After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 78

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Something old 

Natalie looked at her with a fake smile.

Today, I helped you become one member of Glory Group! You owe me one.” said Niki after thinking.

Natalie raised her eyebrows and said in a strange voice, “I owe you? I’m an orphan and I have nothing to pay


Raising her eyebrows, Niki smiled and said as she squinted at her. “It seems that you know who you are and your ability.”

“You are not able to satisfy me at all.” said Niki who really disliked the diamond ring given by Natalie, even the pink ring was dirty for Niki.

“You just need to stay away Julian!” said Niki who rolled her big eyes, “Don’t show up in the face of every member of the Graham family, which is the price of my help.”

“Otherwise, you will be fired because of me. Just think about it!”

Natalie smiled and said, “I agree, so, can you leave now?”

After speaking, she held the notebook with one hand and picked up the bag containing the medicine with the other hand, then, Natalie went downstairs as she said, “Don’t forget to close the door, bye.”

She didn’t want to see Niki at all.

If there weren’t the bodyguards of Niki, Natalie would have killed Niki for what Niki did to the notebook.

She might really hurt Niki if Niki continued.

“You! You rabble!” shouted Niki after seeing what Natalie did, “You never thank me for what I have done to


The bodyguards rushed forward and said, “Don’t be angry for people like that, or we will be blamed.”

Niki snorted coldly and said, “I forget what an orphan should be.”

“Let’s go”

She turned around and walked out of the door with bodyguards.

“I shouldn’t give her this opportunity.”

The bodyguard next said as he bowed, “In this company, stu pid girl like her would be fired soon.”

They disappeared soon, and the house got quiet.

Standing near window of the attic, Natalie stared coldly at them.

She sat down and looked at the broken notebook… It was impossible to fix it here, and she had to go back to Greenlife villa.

She rubbed the notebook and believed that she had to find Philip.

Natalie immediately took out her phone and called Philip.

What was this guy doing?!

Natalie threw her phone on the sofa because of anger.

When she calmed down and thought about it… she decided to call him again.

Natalie took a deep breath and then gave Philip a video call.

After a sound, they were connected.

Before Natalie could say a word, Philip said quickly, “Natalie… What happened just now? You didn’t say anything but the woman in front of you kept talking, besides, I noticed your face was dark…”

“I just hung up because something happened, and then, you called me…”

“Stop.” said Natalie who was stunned for what Philip said.

“You don’t know Niki?” said Natalie who thought that was Important.

“Niki? The guy who blocks the camera?”

Natalie narrowed her eyes and said, “Don’t pretend. If she does not know you, how could she contact you in

the WhatsApp in an intimate way?”

“I really don’t know her, “said Philip who blinked, “Many people know my account, and I can’t remember


Upon hearing this, Natalie said with doubt, “Really?”

“Of course! But you look kind of similar,” said Philip who rubbed his chin.

Natalie agreed slightly and said, “She’s…”, which was not finished since she was not related to the Graham


Without noticing what Natalie did, Philip said, “She looks a bit similar… Well, I remember that I have met her

in a banquet several years ago.”

“A banquet?” said Natalie with curiosity.

“People in the banquet were rich and noble, and I found she looked like you, which made me believe you were

there, but when she turned around, I knew I was wrong.

Natalie understood that Niki was pretending that she was a good friend of Philip.

“I see and when will you come back? “said Natalie to change the topic as she narrowed her eyes.

“I need to do something else, so I hope you could take good care of my company. I treat you later. “replied Philip.

“Sir, I really want to know which girl hurts you so much since you even abandon Glory Group.’

“Don’t tease me anymore.” said Philip who chuckled.

Natalie got serious and said, “Forget it, and I won’t bother you.”

After all, that depend on the person who bore that.

She hung up the phone.

Yesterday, she had already purchased almost all the medicine needed, so she wanted to leave this kind of familiar place, since it was easy for her to recall something past here…

Greenlife Villa.

Natalie placed the notebook on the table fix the notebook better with scissor under the light of lamp.

She needed glue…

Natalie opened the drawer to look for glue, but accidentally touched a book so she took it out as she


The edge of the book was brown, and the cover of the book was worn.

The creases and the pieces of paper inside indicated that the owner had seen this book so many times.

Her paused, and smiled.

Things never went as she wanted…

Every word of this book was related to Henry.

Henry… I really missed you… I knew you blamed me for coming late, for leaving you in that cold place… but I

really missed you.

Henry… Can you come back?

I made a wish as a meteor showed up, hoping that you could be my star… Were you alive?

Natalie continued to look at the familiar words as she tried her best to hold back her emotion.

She couldn’t bear and finally closed it.

The phone rang exactly.

Natalie picked up her phone to force her get out of that, and tried to see the message with trembling fingers.

“Are you free tomorrow? I would like have a dinner with you.”

It was Julian who sent that.

Julian immediately sent another message as if he feared that she didn’t reply.

There is something very Important”


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