After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 71

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 71

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover

Chapter 71 Dreams 

Natalie watched Niki quietly, feeling strange.

How could Niki be a member of the Spears family?

And she even knew Philip.

Julian’s eyes flashed with surprise upon hearing what Niki had said, and he couldn’t help but feel excited. ‘Do you know Philip? Are you sure it’s Philip, the president of Glory Group, and not the same name?”

Having experienced the story of the authorization, his words carried caution.

Niki once took the wrong authorization letter, which led to the collapse of his cooperation with Hazel International Hospital and even offended the Dean of the hospital.

Although it was intentionally done by Natalie and he couldn’t blame Niki, it warned him.

Although Niki confided this herself and her words were full of sincerity, he had to be cautious.

He always had a clear distinction between work and privacy.

Niki nodded, her eyes affirming, “Yes. Philip, the CEO of Glory Group.”

“He rarely appears in Los Angeles, but Niki is familiar with him. Philip has a wild and unrestrained nature, a play boy. Put simply, he lives his life recklessly.” Niki’s words carried a hint of humour.

This tone was obviously only suitable for those who were very familiar with each other.

“It seems you really know Philip.” Julian pursed his lips and looked at Niki with a hint of joy in his eyes.

Even the usual cold and hard face seemed to have eased a bit.

He had seen Philip several times and his feelings were exactly the same as what Niki described.

He really didn’t expect Niki to be familiar with Philip!

“Well, Niki can introduce him to you.”

Natalie frowned.

Philip may seem like a complete dandy, but in fact, he was rigorous and meticulous, transparent and sincere, and was not as dandy as he looked on the surface.

If Niki really knew him well, then she could not fail to know what kind of person Philip is


“Then, you should not leave Niki and run away on your own in the future. Niki can help you a lot.”

Julian couldn’t help but smile from the corner of his mouth when seeing Niki being serious, and said again,


Natalie looked at the intimate two and raised her eyebrows.

Looking at it again would seem impolite of her.

She decisively chose to turn around and leave.

But before she took a step, the words behind her reached her ears.

“Thank you, Niki, for your help.”

You’re very welcome. Niki just wants to help you. Natalie is an orphan girl and has no power or ability to help


“Since Niki is from the Spears family, I want to share more work with you. If Natalie couldn’t help her before, I

will make up for it.”

Every single word she said was belittling Natalie and elevating herself.

Natalie raised her eyebrows and paused her steps.

Niki never missed any opportunity to belittle her.

She just stay there for a moment and had already heard Niki mentioning that she belonged to the Spears family in New York.

That was really what a lovely girl did.

‘If such a woman married into the Graham family,’ Natalie dreaded to think how scary it would be. With Niki’s greedy and snobbish nature, she must have plotted against the Graham family, and the family would

definitely be messed up.

What exactly was Julian thinking about?! Natalie didn’t want the Graham family to suffer because of Julian! The feeling of helplessness and anger toward Julian in Natalie’s heart became even stronger.

Natalie frowned and slowly raised her step and walked towards the crowd.

Her reason told her to complete the task of purchasing medicinal herbs first and to put the issue of Niki


Following the crowd, Natalie carefully selected several medicinal herbs, with a total of about forty types.

With that, she became a “celebrity” at the exhibition for a while.

The suppliers who sell medicinal herbs were all overjoyed, not to mention wealthy people like Natalie who

were extravagant and demanded 500 pounds in one go.

As long as Natalle ordered medicine and left the stand, the suppliers there would proudly show off to the surrounding suppliers.

A transaction meant tens of millions of dollars.

Most of the suppliers at the exhibition knew each other, and they spread the news across the exhibition. Everyone knew that today the “big boss” came to the exhibition, and her extravagance was far greater than

that of President Graham.

Unconsciously, it was evening, and the ancient town suddenly lit up with lights. Beside the long street were rows of double eaved small buildings, filled with lanterns, and the warm orange light mixed in the air, looking beautifully lively.

The crowd was bustling and Natalie walking through them.

She hadn’t walked slowly in such a beautiful environment for a long time.

This small town adorned with orange-red lanterns left an inexplicable sense of beauty, and the people in it were looking happy.

But… Natalie didn’t feel any comfort at all.

The more lively and noisy the surroundings were, the more lonely she even felt.

The more people around her were bustling, the more her world seemed unusually empty and silent, creating a huge contrast between the two.

Her heart seemed to be deeply entangled in inexplicable sorrow.

How familiar this scene was.

Sudden longing always made her fall apart….

She lost her love, fell out with her family, and even couldn’t contact Philip….

In addition, the performance of Julian that she just saw… what did she need to do to make Niki leave and take care of the pure land of the Graham family……

Natalie’s calm face was replaced by a surge of sadness, and she roamed silently on the flagstone road.

“Where is that big boss? Why haven’t I met him?!” Sighed a man in a suit.

“It’s said to be the CEO of Glory Group.”

“How could it be Glory Group’s CEO? What do you think? I heard that it’s a woman. Glory Group’s CEO is a man. Use your brain. “Another supplier spoke.

Natalie heard their conversation.

“That’s not right. Apart from the Graham family in Los Angeles, who else has such a huge demand for medicinal herbs? You should know that Julian, the CEO of Graham Group, only purchases more than ten types of medicinal herbs, which is far from comparable to that distinguished customer.”

“What you’re saying is reasonable… What’s the background of this wealthy customer?” He frowned and pondered, full of confusion.

The person next to him posed and slapped him, “Is this what you should consider? You came all the way to the exhibition and only sold a few medicinal herbs today. How come you got time to consider where she is


“Yeah. Yeah, Yeah. This is not something we should consider. We don’t understand the world of the wealthy. We will never understand it.” He scratched his head, feeling a bit embarrassed, and then stood back at the


Natalie listened to these words, and her keen insight and analytical ability made her almost instantly understand why Julian found her so quickly and accurately.

She was really showing off a bit… well, today’s mission was already completed, and she was not in the mood to continue either.

Natalie pursed her lips and looked up again at the orange-red lanterns and the bustling crowd.

She turned around and left.

Back to that small building.

Natalie sat quietly at the sunken wooden table for a long time, without any intention of returning to Greenlife


After a long while, her eyelids got heavier, her body gradually softened, and finally, she bent over the table.

That night, she dreamed of Henry again.

Natalie woke up with tears in her eyes, and the sparkling tears had already filled her face. At that moment, she was confused, helpless, and in despair.

She turned on her phone and it was 3: 00 in the morning.

She gently wiped away the tears from her face, enduring overwhelming helplessness and reluctantly pulled.

up an ugly smile.

Love and longing are undoubtedly the most unbearable things, right?

What a coincidence.

She was occupied with both of two emotions spontaneously.


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