After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 79

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 79

Chapter 79 Talking tough

Looking at the text message, Natalie blinked with sadness.

Originally, she wanted to hold back her emotion, but this message made her sadder.

That was none of her business.

She put her phone back on the same place.

Natalie went downstairs to get a cup of tea to calm down.

She took out some tea from the porcelain and added some hot water, then, the faint perfume of tea showed up, which made people calm down.

After quietly drinking a cup of tea, Natalie continued to fix with the glue, since she wanted to do it perfectly, which needed much attention.

Her phone vibrated all the time, which was so annoying in this quiet villa.

The vibration diverted her attention, which let her failed to fix perfectly.

Natalie sighed and picked up her phone since she could not bear anymore.

She just looked at the final messages of Julian by ignoring the rest, and she was shocked as she saw the


“If you still don’t reply to my message, I will drive to Greenlife Villa to find you now.”

How could this person be such shameless!

Her eyes were full of disgust, and worried about this villa, which led to the present situation.

Natalie took a deep breath and typed.

“Say it on your phone.”

Julian replied quickly, but just told her the place and time, “The Sunny Restaurant, Room 9, tomorrow noon.

instead, which was rude.

Natalie raised her eyebrows and quickly replied, “I will not be there.”

“If not, I will send someone to pick you up.” the tone was strict.

That made Natalie think of the bodyguards of Niki.

Julian could do something worse, since Niki had done something stu pid.

After all, she knew Julian well.

She pursed her slightly dry lips and sighed in her heart as she felt sorry for what they had done to her.

“No need.” replied Natalie who was tired, irritated and powerless.

She could go back to her home… she could not see the man she loved, and now, she was threatened in this


Julian understood the hidden message and replied with a smile, “See you tomorrow.”

He believed that Natalie would show up there even though she said that.

How could she be such tough?

The next morning.


Niki arrived at the CEO’s office of Graham Group early in the morning, and she was familiar with this place, since she had come so many times.

Niki just waited quietly since Julian didn’t came yet..

She wanted to find Julian in his house, but she was stopped since Linda had told the guards that Niki was not welcome in this house anymore because of what happened.

She was angry about it for a long time, and complained that towards Julian, but Julian just persuaded her to wait, which really irritated her.

Niki just cleared her mind, and sat still.

Today, she came for her reward.

She knew her position in the heart of Philip accidently, which meant that it was easy for her to get the authorization, even though she didn’t find the secret and rich enemy.

Time passed, but Julian did not come.

Niki frowned and looked at her watch, only to find that it was noon, which made her wonder where was


Meanwhile, The Sunny Restaurant.

Natalie wore a pure black Chanel short jacket, and an elegant dress, which made her body so attractive, besides, her untied black hair was close to her shoulder,

She walked slowly into the restaurant.

“Madam. Do you have a reservation?” said the waiter gently at the door.

This restaurant was just open for its member, and not all the rich people could be one member of this


Mr. Graham has reserved private room 9,” said Natalle who knew she didn’t need to tell this waiter the full

name of Julian.

“Okay, this way, please.” said the walter politely.

Following the waiter, Natalie got close to the room, and could not see the situation inside clearly because of the clapboard.

She pushed the door and entered.

The man in black sat near the table, and Natalie could see that Julian was touching his head with one hand, and the other was knocking at the table, whose face was dark and eyebrows were raised slightly.

Natalie raised her eyebrows since she knew the reason for the behavior of Julian.

Julian didn’t like people coming late.

But she did that deliberately.

Knowing someone came. Julian turned around, looked at the woman and said in a low voice as his hand continued to knock, “An hour late.”

He had told Natalie the exact time, and what she did really made Julian angry.

“Sorry for wasting your time, “said Natali who raised her eyebrows.

Her true thought was obvious to Julian because her strange voice.

He frowned, waved to the waiter next and said, “Waiter, serve the dishes now.”

The waiter stepped down.

“I come here not for the dishes.” said directly Natalie who sat down.

Another waiter came forward and gave her a cup of tea, which filled the entire private room with the fragrance of tea.

Julian withdrew his hands on the table and said with a smile, “Really?”

He believed that Natalie was pretending since she had come here.

He sneered.

“Of course. I’ll leave after hearing what you want to say so that you can cherish your time.” said Natalie who frowned for the expression of Julian.

In fact, she just wanted to cherish her own time, but changed in the end.

“Are you blaming me for what I complain?”

“I have enough time, and don’t you want to taste the dishes of this place?” said Julian who raised his eyebrows.

It was hard to be one member of this restaurant even Julian became one last year, and he believed that

Natalie was telling a lie.

“Nothing special.” said Natalie since she had tasted so many times in New York.

Julian frowned and looked at Natalie as he said, “How could you pretend that you have eaten so many times?

1 am sure you never eat in this place.”

Vanity of women?


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