After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 91

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 91

Chapter 91 Maintenance

Julian frowned, lifting his eyelids coldly.

“Nana was invited by me. Are you trying to drive her away?” Linda’s voice carried authority.

Having just come down from upstairs, she had searched around but couldn’t find Nana. She had to ask someone to find out about the commotion that had happened downstairs just now!

Nana actually pushed Niki down?”

Linda clearly couldn’t believe it, she must think Niki is playing tricks to frame Nana!

Later, I overheard a familiar acquaintance, Mrs. Ward, saying that Julian had already taken Nana away. This made me even more anxious. I immediately followed the directions given by the guests and found the place. As soon as I entered, I heard Julian wanting to drive Nana away.

When Julian saw Linda standing at the courtyard gate, his face changed, and the reproachful words he intended to say couldn’t come out, “Mother, why are you here?”

“If I didn’t come, you would mistreat Nana! Just because Nana has a good personality, you think you can treat her like this?” Linda couldn’t be bothered to look at her son and walked straight towards Natalie.

“Nana, ignore him. Let’s go.”

Natalie looked at Linda, “Auntie, it’s probably not suitable for me to stay here.”

She finally had a chance to leave, but why did her aunt suddenly appear… this was such bad luck.

“Why is it unsuitable? You are the daughter-in-law of the Graham family. If even your presence at the banquet is unsuitable, then who is suitable?” Linda said, lips pursed.

Natalie pressed her lips together. She still wanted to leave this place immediately, “Auntie… I have already divorced Julian, so I’m no longer part of the Graham family.”

“Let’s go!” Linda pretended not to hear her words and gently took Natalie’s hand. “You promised Auntie to attend the banquet. You can’t just leave midway, right? Auntie believes that Nana won’t go back on her word.”

Natalie sighed.

Seeing that Natalie couldn’t pretend anymore, Julian coldly spoke, “Mother, don’t let Natalie deceive you. She is not as innocent and obedient as she appears.”

Linda snorted, “I have a better judgment of people than you do. I don’t need you to teach me.”

“I haven’t settled the score with you yet for bringing that Niki seductress to the banquet without my


Julian frowned and instinctively retorted, “Niki is not a seductress.”

Linda cast a cold glance at Julian, “You’ve been deceived by her, so of course, you can’t see that she’s a


Couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

“Niki claimed that Nana pushed her, and you believe it without any thought? Don’t you use your brain? Who

would be so foolish as to start a fight at a banquet, just waiting to be accused by others?”

“Nana has endured your coldness for three years. As patient as she is, would she act so recklessly and give

others a chance to find fault with her?”

“Think about it yourself!”

Julian was momentarily stunned, wanting to retort, but his mother’s words as the words reached his lips,

he didn’t know how to respond.

Could it be that Niki wasn’t pushed by Natalie?

Without waiting for Julian to speak, Linda grabbed Natalie’s hand and said. “Nana, let’s go, ignore him.”

Linda held her hand tightly, and her warm gaze enveloped her, creating a certain feeling within Natalie.

She was taken aback.

The way Linda spoke softly reminded her of her mother once again.

It made her feel a pang of nostalgia Linda’s actions were a means of protecting her.

In an instant, Natalie’s earlier frustration due to Julian vanished.

She looked at Linda and nodded gently, saying. “Alright, let’s go.”

Julian’s gaze lingered on the woman’s retreating figure, his eyes filled with depth.

Inside the banquet hall, people were still bustling around as if nothing had happened.

Natalie followed closely behind Linda as they entered the venue.

Everyone’s eyes turned towards her, almost simultaneously.

Niki, who was standing on the side, was the first to spot Natalie’s presence. She glared at Natalie, who followed behind Linda, and her fingertips clenched into a fist.

Why did Linda believe in Natalie so much and protect her in every way possible? What had Natalie done to


Linda clearly noticed those gazes and tightened her grip on Natalie’s hand. “Nana, don’t be afraid. Auntie is

right beside you,” she reassured her.

Natalie raised an eyebrow and a slight smile appeared on her lips involuntarily. She nodded and replied,

“Auntie, I’m not afraid.”

Niki’s fists clenched even tighter, yet she still managed to smile so brightly?

After the two of them entered the banquet hall Julian also walked in with a cold expression. His naturally

aloof appearance combined with his complex emotions made it difficult for anyone to discern his thoughts.

When Niki saw Julian’s figure at the doorway, her expression immediately changed. She hurriedly ran up to him, her tone filled with grievances. “Brother Julian! Where did you just go? Niki went out to look for you, but not only did I fail to find you, I almost got lost…”

Her voice was filled with a sense of helplessness.

Julian didn’t respond as she had expected. His face remained unchanged, still cold.

“Brother Julian?” Niki felt anxious inside. It had only been a short while since he left, so why had Julian

become like this?

Julian continued walking without stopping.

Niki could only obediently follow his steps.

After a few steps, the man in front suddenly halted. Niki was walking with her head down and didn’t notice his abrupt stop, resulting in her head colliding with his broad back.

“Ah…” Niki let out a soft cry.

“Tell me the truth. Did Natalie push you?” Julian disregarded Niki’s reaction, his expression serious.

“Huh?” Niki was momentarily stunned but quickly realized the situation. “It was Natalie who pushed me,

Brother Julian.”

She affirmed firmly.

Julian didn’t say anything further upon hearing her response.

Niki started to feel anxious. She wanted to explain further, but she had no idea what Natalie had said to


She was afraid of explaining herself and potentially saying the wrong things, so she remained awkwardly standing aside.

Julian’s gaze turned towards Natalie not far away.

It was only then that he noticed she was wearing a black dress today. Her naturally slender and tall figure appeared even more delicate in the black attire, exuding an indescribable sense of coldness that was completely different from the gentle Natalie of the past.

Deep in thought, he squinted his eyes, pondering something.

After what seemed like a while…

Julian finally withdrew his gaze and looked at Niki. “Stand beside me, Grandfather will be coming down


Nikl replied hastily, “Okay!”

Grandpa Graham descended from: upstairs, wearing a cheerful expression that indicated his remarkable



Julian took the lead and approached Grandpa Graham, with Niki following closely behind.

Linda also brought Natalie before Grandpa Graham

Grandpa Graham looked at the people before him, beaming with joy. Then, he scanned the surroundings and didn’t see Rudy and Yvonne

However, their absence didn’t upset him, instead, it improved his mood

Wait a moment Grandpa Graham’s gaze halted.

The smile on his face vanished the instant he laid eyes on Niki


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