After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 77

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 77

Chapter 77 Did men all love this kind of woman? 

Natalie frowned. Why did Philip answer the phone when Niki called him? But when she called this man, he refused to answer her call directly.

Bros before h o es!

Wasn’t he somewhere to treat his emotional injuries? Was it the so-called emotional injuries?

Natalie stood behind and wore a half smile, staring at the screen coldly.

Niki held her phone in her hand. She glanced at Natalia when the man on the other side answered the phone

immediately. She even wore a mockery and satirical smile on her face.

Philip indeed answered the call. Today, she would let Natalie, an orphan girl, get a load of this!

Niki leaned over and smiled brightly at Philip at the other end of the screen.

“I…” Before Niki could say something, Philip interrupted her directly.

“Nana…” Philip called her softly, like the spring breeze in April.

The gentle voice was completely different from Philip’s voice in her memory.

Niki was stunned.

Was Philip… calling her?

Philip was indeed calling her. Only Natalia and her were here. Philip didn’t know Natalia, so this man was

indeed calling her.

Was this man really interested in her?

Is it really interesting to her?!

Niki was proud of this, and she smiled happily. She took advantage of this and said, ‘Philip, I waited for a long time, and I thought you wouldn’t answer the phone.”

Philip called her so intimately when he answered the phone. But Philip never actively contacted her since the last time. Today, he called her in such a way….

It should be that Philip had hung up on her since the last time. But for the sake of Julian, Philla could not

contact her!

Natalle felt uneasy when she heard this. Niki said in such a tone, and it seemed that they were really familiar

with each other.

She would ask Philip about this question later.

Niki took the phone closer, and Natalia’s face flashed past the other side of the screen. Philip couldn’t see Natalia’s face clearly, so he frowned.

Why did the woman hold her phone so close? Wasn’t she going to share a screen with Natalia? He could not


“Philip? “Seeing that Philip did not say anything, Niki gently waved her hand.

“What?” Philip got his sense.

Then he looked at the woman in front of the screen.

The woman in front of the screen looked delicate. She had a pair of big eyes and smiled sweetly, looking


This woman looked like Natalia in appearance.

But he didn’t know her…

What’s wrong with you?” Philip frowned as he looked at the woman in front of the screen with a half smile.

Philip had a pair of watery eyes. He just looked at the woman in front of the screen, but others would feel that he was looking at the woman with affection.

With such a pair of affectionate eyes, he would seduce others as long as he looked at them.

Niki got an idea, “Nana wants to say something to you…

Before she finished her words, Philip interrupted her again.

“Well… There’s another person behind you, and won’t you share the screen with her?” Philip raised his eyebrows and asked politely.

The woman in front of the screen stood there still. It seemed that she did not want to share a screen with Natalia. So Philip reminded.

“Ah? Okay. Okay.” Niki was a bit embarrassed, and then she shared a screen with Natalie.

Well. He could see Natalia now.

Philip was satisfied with this.

He looked at Natalia. Natalia frowned and was not in a bad mood. It seemed that she was a little angry.

Natalia glared at Philip when Philip looked at her.

How dared this man look at her?

What happened? Who had offended this woman? Philip was a little confused.

“Philip, I want to say something to you…” Niki wanted to finish her words.

“Well, I am listening.” Philip hid his doubts and looked at Niki.

Natalia was in a bad mood, so Philip dared not to talk to Niki at all…

Niki changed her tone and asked after thinking, “Niki, one of my friends wants to work in Glory Group…

Philip frowned after hearing this.

Niki grabbed Natalia and said, “It’s her. She wants to work in the Glory Group. Is that OK?”

Natalia stumbled when Niki grabbed her suddenly. And she almost fell to the ground.

Niki took Natalia to the screen. Natalia looked at Philip and smiled symbolically. It was just a fake smile.

Hey, slow down. You should pay attention to your safety.” Philip was scared when he saw this, so he said.

However, Natalia thought something more when she heard Philip’s words. When did Philip become so polite

and considerate? Did he want to leave a good impression on Niki?

“Is that OK, Philip?” Niki was a bit nervous.

Natalia looked at Niki and Philip coldly.

Did Philip really love Niki? Did all men love such a pretentious woman like Niki?

“Of course. If your friend wants to work at Glory Group, she can join us.” Natalia was the second-largest shareholder of the Glory Group. Could he refuse her?

Besides, he had handed over the power of President of the Glory Group to Natalia. Why couldn’t Natalia work

in the Glory Group? What did Natalia want to do?

“Really… really?” Niki was flattered when Philip replied so quickly and confidently.

“Of course. She can join us whenever she wants. If she wants something, she can tell the vice president of the Glory Group directly. I am not in the company, but the vice president can help her.” Philp said seriously.

“Thank you, Philip!” Niki was surprised. She never thought that she was so important to Philip. Philip even agreed to let Natalia work in the Glory Group when she asked him for help. What’s more, Philip even asked the vice president of the Glory Group to help Natalia.

Was it easy for her to get authorization?

Natalia stood beside Niki and was calm. Philip, who was talking on the other side of the phone, looked at her occasionally.

She frowned and took a few steps back. Out of sight, out of mind.

On the other side of the screen, someone suddenly called Philip.

Philip looked back after hearing the sound.

“Philip, are you still busy outside? I won’t bother you anymore. Thank you, and I will contact you again!” Niki also heard the sound, so she asked with a smile.

“Ah… okay.” Philip was also in a hurry. But he still looked back and said, “Goodbye, Nana.”

Well. He could not see Natalia again.

“Goodbye.” Niki said with a smile. She thought that Philip was saying goodbye to her.

Then she hung up.

“How’s it going? Do you believe it now?” Niki raised her chin and looked at Natalia proudly.

Natalia looked up.

But she didn’t say anything.

Seeing that Natalia kept silent, Niki chucked, “Are you surprised? Why did you keep silent?”

“So what? Should I thank you?” Natalia smiled with her mouth, not with her eyes.

“How should I thank you?”

Niki pressed her lips and said, “I’m in a good mood today. I wanted you to do something, but now, I changed my mind temporarily. So be it.”

Essentially, she had to thank Natalia. If it wasn’t for Natalia, how could she know that Philip, the handsome and charming CEO of Glory Group, had been secretly in love with her?

So she would let Natalia go today!


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