After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 86

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Long-lost concern


“I have something to attend today, so I’m not available. “Natalie’s voice was indifferent, and her expression

was also cold.

“Natalie, why don’t you attend this banquet? Just for my sake, okay?” Linda’s voice pleaded humbly.

She knew very well in her heart that Natalie said she had something to do just to avoid the banquet.

Natalie did not answer, maintaining a previously indifferent posture. She was clearly refusing.

Linda could barely sit on the edge of the bed with the support of her other hand. Although there was nothing

wrong with her mental condition, her physical condition was clearly deteriorating.

She looked straight at Natalie. She repeated what she had just said, but this time her voice was even weaker.

“Natalie, you can just for my sake?”

There was no response…

Natalie just looked at Linda lightly.

She felt that Linda was much haggard, and her normally red and moist lips were completely devoid of blood.

Her thin face was pale and distressing.

She secretly thought to herself that when she left later, she would advise Lily to stew more tonic soup for her.

Aunt’s current physical condition looks really bad.

But Linda’s next words clearly caught her off guard.

“Anyway, I won’t be able to live long.”

Upon hearing this, Natalie’s face softened slightly from the barely maintained indifference. She lifted her

eyelids and looked deeply at Linda.

Not be able to live long?

Linda finished speaking but did not look at Natalie again. Her gaze extended to the window, and the

emotions in her eyes were very complex.

Natalie couldn’t understand.

But she didn’t take the initiative to ask, because she couldn’t tell if Linda was telling another lie in her heart. Speaking rashly would only make her barely maintained Indifference fall short.

Linda spoke with a faint tone, “I am an old woman who lives on medication every day, and there is no one to talk to me… I know my own body very well, and there aren’t many days left.”

“I just want the Graham family to be okay before I die.”

Natalie said, “Niki will make the Graham family feel well and will also accompany you to talk.”

Linda shook her head, her tone filled with disappointment, and upon closer inspection, there was still a

strong sense of disgust. “I won’t lat Niki marry into the Graham family.” she said.

Natalie pursed her mouth.

She had this concern even more in her heart than Linda. She had long known what it would be like for Niki to

marry into the Graham family.

“But she had done everything she can and said everything she can. She had reminded Julian many times.

about Niki’s true face, but the light of the title of first love has completely covered all of Niki’s shortcomings.

Julian couldn’t see, he couldn’t see at all. Even if he saw it, he would pretend not to see it.

If Julian wanted to marry Niki, could she stop him? Could she stop him? Natalie lowered her head and looked

at Linda, who looked haggard, with mixed feelings in her heart.

Linda pulled out her hand that supported her body, trembling to get up from the bed.

Natalie instinctively wanted to reach out and hold Linda, and as soon as her hand reached out, she reflected

on her movements. She silently withdrew her hand and clenched her fingers to her side.

Linda stood up and took Natalie’s hand. “Natalie, just take it as if I begged you.”

She had decided to let go and defer to Natalie in everything. If Natalie was willing to divorce, she would

divorce. Julian was not blessed to have such a good wife. If Natalie didn’t want to be involved with the

Graham family anymore, she won’t see her, and tried not to contact her, so as not to disturb her life.

But now she had figured it out.

Natalie clearly had Julian in her heart, and it was Niki’s arrival that put Natalie in such an awkward situation.

She couldn’t just watch Niki steal Natalie’s place!

Natalie was kind-hearted and unwilling to take the initiative, so let her take the initiative.

“If you come to Grandpa Graham’s 70th birthday, we can maintain our dignity. If Mrs. Graham doesn’t attend

on Grandpa Graham’s birthday, what will others think?” Linda’s eyes pleaded, as if she was about to kneel in

front of her in the next second.

Natalie furrowed her brows as she looked at Linda, who was pleading and about to kneel. Her heart

wrenched and she finally let go, “I will participate. Please sit down quickly.”

Linda was momentarily stunned and then smiled, “Natalie, are you really willing to participate?”

Natalie deliberately kept a straight face and said, “Forget it, I won’t participate.”

“Please, my Natalie is going to participate.” Linda’s smile deepened, and her haggard face seemed to have improved slightly.

“Lily, quickly give Natalie some food to eat.”

“Let me see, Natalie, you haven’t brought a dress either. What are you wearing tonight?” Linda restrained her expression and pondered seriously. “I’ll send someone to choose it for you now!”

Natalie shook her head and said, “It’s not necessary. I’ll just have someone bring it to me.”

How can you have someone bring it to you? You don’t have an easy life as a little girl, how can you spend money on a dress?”

Linda suddenly remembered again, “Did Julian give you money? Is your money enough to spend? Do you usually eat well?”

She touched Natalie’s hair and said, “Why do I feel like you’ve lost weight again? You didn’t eat well when you were in the Graham family. Did you not eat well recently? Or are you in a bad mood?”

“If you’re in a bad mood, it’s easy for you to have a bad sleep. Did you sleep well yesterday?” Linda spoke warmly, and every sentence fell on Natalie’s heart.

Natalie’s emotions were very complex at the moment, she hadn’t heard anyone’s concern for a long time. Linda’s words made her feel a long-lost warmth, and her eyelashes trembled lightly.

Natalie turned her head and didn’t dare to look at Linda’s caring eyes.

In the evening, at Graham family’s house.

Because Grandpa Graham liked antique style, while Linda liked a more profound and elegant modern style. So this house was both majestic and feminine, and the combination of the two was perfect.

The cloister courtyard showed majesty, while the green plants showed elegance.

All kinds of guests went to and from the banquet hall.

“It is indeed the Graham family. This banquet is too grand! It’s the first time I’ve seen such a big house. The courtyard outside looks like ancient times!”

“This is Grandpa Graham’s 70th birthday, can they not do it grandly? Just look at the status of the Graham family in Los Angeles!” The man next to him looked at the person who had just spoken like an idiot.

After he finished speaking, he picked up a glass of wine from the table and said, “This is the most luxurious banquet that Los Angeles has hosted in years.

Outside the door, Niki got out of the car with an elegant skirt. She rested her hand lightly on Julian’s arm, with an expression of unconcealed excitement.

This was an opportunity that she finally won, and she would definitely seize it!

Julian stood aside; his demeanor dignified. During his actions, he naturally exuded the nobility of a high family.

His arm was held by Nikl, and the two walked shoulder to shoulder into the hall. As he was about to enter, Julian slowly paused and stopped at the entrance of the hall.

His expression was complicated as if he was thinking about something.

“Brother Julian, won’t we go in?” Nikl noticed that Julian’s expression was a bit Incorrect.

Julian came back to his senses, bowed his head and replied, “Go in.”

He just thought of the promise he had made to his grandfather before.

That was a commitment at the expense of being president of the Graham Group.

But he had already given Natalie a chance, and she didn’t want to come herself. What could he do?

And how could she appear at grandpa’s banquet with a secret flirtation?

Thinking of this, he continued to walk. Seeing that Julian had returned to his usual indifferent expression, Niki followed the man with a smile on her face.


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