After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 85

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 85

Chapter 85 Madam is not very good!

Natalie walked out of the company with doubts.

Did she have to ask Ryan? What if it’s not him?

On the contrary, it will also reveal that she had also come to this company, and when Ryan asked why she

was there, what should she say?

Natalie’s eyelashes trembled lightly. If Ryan asked, she didn’t want to deceive Ryan… that meant she needed

to confess her identity.

She walked slowly along the beach while pondering, and unconsciously walked back to the parking spot.

She sighed and then sat in the car.

She drove over the sea and along the coastline towards the distance, with the Swan Family Building getting further and further behind it until it was out of sight. Just like her thoughts.

The next morning, the morning sun shone, and the room was slightly illuminated.

Due to her poor mood in recent days, Natalie didn’t sleep well. She woke up very early this morning, almost at


She didn’t want to sleep anymore and got up to make herself breakfast.

She thought to herself that since she woke up early today, she would go to the laboratory to do the

experiment earlier so as to divert some of her attention.

Previously, due to procurement issues, the laboratory itinerary was suspended.

After breakfast, she had to notify Ryan… Natalie quietly planned the tasks for today’s day in her mind.

But as soon as she picked up the fried egg with a knife and fork and didn’t deliver it to her mouth, her phone.


The phone rang in a hurry, and she frowned. She put down her knife and fork and got up to answer the phone.

The caller was Linda.

Natalie’s eyebrows furrowed even tighter.

She didn’t choose to answer the phone, but quietly listened to the urgent ringing of the bell echoing in the

vast villa…

She was waiting for Linda to hang up the phone herself.

About two minutes later, the phone was still ringing. Natalie rubbed her eyebrows and pressed the hang up button fiercely.

She had already made up her mind not to have too much involvement with Graham family and had made it

In the early stages of Linda’s disease, her mental state was very poor.

Natalie had to take care of Linda at the same time as she was in deep pain.

After three years of personal care and constant interaction, Natalie actually had a deep affection for Linda in

her heart.

In those three years, she lost contact with the Spears family, and she never contacted her parents, and

grandparents once.

Without the support of any relatives, Natalie, who came to Los Angeles alone, felt that Linda was like her


Even if she still had feelings for Linda, their relationship must end, and Natalie knew this very well in her


Not long after, the phone rang again, appearing even more urgent this time.

Natalie took the phone. It was still Linda.

The phone kept ringing, and Natalie watched as the phone kept vibrating. It seemed that it won’t stop if she

won’t answer.

…….Natalie took a deep breath, feeling helpless. She answered the phone and an anxious female voice came

from her phone,

“Miss Spears!” This voice was clearly not Linda’s.

Natalie was a bit flustered, and a bad premonition came to her mind. “What’s wrong? Tell me.”

“Madam… she’s not very well. Come and take a look!” Natalie recognized Lily’s voice, and she said in a hurry

and panic.

Lily had been working at the Graham family for many years, taking care of Linda.

In these three years, every time Linda’s mental state went wrong, Lily accompanied her and took care of

Linda together.

Normally speaking, it was not the first time for Lily to witness Linda fall ill, and she should never be so


Was Linda’s symptoms more severe than ever before?!

“Did you let auntie take the medicine I gave her?” Natalie felt extremely heavy in her heart.

As she spoke, she quickly picked up the car key and walked outside the villa. “First, help auntie to the bed.”

“Yes, I have already had madam eat it, but I don’t think it has improved. I don’t know what to do now.” said Lily in a voice of urgency and a hint of guilt.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be right there. “Natalle walked to the garage, sandwiched her phone between her arm and

face, and released one hand to press the key.

“Give your phone to Auntie, I’ll calm her down first.”

“She can’t stay in this state for too long.”

Okay,” Lily replied. But after a while, she hesitated and replied,

Madam doesn’t want to answer the phone. I have already handed her the phone… but she pushed it away.”

Natalie frowned, and narrowed her eyes. Linda didn’t want to answer the phone? Natalie didn’t feel good.

“Why is Auntie suddenly not doing well? Is there any incentive?”

Natalie asked as the she drove rapidly on the road. Did Niki come to Graham family again and make Linda


“I’m not quite sure…” Lily’s voice was rapid, obviously very nervous in such a sudden situation.

Natalie understood that she probably couldn’t know any useful information from Lily who was in such a



She spoke calmly, her voice soothing, “I’ll be there soon, don’t worry.”

Shortly after, Natalie arrived at Graham family.

She stopped the car and hurriedly rushed into Graham family, jogging all the way up the stairs.

After Natalie trotted into the room, she only saw Linda lying alone in bed, while Lily was not inside.

Linda heard a voice and said, “Is Nana here?”

“It’s Nana. Nana is here.” Natalie anxiously walked to the bed and helped Linda up. “Auntie, are you feeling


Linda did not answer her question, but her voice was weak but relieved.

“Nana, you are willing to take care of me. I am very happy.”

She looked up at Natalie as she spoke.

From her perspective, she could see Natalie frowning slightly, her expression tense, and her eyes filled with


Nana came over in such a hurry today Indicated that she had never let go of Graham family, let alone Julian…

Moreover, it also indicated that she had a kind heart and was sincere in what she had done to the Graham


It’s not exactly what Niki said. She knew Niki was stirring up trouble!

“What are you talking about? This is what Nana should do. Do you have a headache? Is the pain severe?”

Natalie’s voice was concerned. Feeling something was wrong, she turned her head around and looked


around. “Why isn’t Lily here?”

She asked a series of questions, and all that answered her was silence.

Linda didn’t answer a single question. Natalie didn’t feel right, and she looked at Linda.

Her expression was calm. She didn’t show any signs of mental distress.

“Natalie was a bit confused. After calming down for a moment, she slowly released her hand that held Linda

and stood up.

“Auntie, are you lying to me?” Her anxiety quickly faded, and she looked at Linda expressionless at the


It’s completely different from the expression just now.

The way she looked at Linda at the moment was like looking at a stranger, with endless indifference.

Upon careful consideration, she had just trotted over all the way, and there were so many bodyguards from all over Graham family who didn’t stop her.

She entered Graham family very smoothly.

Lily was also very flustered on the phone, even said intermittently.

She thought it was because Linda’s illness was too serious and Lily was nervous.

Now she realized that Lily’s nervousness was just a cover up for lying.

She was worried about Linda’s physical condition in her heart and didn’t pay attention to these details at all.

Now, when she thought about it, there were many loopholes.

“Nana, Auntie didn’t lie to you.” Linda felt a little flustered when she saw Natalie with a serious face.

“Auntie was really uncomfortable just now, so she asked Lily to call you.”

“But when you are on your way, Auntie felt better again. Auntie was also embarrassed to let you go back

again… “Linda looked uneasy.

Natalie’s face remained expressionless, “Since you are fine, I won’t stay here.” She didn’t believe what Linda


“I hope you won’t make such jokes again in the future.”

“Nana, today is Grandpa’s 70th birthday. Please stay and join us.” Linda pleaded in her voice and looked earnestly.

Natalie suddenly understood that Linda’s play today was for grandpa Graham’s birthday party….


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