After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 69

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 69

Chapter 69 Was She a Shareholder?

Natalie looked coldly at Niki, who was meticulously dressed, and the man next to her with whom she was


The two walked shoulder to shoulder towards the small building where she was in.

Niki was in high spirits, with a pair of clear eyes shining with delicate light. The corners of her mouth curved, and clearly, she was very happy.

Natalie gently raised her eyebrows.

Why was Niki so thrilled?

‘Julian always had a clear sense of privacy and had never brought his female companion to any public places involving official affairs.”

‘This time, unexpectedly, he brought Niki to the exhibition to purchase medicines, and he’s still so high-profile… Well, it’s really worth Niki’s joy.’

‘The unrequited love is different.”

Natalie gently shook her head and let out a sarcastic chuckle.

As she was contemplating for a moment, Niki and Julian were only very close to her in a blink of an eye.

Natalie regained consciousness and quickly closed the wooden door of the small building again. After all, the wooden door was ancient and made a creaking sound with her movements.

Julian’s eyes swept over the exquisite small building in front of him.

Niki blinked her big eyes and exclaimed in confusion, “What’s wrong, Julian?”

Julian calmly withdrew his gaze and said, ‘Nothing. No worries.”

Niki raised her small face to look at the man, and then carefully took Julian’s forearm. Seeing that the man. didn’t make any reaction, she relaxed and said, “I’m glad that you’re willing to bring me to the exhibition. I’m feeling thrilled, Julian,”

Julian looked at the flagstone road ahead and said, “That’s good.”

After Natalie closed the wooden door, she glanced at her watch and sat back at the wooden table.

There was still some time before the exhibition started.

The exhibition only had a fixed size area, and she had to walk back and forth during the exhibition to select

herb medicines. Probably, Julian would see her so she didn’t want to take any risks.

She tied up her hair and reluctantly changed her makeup.

Natalie walked to the upstairs bedroom. Fortunately, with an outlook of “The world is home”, Philip had a

place to stay everywhere he had been and Natalie spotted a hat in Philip’s wardrobe.

She reached out for it, but halfway through it, she stopped.

Wearing a hat would actually make it more flamboyant

Natalie decisively gave up this idea. How could Julian not notice herself? She held her cheek with one hand and squinted in contemplation.

It seemed strange however she covered herself up.

Anyways, she just needed to hide a little bit from Julian

Natalie arrived at the main venue of the exhibition before it began. The traditional architectural decoration of the buildings and streets at the venue looked particularly antique, and the display cabinets were filled with various precious medicinal herbs, appearing radiant under the light.

There were thousands of people attending the exhibition that day, making it bustling. Natalie roughly glanced around and didn’t see Julian.

She felt a little relieved and lowered her head to focus on the medicinal herbs in the display cabinet.

Natalie glanced over the medicines one by one, caulis spatholobi, lasiosphaera, astragalus…

She secretly exclaimed in her heart that she had come to the right place, there were so many precious medicinal herbs in the small town of Los Angeles.

“Hello, can I take it up and check the quality of the herbs?”

The supplier tilted his eyes at the woman in front of him when he heard the words. He only snorted coldly. which was considered an agreement. He didn’t even bother to say more.

He was looking for a large company to purchase his medicines but the woman before him was obviously an ignorant retail investor.

In his mind, retail investors like this woman didn’t have a good understanding of medicinal herbs, talking to them was a waste of time. They generally would not buy many herbs.

He’d rather not sell such good medicinal herbs to such a small household who didn’t know anything.

Natalie didn’t pay attention to the supplier’s gaze. She picked up a piece of hedychium spicatum and

examined the quality of the herb.

“Is this from Alabama? “She said casually, holding the herb.

The supplier’s eyes lit up when he heard the words, “You’re an expert!”

Generally, hedychium spicatum is the most famous in Louisiana, and when ordinary people see hedychium

spicaturn, they will think it is produced in Louisiana.

Qnly knowledgeable people know that Alabama also has hedychium spicatum. Unlike Louisiana, the hedychium spicatum in Alabama grows in a more humid environment with a darker colour, making them more suitable for capsule making with Western medicine.

He raised his eyes to look at the woman in front of him, quite knowledgeable, but at first glance, she didn’t

look like the president of a company; probably she would just buy a few pounds.

“Um… I need 500 pounds first. “Natalie carefully checked the quality and spoke lightly.

“Five hundred pounds…?!” dis he heard it right?

Natalie also selected several widely used medicinal herbs, “I want these medicinal herbs as well.”


“Do you also need as much as 500 pounds?”, the supplier’s voice trembled a bit.

“Um… yeah. That’s right. If they work well, we will place an order with you again.”

The supplier felt a bit dizzy, was he so lucky that he happened to get a big deal?! He just hoped to sell 50 pounds, but he sold it ten times as much as he hoped in one go….

“Are there any problems?” Natalie turned around and saw that the supplier’s face was a bit unnatural. His face clearly turned red, indicating a rapid heartbeat.

“Are you feeling unwell with your heart?’ Her face became tense and she strode to the supplier in an instant, ready to seek immediate treatment if she found anything wrong.

“Yeah. Yeah…I’m good… It’s okay. “The supplier covered his chest/mouth with some embarrassment and spoke up to cover it up. “This is normal.”

“Are you sure? “She looked at the other person nervously.

Since Henry’s incident, she had been extremely nervous about potential patients she met.

“Yeah. Absolutely. I’m all good.” He was excited about the deal. The supplier cracked his mouth, revealing eight front teeth.

Natalie relaxed and handed out a business card, “Then you can directly contact the vice president of the


The man quickly took the business card and said, “Okay! Sure!”

After Natalie sent out her business card, she walked straight towards the shop behind her.

The supplier reacted for a while with great joy. He rubbed his eyes and looked at the business card in his

hand, “Glory Group?”

He murmured, “It’s Glory Group… no wonder that she ordered so many medicines.”

He was looking at the business card and pondering the identity of the stunning woman just now, but

suddenly felt a shadow fall on his side, cold and cool.

The supplier instinctively raised his eyes, and next to him stood a tall and upright man.

“Glory Group?”

in his hand.

“Did you just say Glory Group? “Julian patiently repeated.

“Ah, yes, I said Glory Group. Just now, a person from Glory Group ordered some medicinal herbs.” His voice


“A person from Glory Group? Where’s he/she going?”

“She went ahead, this way.” The supplier pointed to the direction Natalie had just taken, immersed in the joy of selling so many medicinal herbs, without much thought.

“She’s wearing a black dress,” he scratched his head and added.

Wearing a black dress? Was it a woman?

The exhibition was fairly high-end; only the first and second major shareholders of major companies were


Philip was the first shareholder and he was nowhere to be heard from. He would definitely not show up in this exhibition. Is the second largest shareholder of Glory Group female?

He furrowed his brows slightly, and there was really a woman in a black dress in the crowd not far away!

That back figure? She must be Dr. Nancy.

Was Dr. Nancy Glory Group’s second-largest shareholder?!

Julian narrowed his eyes and strode forward.

“Julian, where are you going? Wait for Niki!” Niki was wearing cheongsam and it was very inconvenient for her to walk. She took a few laborious steps, but still couldn’t keep up with Julian.

As he was about to catch up with the figure in front, his steps grew larger and larger.


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