After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 81

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 81

Chapter 81 Solling her eyes 

Julian raised his eyebrows slightly, glancing casually at Niki, who was leaning over him. “Niki, don’t do that.”

“I’m not, what Niki said is true.” Niki remained leaning gently against Julian, her lips pursed as if she were a little dissatisfied.

Julian, you know, it was an accident. Niki guarantees no more things like this..

Natalie was disgusted to see the way Niki was leaning on Julian.

The rest was disgusting.

She quietly put down her chopsticks.

Julian ignored her words and frowned.” I told you to sit still,” he said coldly.

In his mind, Natalie’s initiative to invite him today was definitely official. Since it was official, it was to follow

the etiquette.

缮 He had always made a clear distinction between public and private affairs, and Niki’s actions were obviously


Niki’s eyes widened. Julian spoke to her in that tone of voice?

She approached Jullan, even putting her arm around the man’s waist, and raised her head slightly to say.


A pair of eyes devoid of any personal emotions.

She felt the coldness and almost immediately jumped up and stood obediently aside.

“Have you thought about it?”

Natalie sat across from them, propping her chin up and looking out at the beautiful scene outside so as not

to soil her eyes.

She heard that, turn her head and said, ‘Hmm?’

I’ll take you to Grandpa’s party.” Julian tapped the table in a calm tone.

You don’t have to do anything.

Natalie raised her eyebrows, “anything?”

Why did Julian suddenly change his mind? How could he engage in a loss-making business?

“Yeah.” The man stared straight at her.

“Julian! How can you take her instead of Niki?” Niki, who had been standing, couldn’t help but speak up when she heard those words.

Natalie pursed her lips and was about to speak.

She had a smile in her eye’s and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t steal your Julian.” Her light tone made Niki feel


I will not go there and I will not attend Graham’s party. In addition, I will not go to Graham’s house in the

future. Even if you ask me, I won’t go.

“Who would ask you?” Niki curled her lip and looked at her coldly.

If there’s nothing else, may I go?” Natalie said, not annoyed. Her gaze shifted to Julian.

Julian’s face turned dark. He managed to suppress his anger, “Are you sure you don’t want to join?”

This was not the first time she had confronted him since that happened.

He had convinced himself to drop the act and invite her to Grahams’ party, but Natalie still rebuffed him. How

dare she?

“Who gave you the courage?” Niki looked at Julian’s gloomy face and couldn’t help but say that.

You didn’t even bother to go to Grandpa Graham’s 70th birthday? What about the care you received during

three years in Graham?

Was she not going to the party just to satisfy Niki’s wishes? Did Niki slander herself in turn in front of Julian?


Those three years at the Grahams? It was all me taking care of the Grahams, okay? Figure it out and then

talk to me.

What do you mean by that? You mean the Grahams should in turn thank you for your efforts over the past three years?” Niki’s eyes were flirtatious, as if she found it amusing.

“No need.” For the past three years, including now, everything she had done had been a willingness.

“How dare you respond?” Niki’s eyes were a little incredulous.” Why are you so shameless?”

“An orphan girl who depended on the Grahams for her livelihood. I don’t know how much happiness she enjoyed during her three years here. If you don’t know how to be thankful, then let it be, alright?”

Natalie said, “How come? Ask your Julian how was it like.”

Niki tried to say something else, but Julian grabbed her arm. He frowned and said, “No.”

Niki then realized that what she was too much. She hurriedly stopped, “I just can’t stand the way Natalie

treated us…

She tried to redeem her image.

Before she could finish, Julian stopped her and said, “I know.” His gaze was clearly full of trust.

Niki’s got relieved a bit, and she took advantage It. “Natalle’s rudeness is even more embarrassing for the Graham family when she goes there. Niki is willing to go, so Julian can take Niki there.”

Upon hearing this, Natalie burst out laughing. “So, you’re waiting here?”

She thought Niki might be different, but she didn’t expect her to be the same as before.

Niki didn’t know what to say.

“I mean why not? It’s not like I’m as rude and ungrateful as you are! It’s been three years since I’ve been home,

but Grandpa Graham used to be so nice to me. So, sure I’m going.” She hurriedly made an excuse.

“Grandpa used to be nice to me,” she says emphatically, as if afraid Natalie won’t admit it.

“Julian, isn’t it?”

Julian pursed his lips and said nothing.

“Julian, don’t you want to take Niki?” Niki felt something was wrong when she saw him.

“May I go now? I won’t go there,” Natalie said.

Since Niki took the initiative to ask to attend, let her go.” Natalie seemed to think of something after saying this and she smiled, “But do you need to prepare a birthday gift before going? You probably wouldn’t spend Julian’s money for Grandpa, would you? That would be so embarrassing.”

Niki saw an undisguised mockery, “You! I …… Naturally, I wouldn’t use Julian’s money.”

She didn’t have much money at all and relied on Julian to make a living. However, no matter how poor she

was, she can’t make Natalie look down on her! She had to speak up hard.

“Oh, that’s great. Don’t blame me for saying this. Just because you were so obsessed with money before,

which makes people have to doubt it.” Natalie smiled and looked at Julian.

Julian looked unhappy. “Don’t speculate about people. Niki is not what you think she is. She must have spent her own money to buy a birthday present for grandfather.

As he spoke, he cast a trusting glance at Niki.

Although Niki was much more capricious than before, he felt this was a more authentic way to show herself.

She had endured so many tribulations during her three years abroad, and her understanding of relationships and worldly wisdom will certainly be clearer than before. She will not be confused about such things.”

“Ah… that’s right.” Niki agreed stiffly.

Where did she get the money to buy birthday present? Natalie did it on purpose! The hatred in her eyes burst out and she glared at her.

Natalie looked at Niki with a smile.

The reason why she said this was not to retaliate against Niki.

She actually wanted to explore Niki’s sincerity, whether she was sincere with the Grahams, or if it was just

about the money

It was different.

If Niki did marry the Grahams, her attitude will affect the future of the Grahams. Niki would better understand that herself has to take care of the whole family otherwise others would have to clean up her mess.


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