After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 92

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 92

Chapter 92 You unfilial child!

“Who is this?” Grandpa Graham’s face instantly turned stern, wiping away the previously jovial mood.

Linda stood by the side, holding Natalie’s hand, and she too looked at Niki coldly.

“Grandfather, don’t you recognize me?” Niki felt strange hearing Grandpa Graham’s question.

gnoring Niki’s words, Grandpa Graham turned to Julian and spoke with severity, “Answer me! Who is this?”

How could this boy go back on his word? Has he forgotten so quickly?!

And he even shamelessly brought Niki to the banquet?

Grandpa Graham’s forceful questioning clearly showed his anger. Though the guests in the banquet hall couldn’t catch every word, they could sense his fury.

The atmosphere in the banquet hall became tense, unusually solemn and gloomy.

Out of curiosity, everyone’s eyes focused on Grandpa Graham upon hearing his voice.

Niki dared not speak. She nervously squeezed her own hand and timidly looked at Julian, who stood expressionless beside her. “Brother Julian… Maybe I should leave.”

“I’ll only make Grandfather unhappy by staying here.”

Julian grabbed Niki’s wrist. “It’s fine, you don’t need to leave.”

Seeing Julian’s actions, Grandpa Graham grew even more furious, and his gaze towards Niki became filled

with disgust.

Julian held onto Niki’s hand firmly, stared directly at Grandpa Graham, and said, “This is Niki, your future granddaughter-in-law.”

His tone was extremely calm.”

“You…you unfilial child!”

Upon hearing these words, Mr. Graham’s anger surged, nearly leaving him breathless. He gasped for air, unable to speak for a while, as fury consumed him.

“Grandfather, please don’t be angry,” Natalie’s startled by Mr. Graham’s reaction, fearing for his health. Just recovering from a serious illness, he couldn’t bear such anger, and she couldn’t help but blurt it out without


However, this reaction seemed to have a different effect in Julian’s eyes. Natalie’s actions were obviously an

attempt to win favor.

She was deliberately ingratiating herself to her grandfather, especially when Niki was being difficult.

He coldly gazed at Natalie, his eyes as frigid as ice.

Natalie felt a pang in her heart under his gaze. What did she do wrong? Was it just because she couldn’t hold

back and spoke a few words?

…Was she not even allowed to speak?

She felt dissatisfaction welling up within her and met his gaze without backing down.

“Let her go. I don’t want to see her,” Mr. Graham regained his strength and pointed at Niki, his meaning clear.

Niki has already arrived. How can we send her away?” Julian shifted his gaze away from Natalie, his tone still calm. “This is not how the Graham family treats its guests.”

“What…what do you want?” Disappointment gradually clouded Mr. Graham’s eyes as his grandson continued to challenge him.

“How did you agree to my request? Think about how you promised me that day!” Mr. Graham took a breath, “Is everything you’ve done today how a member of the Graham family should behave?”

Julian fell silent.

He didn’t want to upset Mr. Graham too much. “Today is your birthday, there’s no need to make a scene over

this matter.”

“‘Yes, it’s your birthday. Please don’t be angry,” Linda stepped forward to mediate.

Although she didn’t like Niki either, the situation called for considering the bigger picture.

“With so many guests watching, it wouldn’t look good,” Linda earnestly suggested, “Dad, let’s talk about this after the banquet. Then you can scold Julian to your heart’s content.”

Mr. Graham stood there, his expression still unpleasant.

“Nana, come here,” Linda subtly signaled to Natalie, “Quickly take Grandfather to have something to eat. He hasn’t had much food after staying upstairs for so long.”

“Alright,” Natalie nodded.

“Grandfather, let’s go eat,” Natalie looked at the old man, her voice gentle like a spring breeze in April.

“I’m not hungry. I lost my appetite the moment I saw her,” the old man replied bluntly.

Natalie’s lips curved into a graceful smile, her tone even softer, “Grandfather, even if you’re not hungry, I’m a little hungry. I haven’t eaten all day and really want to have some food.”

Leaving Grandfather here to continue being angry with Julian might just aggravate his illness once again.”

Grandpa Graham reluctantly left when Natalie gave him a half-hearted push.

Linda watched as Grandpa Graham departed, then turned her head to the two standing side by side. She wanted to say something, but the words stuck in her throat.

With a sigh, she left with just one sentence, “Take care of yourself,” and walked away.

This left Julian and Niki, standing in their original spots.

The surrounding gazes lingered on them, subtly watching their every move. Julian felt irritated, his gaze sweeping over the onlookers, filled with an icy chill.

The guests fell silent, no longer daring to gather and spectate. They all averted their eyes.

Although their curiosity led them to watch the scene unfold, they didn’t dare to blatantly approach too closely. Aside from Grandpa Graham’s loud outburst, they didn’t catch any other words.

They could only see Natalie smiling, while Niki wore an unpleasant expression, appearing pitiful and aggrieved.

Zoey, who stood at a distance, witnessed this and spoke indignantly, “Doesn’t anyone in the Graham family respect Sister Niki?”

“Despite the Graham family’s prominent position in Los Angeles, they are in no way comparable to the Spears family in Kyoto. Why do they treat Sister Niki like this?”

“Aren’t they afraid of the Spears family coming to settle the score?”

Clara couldn’t help but interject, “Why are you suddenly so enthusiastic about defending Niki? Remember, this is still Los Angeles, not Kyoto.”

“Indeed, the Spears family in Kyoto is formidable, but their influence doesn’t extend here immediately. You should exercise some restraint.”

After hearing this, Zoey fell silent and didn’t say anything. She picked up her wine glass, trying to conceal her uneasy expression.

It was true that she looked at Niki differently because of her connection to the Spears family in Kyoto. But that was the mighty the Spears family in Kyoto!

They failed to show respect to Niki, they must not understand the true nature of the Spears family in Kyoto.

Meanwhile, Roger, who had been standing nearby for quite some time, emerged from the shadows. He had overheard all of Zoey’s words. Could the beautiful girl really be from the Spears family?

He pondered as he fixed his gaze on Julian and Niki standing in the distance.

Natalie and Grandpa Graham sat down at the banquet table, immersed in silence.

The vast table seemed empty with only the two of them, giving off a cold and desolate atmosphere.

Feeling a bit awkward, Natalie mustered up the courage to find a topic and spoke, “Grandfather, how have you been lately?”

Before Grandpa Graham could respond, Linda’s voice came from behind, “Grandfather has been recovering

well. Don’t worry.”

Linda answered with a cheerful smile.

She knew that Nana couldn’t let go of the Graham family. Although Nana reluctantly attended the banquet

after being deceived, she couldn’t help but be concerned about the Graham family.

Natalie nodded. “Auntie, did you finish taking your medicine? Did the ones I brought last time suffice?”

“They were enough, no need to worry,” Linda replied.

Before they could exchange more words, Julian pulled out a chair from across the table. “Niki, have a seat.”

Timidly, Niki glanced at Grandpa Graham, appearing fearful. “Brother Julian… I think I’d better not sit.”

Ignoring Niki’s words, Julian gently pressed her down onto the chair. “The seating arrangement for the banquet has been organized by the housekeeper in advance, and there are no spare seats. If you don’t sit here, there won’t be any other options. Relax and take a seat.”

Reluctantly, Niki sat down.

She discreetly glanced at Grandpa Graham and noticed his expression instantly darken.

Niki felt uneasy.

If Grandfather disliked her so much, she had to come up with a plan…

Why not settle the authorization matter directly in front of the Graham family members at the banquet…?


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