After the Divorce, CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 7

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 7

Chapter 7 you are just a substitute 

This woman wanted to spend a large sum of money of Graham family before divorce! How shameless she


Niki rushed in with anger.

As Natalie was picking a house, she saw a figure coming to her side aggressively.

Natalie raised her eyes by instinct and found it was Niki.

She had seen the photo in Julian’s room. In the photo, the woman was in a white dress and smiled innocently, not as domineering as she was right now.

“What’s up?” Said Natalie in a calm tone, staring at Niki.

She was going to divorce with Julian instead of staying with him. Why did this woman come to her?

“Natalie, I’m Niki Linch. You must know me, right?” Niki changed her arrogance as she rushed in just now and

stared at Natalie with a smile.

The right person was back. Just see how much longer this substitute could stay with Julian!

Natalie raised her eyebrows and said, “Yes. What’s wrong?”

She hated people who beat around the bush the most, “just say it” would be fine.

Did this woman come to her specially to find a sense of existence? Did she have nothing to do?

“You know that grandpa is still lying on the bed, right? He is lying on the bed, and no one takes care of him…” Niki said, pointing at the mistake of Natalie.

She stared at Natalie with sadness in her eyes and accused her of not taking care of Lord Graham in silence.

“Grandpa is lying in the bed and no one is taking care of him, but you are spending so much money here…

The money of the Graham family doesn’t grow on trees…” The woman seemed to think for the Graham family. She flipped through the introduction list on the table at random and took a deep breath when she saw the price on the list.

Hearing this, Natalie looked at the woman in front of her playfully.

No wonder she was the woman Julian liked. They had the very same thought!

Without her care, Grandpa Graham couldn’t live on?

Seeing that Natalie just stared at her without responding to her accusation, Niki was more definite that Natalie was guilty. She no longer pretended to be kind, and her words were sharper.

You have been living in the Graham family for three years without saving any money. After you were forced to divorce with Julian, you still want to make a large sum of money. You are really good at calculating.”

Hearing this, Natalie sneered in her mind.

“I am good at calculating? I married into the Graham family when they were at the lowest point. I took care of the whole family, and even helped with the company. Where would Julian be without me?!”

When Natalie first met Julian, it was when the Graham family’s company was on the verge of bankruptcy. Regardless of her parents’ obstruction, she insisted on marrying into the Graham family.

In the past three years, the Graham company came back to life with her help. She had taken good care of the whole Graham family. For what? Wasn’t it to make up for everything she owed that man?

But now it was said that she was greedy for the money of the Graham family?

She didn’t care about the money of the Graham family at all, but Niki really took the Graham family seriously! Obviously, Niki didn’t believe her. “Just you? You can help them manage the company? Don’t flatter yourself.”

“Even if you help the Graham family, it was in the past. Let’s get rid of it. It’s wrong for you to squander the money of the Graham family now! You are disobedient if you doesn’t take care of Lord Graham or even doesn’t take a look at him!” Niki raised her voice.

“Since you are so filial, why don’t you take care of him and follow me?” Natalie was so angry that she


Why didn’t she look at herself with the standards of others as she seemed to say something reasonable?

“Besides, I use my own money to buy things and I have the right to buy what I want to buy. It’s none of your business.” Natalie felt that her good mood had become a mess and she had no interest in buying a house.

Niki was speechless. She widened her eyes and said, “Your money? You are an orphan and you don’t have a job. How did you get the money? You squander the money of Graham family and don’t admit it!”

Natalie didn’t want to continue the conversation with her. She was in a really bad mood now. She didn’t know why Julian liked such a stingy woman and still couldn’t forget such a woman for so many years.

Natalie turned around and beckoned to the saleswoman. She pointed at a house at random and said, “This

one is fine. I’ll pay with my card.”

She ignored Niki completely.

The employee took the black card from the hand of Natalie with respect and said, “Miss, this way please.”

Natalie moved her legs and was about to follow the employee, but her wrist was grabbed by Niki.

“You turned a deaf ear to my words?” Niki’s eyes were filled with anger as she was ignored by Natalie.

Natalie was really furious. She pulled her wrist and violently shook off Niki’s hand. Niki stag gered a few steps forward, looking embarrassed.

People who were buying houses cast a strange look at Niki.

Noticing the gazes of the people around her, Niki felt that she was humiliated by her in public, and her anger rushed up at once.

She reached out and slapped Natalie.

Chapter 7 you are just a substitute


“You should know that you are a woman who will be abandoned by Julian soon, not the noble Mrs. Graham!”

“In Julian’s eyes, you are just a substitute!”

Natalie felt a burning pain on her face. She touched the side of her face that had been slapped, and the anger she endured had accumulated to the limit.

What a shameless woman!

Then she slapped Niki’s face!

The sound of the slap came to Niki’s ear, and she was slapped hard.

When her hand hit the woman’s face, it was numb and painful, but Natalie smiled and felt a little relieved.

Seeing that Niki still wanted to fight back, Natalie raised her hand and was about to do it again. Then a strong wrist reached out and tightly held her hand, which was full of anger,

“What are you doing, Natalie?” Julian shook off Natalie’s hand and glared at her with anger.

*Julian?” Niki looked at Julian who appeared all of a sudden, then she became weak in an instant. She leaned against the man’s broad chest little by little and said, “Julian, Niki is so scared…”

Julian hugged Niki tightly and asked, “Niki, are you okay? Can you still stand up?”

Tears welled up in Niki’s eyes. She hugged the man tightly and looked at him in silence. Although she didn’t

say anything, her expression showed that she had suffered a great grievance.

Seeing the scene in front of her, Natalie raised her eyebrows. This woman really had two faces.

She was really good at pretending!

Julian protected Niki in his arms and stared at Natalie with a frown.

“Niki is in poor health. Why can’t you talk in a good manner? In my mind, you have always been a gentle

woman. I didn’t expect you to be so vicious in your heart that you even beat a weak woman!”


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