After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 74

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 74

Chapter 74 Apology!

“This…” Niki brought it closer and carefully read the contents on it.

Natalie raised her eyebrows and looked at her quietly.

It was impossible for anyone who did not study pharmacy systematically to understand it. Even those who studied pharmacy could only get a general idea of it.

Only those proficient in pharmacy could understand the essence of these innovative ideas, which were not something that ordinary doctors could understand.

It was prepared for Ryan Swan based on his ability. There were very few people who could match Ryan’s


It was impossible for Niki to understand it.

Niki held the notebook in her hand and frowned.

The contents were about pharmacy? But she’s unsure. After all, she had no experience with pharmacy.

Her expression became very unnatural. She pretended to read the contents, but actually she didn’t understand them at all.

‘What exactly were these on earth?’

“Have you finished reading it? Does Miss Linch understand it?” Natalie stood by, stared at her for a long time,

and finally asked.

“If you don’t understand it, just speak up. Don’t waste my time.”

“Who knows these strange signs? Maybe you just coined them!” Niki no longer pretended to read, but angrily

threw it onto the ground.

‘It must have been coined, otherwise how could I not understand it.”

The cowhide notebook was on the bluestone floors, with the spine facing upwards. Several pages sc at tered,

which was striking.

“What are you doing?” Natalie quickly walked forward and reached out to pick up it.

It recorded her long prepared pharmaceutical ideas for Ryan. She expected him to become a pharmaceutical


Niki wasted it like this!

Natalle suppressed the urge to slap her.

Now Natalie was helpless and watched by so many bodyguards. Clearly she was not able to take action, but

endured it.

“Don’t let her pick it up!”. A shrill female voice sounded.

Seeing Natalie squat down to pick up the notebook, Niki shouted out angrily.

Natalie’s hand had reached the spine of the book.

Just a little bit.

But it was quickly taken away by the bodyguard.

Niki Linch, don’t go too far.” Natalie’s voice trembled slightly. Clearly she was angry.

She thought Niki was just snobbish and too fond of Julian Graham to tolerate others around him, but she didn’t expect her to be like this!

The bodyguard handed the notebook to Niki again. She snorted coldly, “I went too far? It’s nothing compared

to what you did to me.”

When Natalie insulted her, she would have been kicked out by Julian but for the fact that her mother had

passed away and she had suffered abroad.

“You go to figure out what’s written inside!” Niki threw the notebook to the person beside her.

“Am I…?” The person reluctantly took it with a tone of fear and unease. “Miss Linch, I’m just a bodyguard. You

can’t even understand it. Not to mention I…”

“You’d better find someone else” The man clearly didn’t want to take over it, afraid that he might upset the

woman at the CEO’s heart.

“Of what use are da mn you?”

“Since no one can understand, give it back to me. It’s meaningless for you.” Natalie’s eyes were sharp.

“Return it to you? I haven’t figured out the contents. it’s impossible to return it to you.”

“But…someone else?” Niki’s eyes lit up as she recalled the bodyguard’s words.

‘How could she forget her senior alumnus?’

She took the notebook from the bodyguard without hesitation, placed it on the table, flipped through a page,

picked up her phone, and took a photo of the contents of that page.

“Senior alumnus, there is something I cannot understand. Can you help me?” After sending the photo, shel

sent a voice message.

Her voice was coquettish and unusually gentle, entirely different from the angry voice before.

Hearing the voice, Natalie felt goose bumps.

In just a blink of an eye, there was a response from the other side.

Natalie touched the goose bumps on her arms and looked coldly at Niki Linch.

After reading the message, Niki’s eyes widened in surprise. ‘How could this be?”

She put away her phone, cleared her throat and turned around. “Do you know pharmacy?”

As she turned around, she hid the surprise in her eyes and became condescended again.

No matter how surprised she is, she can’t make Natalie see it!

Natalie raised her eyes and gazed at her.

“Yes,” she replied lightly.

Since Niki has asked about me and I have already admitted this notebook is mine, any further excuses are


‘It’s better to admit it.”

“You… You are just an uneducated orphan girl but actually know pharmacy?” Although Niki kept a condescending attitude, she was astonished when Natalie admitted it.

‘I didn’t expect it at all! I always thought Natalie was just an orphan girl. I underestimated her!”

‘I can’t let her continue to entangle with Julian!”

‘But since she knows about pharmacy, appears here, and has such a large bag of medicinal herbs… How

could she not be the rich person?”

Only then did Niki realized it.


Natalie raised her eyebrows as she noted Niki was blue in the face and silent for a long time.

‘I have admitted I know pharmacy. Why did Niki react to it so much?”

“Can you return the notebook to me?” Natalie no longer thought about it and spoke coldly.

“Give it to her right away.” Niki’s voice trembled. She quickly picked it up from the table, handed it to the

nearby bodyguard and signaled him to pass it over.

‘What happened?”

Natalie blinked, ‘Her attitude changed so quickly. What happened to her?”

The bodyguard was clearly startled. He couldn’t figure out what attitude Miss Linch had. ‘Could it be irony?”

“Can you give her…”

“Give it to her. Don’t you understand me?” Niki frowned and shouted out.

“I see, I see.” The bodyguard quickly handed the notebook to Natalie. “Miss Spears, please take it.”

Natalie took it and carefully flipped through the pages. Some were damaged; others were sc at tered and could only be sandwiched in it.

“I went too far.” Niki muttered uneasily as she noted Natalie’s gaze rest on that page.

“I didn’t mean it.”

“Oh?” Natalie raised her eyebrows.

‘Unintentional? Niki is so shameless. I have seen her throw it onto the ground. She is obviously lying through

her teeth.”

Natalie didn’t want to say anything more.

Niki behaved like this all the time.

That was her nature.

‘But why did Niki change her attitude so much?’ Natalie frowned.

‘It is absolutely not because I have admitted I know pharmacy. She will definitely not change her attitude so quickly just because this.”

‘She is such a snobbish gold digger that she can only succumb to money. Is it because…’

Natalie couldn’t help but feel her forehead. ‘I didn’t admit I’m the rich person who bought medicinal herbs. Niki has clearly thought I’m that person.”)

‘If Julian Graham knows about it.”

‘My identity will be divulged. He will definitely come to me for authorization at that time.’

“Sister Natalie, I’m really sorry. I acted on impulse. Don’t take it to heart.”


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