After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 65

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 65

Chapter 65 Natalie envied and hated Niki

“It’s really all because of Natalie!”

Niki had completely disregarded the situation, and she instinctively wanted to transfer the mistake.

She didn’t want to make a worse impression on Julian.

“Natalie, she…” Niki was brainstorming and desperately fabricating excuses.

Because of Natalie, Julian had been disappointed in her once before.

Thanks to her own flexible mind, so she could improvise the reason that her mother had died of illness abroad and that she was forced to work hard to survive.

And she was able to keep Julian from getting angry again.


Niki knew she was consuming Julian’s affection for her, and she couldn’t keep making excuses.

Her image as Julian’s first love was unbeatable.

Julian raised his eyebrows at the words.

“What did Natalie do?” Julian’s voice was uncharacteristically smooth, yet oddly manic.

Why was this about Natalie again? !

kinched the corners of her skirt, making up excuses in her head. Her forehead was already imperceptible

with sweat.

“Speak up.”

Julian frowned, he didn’t want to see Niki squirming and hesitating. He just wanted to know the truth.

Although there were only two words in a sentence, it sounded extremely cold and sharp.

“Don’t waste any more time. I just want to know what happened.” He repeated.

Julian had not yet calmed down his overwhelming emotions, which were the complex emotions that arose at

the moment he suddenly heard Henry’s name.

The moment Henry’s name came up, even the moment he didn’t know whether the authorization was real or not, and was questioned in front of others.

Henry’s name once again appeared in the moment he was questioned, exactly the same as when he was a


It’s kind of ironic.

when his emotions were stable.

The more complex his emotions were, the clearer his mind became.

Niki was still thinking, and when she heard Julian’s raised tone in her ears, she trembled with fear.

“I.. I said… Natalie, she…”

“Well, come on, I’m listening.” Julian’s voice was faint.

Julian knew that the most important thing was to find out what had happened. Did Niki know that her authorization was fake? Did she lie?.

And did Natalie really bring the real authorization?

And where did Natalie get the authorization? Did she really have a secret? Did she have any other identity?

“Natalie deliberately misled me.”

“She set it up so I could see the package, and she kept hinting that her authorization was fake…”

“I had no idea Natalie was so mean! I’ve always believed in her… I never thought she would lie to me.”

Julian raised his eyebrows, but there was no fluctuation in his tone. “Why?”

“Why did she do this? Natalie has already chosen to send the real authorization, so why did she still mislead


togical and clear-headed, and he didn’t blindly believe what Niki said because of his emotions.

enched the hem of her skirt again. She considered her words, then said firmly, “Because of jealousy

and hate.”

Julian’s eyebrows furrowed deeper as he repeated the words in a low voice.

Because of jealousy and hate?

Was Natalie jealous? Even hate?

Niki continued, “Natalie was jealous that I could be with you.”

“Natalie wasn’t just jealous of me, she hated me. Love begot hate, and she hated you too.

Julian remained silent.

“When I think about what happened, I’m more certain that Natalie did it out of jealousy and hate!” “Niki

sounded excited.

“Natalie made me think it was a fake. She knew me well enough to know that I would destroy the fake

authorization, but the authorization was real, and what I had was a fake.”

“She knew everything and implied that I had the wrong idea. Because it would make you suspect that I was


“Then I’ll be a lying woman to you… You won’t like me anymore.”

Julian hesitated. He pressed his lips together and didn’t know what he was thinking.

“Of course, there was an element of hate. She didn’t want the Graham Group to get the authorization, she wanted the authorization to be destroyed in your hands, and even let you watch the hopes of the Graham Group destroyed by you, she wanted you to regret!”

“Because love begot hate. She didn’t want the Graham Group to get authorization, she didn’t want it at all!”

Niki covered her mouth in surprise. “Natalie is horrible,” she said.

Julian listened to this in silence. He could only feel anger filling his chest.

His face looked terrible, as if he were trying to suppress his anger.

Niki glanced at Julian and felt relieved. “Natalie and I both like you. We’re in competition, but I really respect


“I’m so easily fooled.”

Julian’s face was gloomy, he really underestimated Natalie.

How could she do such a thing out of jealousy?!

“Natalie is so good at pretending.”

What Natalie did was completely different from what she had done before. She was like a different person…

Her previous calm and composure was all fake.

ting skills were so good that she fooled him for three years.

Julian sneered at the thought, his dark eyes clouded with gloom.

Now she could have tricked Niki with no difficulty.

“I really feel guilty…”

Niki said, as if something had suddenly occurred to her. She sounded worried. “What are we going to do now

that the authorization has been torn up?”

“We can’t get through this without authorization…”

“No?!” Niki stopped speaking, and suddenly she reflected, ‘How could Natalie have an authorization? Even the authorization letter she used to bribe through relationships was fake. Where did she, an orphan, get the authorization?”

“Has she hooked up with a famous man in medicine field?!”

Niki expressed her doubts and said, “Julian, even if the authorization I got was fake, how could Natalie obtain

the authorization?”

“Is it…” She relied on another man to get the authorization?

But before Niki could say the next sentence, Julian got up in anger and walked out the door.

She took back the words.

Niki sat back on the sofa, looking at Julian’s back with a calm and even leisurely expression on her face.

Niki knew that Julian was so clever. He’s gonna figure out where Natalie got this authorization without her telling him.

After all, she had mentioned to him before that Natalie had colluded with other man, but there was no conclusive evidence to prove it. Now that Natalie’s got this on her own, she’s got proof.

Julian left the apartment and headed towards Natalie’s residence with a tense and gloomy expression.

He needed to figure it out.

He needed to find out where Natalie got the authorization.

Julian drove very fast, and soon he was at Greenlife villa.

He got out of the car and pressed the doorbell outside the door.

Natalie was sitting on the sofa. When she heard the doorbell, she frowned and instinctively went to open


When she opened the door, she was again confronted by a familiar face.


lian here again?!



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