” she said, almost instinctively.

“She misled me!”


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