After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 72

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 72

Chapter 72 How could It be Natalie?!

After Natalie woke up, she didn’t want to sleep anymore, and she… dared not sleep anymore.

Afraid of dreaming about that person again.

She switched on all the lights that could light up in the small house, and the lights turned on one by one, gradually making the rooms brighter.

It seemed like turning on the light could make her less lonely, but could it really do that?

Natalie walked slowly towards the courtyard of the small house, which was filled with green plants, lush flowers and trees. It was quiet and peaceful. She gazed up at the sky.

In the pitch-black sky, there were trillions of stars, so many stars, and they were so bright, yet so far away.

Like Henry, he brought her light but left her. He was so far away from her like those stars that she could no longer reach… ..

Natalie recollected that day.

“The phone said there was a meteor shower tonight, and I’ve found a good place. Let’s watch the meteor shower together tonight!” She said to Henry.

She hadn’t seen a meteor, it was the first meteor she had seen. But it was also the last one…

With a gentle smile, Henry replied indulgently, “Okay. Let’s watch the shooting stars.”

A shooting star with a long tail-like blue phosphorescence drew a long arc in the night sky. It was incredibly


She would never forget the shooting stars that night.

When the first meteor fell, she excitedly grabbed Henry’s arm and said, “Fantastic!”

Henry turned around and fixed his gaze on her, staring blankly. “Yeah. So beautiful,” he said.

He was talking about her.

The meteor shower was gradually coming to an end.

She realized something was amiss.

“Henry.” She looked at Henry and whispered his name.

“Hmm?” Henry replied, his eyes gentle.

“You need to make a wished when you see a shooting star.”

“Close your eyes quickly!”

She poked Henry’s shoulder with a bit of anger. How could he watch the meteor shower and not make a wish? She had already made it!

Henry was helpless. He gently shook his head and said, This doesn’t make sense.’

“No. It does make sense. It works!” She retorted.

“Okay, maybe I’ll make a wish, “Henry looked at her with a spoiled smile.

What wish did you make?”

“Alright. I won’t ask any more. If you express your wish, it won’t work.” Henry was about to speak when she interrupted him.

Natalie emerged from her memories, tears filling her eyes again unconsciously.

She still remembered the wish she made that day.

“I hope Henry will be my star, the eternal star.”

Natalie looked up again at the sky; the stars were flickering.

The next morning, the courtyard was filled with the sound of birds singing.

A knock at the door came to her ears.

Natalie opened her eyes, rubbed her eyes, and subconsciously went to answer the door.

Who would knock at the door?

With a creaking sound, the wooden door opened.

“Natalie?!”, a slightly coquettish female voice came with great shock.

Natalie had not yet reacted, “I am, what’s the matter?”

“Why are you here?!” The girl’s voice grew louder, even sharper.

?! Why couldn’t she be here? Natalie was awakened by this sound and her mind was also clear.

She raised her eyes.

It was Niki, standing at the door with shocked eyes and a hint of disappointment upon closer inspection.

What was going on? She hid all day yesterday, but why was she still found? How could it be possible?

Was it the wrong way she opened the door?

Natalie subconsciously wanted to close the door again.

“Don’t let her close the door!” Nikl quickly winked at the nearby bodyguard, who responded and stopped

Natalie with his hand.

Natalie clearly couldn’t stop the bodyguard.

Niki winked at the bodyguard again, and with the help of the bodyguard, she forcefully squeezed in.

“What are you doing? “Natalie’s voice was cold and hard, with a hint of displeasure on her face.

Who taught Niki to enter other people’s homes without saying hello?

“Why are you here?!” Niki ignored Natalie’s condemnation and embraced her arms, looking around.

should ask you first. Why are you here?” Natalie looked at Niki with a cold voice. It was not a good habit to break into residential buildings without permission.

“I’m here to handle affairs for Julian!” Said Niki in a loud and confident voice.

“Someone robbed Julian of his business of medicinal herbs, and I came here after inquiring around. How

could it be you?”

She followed Julian to purchase medicinal herbs, but when they arrived at the suppliers, they ran out of the herbs they wanted. They couldn’t help but walk to the next display cabinet, but several stores didn’t have the

herbs they demanded.

Julian felt something was wrong and asked the suppliers. One supplier said that a beautiful rich man had

bought dozens of medicinal herbs at once.

Those medicinal herbs almost overlapped with what they needed.

Julian felt that it was quite intentional, otherwise, how could it be highly coincidental with Graham Group’s


It must have been a commercial competitor who deliberately tripped up Graham Group.

But Julian had an important meeting to hold today, and he could not find the person who was competing

with them for medicinal herbs.

That was the moment when she helped! She quickly volunteered to help him find the person and tried her

best to bring back the medicinal herbs.

She inquired about the wealthy buyer everywhere and asked countless people. Finally, someone saw the rich buyer come to this small house, but when she opened the door, it turned out to be Natalie inside!

She couldn’t accept it!

How could it be Natalie?

But Natalie stood inside so truthfully that she had to believe it.

“Why are you here on earth?” Niki’s eyes were not kind.

“Robbed Julian’s medicinal herbs? Are you looking for medicinal herbs?” Natalie didn’t answer her question but asked lightly.

She purchased some medicinal herbs yesterday, but why did she become a competitor to Graham Group’s medicinal herbs?

This exhibition was not organized by Graham Group. Besides, Julian was busy with love affairs. Did he think someone robbed the medicines when he couldn’t buy the medicinal herbs he needed?

It was shameless to hold such an excuse.

“Finding medicinal herbs is one of the tasks. I’ll find the person who is competing with Graham Group for medicinal herbs, too.”

“So why are you here on earth? Did you buy a lot of medicinal herbs yesterday?!”Niki’s tone was full of doubts, wondering if Natalie was really the wealthy person in the mouths of the suppliers.

“I…”, Natalie pursed her lips, considering how to answer.

Before she could speak, Niki raised her hand and gestured to the bodyguard next to her, “Call the bodyguards outside to come in and search inside for anyone else.”

She didn’t believe that Natalie, an orphan girl, was the wealthy person who could purchase loads of medicinal


There must be someone else inside!

“What are you doing?” Natalie’s eyes lit up with anger. “It’s illegal to break into a house without permission!”

“Why? This house belongs to you?” Niki looked disdainfully, “Keep searching! Search carefully, not a single corner should be missed!”

Natalie wanted to stop her but failed. She could only watch helplessly as the bodyguards rushed in.

With Niki’s order, the bodyguards searched the house recklessly and knocked over several piles of tea leaves

one after another.

“Don’t go too far!” Natalie’s eyes were full of anger.

“Too much? What’s too much?” Niki looked at Natalie with a stern gaze. “Why didn’t you think it was too much when you insulted me in front of Julian? Saying in front of him that I was greedy and snobbery is even further

than this.”

She then said with pride, “These bodyguards are all sent by Julian to protect me. Natalie, are you envious?”

“Do you see it? The bodyguards that Julian gave me are really very


Natalie suppressed her anger and looked at Niki quietly. “If you don’t stop, I’ll call the police now.”

She didn’t want to waste time talking to Niki who didn’t listen to her at all.

“Report to the police? “Niki laughed arrogantly.

“Go ahead. Then you’ll see who dares to bother Graham Group in Los Angeles.”

“Oh, by the way, if I’m not mistaken, there’s no surveillance in this building, right?”Said Niki with a wild smile on her face.


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