After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 73

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 73

Chapter 73 Sister, you are so embarrassed now

Upon hearing this, Natalie Spears’ face fell and looked around for the camera..

“I’ve already confirmed that there’s no camera here.” Niki Linch played with her hair and curled her lip with a

smile full of pride.

“You can go to the police station to report to the police and see if they believe an orphan girl or the Graham


The moment she opened the door and saw Natalie, she called bodyguards to check if there were cameras

around the small building.

“Well, it seems you have learned a lesson. I didn’t think you would have learned it.” Natalie didn’t have the slightest panic or fear as Niki imagined and mocked her instead.”

“Now you’ve learned to locate a camera,” Natalie’s eyes were full of sarcasm.


‘Clearly, she was insulting me.”

Niki clenched her fists. She turned her head and shouted at the bodyguards, “Have you finished searching the


“How dare a helpless and powerless orphan girl humiliate me?”

The head bodyguard came downstairs in a hurry, followed by some of the bodyguards. “Miss Linch, we have searched it thoroughly, and there is indeed no one else.”

“No one else?!” Niki Linch opened her eyes wide. “How could it be?”

Natalie Spears took a cold look at her.

Niki looked at Natalie with unfriendly eyes and asked word for word, “Are you the rich person who bought many medicinal materials?”

‘Why do I feel nervous after saying this? If she is really that wealthy person…”

She dared not think further.

Natalie’s expression was playful. She pulled a heavy wooden chair in the middle of the courtyard and sat down, “What do you think?”

“I think…” Niki noted her face and muttered to herself. ‘Is it really her?’

She quickly shook her head, ‘It’s impossible! She cannot be that person.”

She looked up at Natalie and tensed, “Are you really that person? Don’t be mysterious!”

Natalie looked at her with a half smile and raised her eyebrows. “Certainly not.”

She cannot admit it was she who bought so many medicinal herbs.


It must be Julian Graham’s instruction, so that Niki was so arrogant and confident, totally without scruple.

When she bought the medicinal herbs yesterday, she directly gave Glory Group’s business card to the suppliers. If Julian knew she had bought so many herbs, he would most likely discover her identity as Doctor Nancy with his keen insight.

She didn’t need to take the risk.

Niki breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing this. Natalie’s answer didn’t surprise her at all.

‘I know Natalie Spears cannot be that person.’

“What are you doing here?” Niki let go of her doubts and became arrogant again.

“I…” Natalie stood up and squinted her eyes slightly.

‘How should I explain my presence here?’

Before Natalie could answer, a bodyguard hurried downstairs, “Miss Linch, I found these things upstairs!”

Natalie raised her eyes and saw a large bag full of medicinal herbs and a cowhide notebook in his hands.

She frowned, ‘The bag was full of various herbs I had bought at the exhibition yesterday. I had picked some of each kind and wanted to test the medicinal properties in advance.”

‘As for the cowhide notebook…”

Her eyes were filled with anger and her voice was unusually cold. “You are not allowed to tamper with my things! Give them back to me.”

“Bring them over!” Niki completely ignored Natalie.

The bodyguard strode up to Niki, respectfully handed the notebook to her, and placed the bag on bluestone


Natalie frowned and wanted to sna tch the notebook. She glanced at the bodyguards behind Niki, ‘I couldn’t deal with so many bodyguards at all…’

Niki took the notebook and didn’t open it right away. Instead, she casually stepped forward and opened the bag with her fingers. It was filled with various medicinal herbs.

She raised her eyebrows, “Is this yours?”

Natalie just took a cold and silent look at her.

‘1 fell asleep on the table after dreaming last night and was awakened by a knock on the door this morning. I went straight to open it.”

‘I completely forgot the notebook which is used to record various pharmaceutical ideas was still upstairs.”

Noting that Natalie kept silent, Niki raised the notebook in her hand, “Is this also yours?”

“Give It back to me.” Natalie furrowed her brow. It was impossible for a girl to confront so many sturdy

bodyguards, but she stepped forward with great agility, trying to sna tch away the notebook.

She could bear in mind various pharmaceutical ideas, but this notebook was specially used to record them, in order to provide Ryan Swan with a comprehensive learning material.

These days, she has developed the habit of recording her thoughts at any time.

No matter how fast Natalie was, she couldn’t rival the well-trained bodyguard..

She was fiercely pushed away by the burly man. Her feet went limp. She stumbled forward and almost fell to

the ground.

“Well, give it back to you? I need to see what’s inside first.” Niki provoked her and pretended to open the


But she flipped halfway and closed it. She put it under her arm and cupped her hand over her mouth, as if

surprised. “Sister, you’re so embarrassed now.”

“Where has your previous pride gone?”

Natalie’s eyelashes trembled slightly.

She was now alone in this ancient town and didn’t know where Philip Johnson was… The Spears family also

lost contact with her.

Ryan Swan…couldn’t make it. Even if he did, she didn’t expect him to mess with Graham Group. After all, he

was just an assistant.

No one could come to help her.

“Every dog has its day,” said Niki with a commanding expression on her face.

“Brother Julian’s bodyguards are all first-class. It is wishful thinking to sna tch the notebook under their

noses. Don’t Sister Natalie know?”

“Well.” Niki rolled her eyes and sneered, “Sister certainly doesn’t know it because Julian has never equipped

you with so many bodyguards.”

“Alas, it’s really pitiful. You’ve been my substitute for three years, but you haven’t won his love and even had

no bodyguard.”

Natalie looked at her quietly, “So? Just a bodyguard.”

The Spears family had various bodyguards, and so she had seen many before.

“Just a bodyguard? You are just firm in speech yet jealous in heart.” Niki laughed. Her laughter was disgusting

“Just an orphan girl. You’re so conceited.”

“I want to see what’s in this notebook on earth. Maybe it recorded some tricks to catch a man’s heart.” She casually reached out to the book and wanted to open it.

“Tricks are useless. Aren’t you just an example of not being able to catch a man’s heart?”

Natalie looked at her quietly.

Since she couldn’t stop Niki, she had given up. She spoke softly, “Even if you open it, you can’t understand it

at all. Why bother?”

“I don’t understand it?” Niki sneered.

‘I graduated from a prestigious university, and so I definitely understand it.”

“You’re just an uneducated orphan girl. You said I don’t understand it?”

She said and opened the cowhide notebook.

Niki Linch lowered her eyes.

It was full of formulas, chemical bond and letters that she could not understand.

‘Is this her notebook?’

‘What are them written on it?”

‘I couldn’t understand at all.”

A hint of embarrassment flashed across Niki’s arrogant face. ‘How could it be?’

Noting the awkwardness on her face, Natalie raised the corner of her mouth. “How are you? Do you

understand them?”


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