After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 94

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 94

Chapter 94 It’s time to Investigate Mr. Johnson carefully.

Though Grandpa Graham was very shocked, he had been in business for so many years and had met all kinds of people. He had seen many people who lack practical skills and rely solely on one mouth to talk big.

Julian stood up at the right moment and pressed Nikl down with an expressionless look. “Niki just wants to prove herself too much. She’s not very sensible. Please don’t mind.”

Niki was suddenly forced to sit down. She was confused for a moment, and then she realized that even Julian didn’t believe her.

She was angry in her mind for there were no one believed her.

She must prove it to them today!

She was not resigned to give up and tried to stand up again, but felt a wave of resistance. She looked up and saw Julian’s hand pressing on her shoulder.

“So you just found such an ignorant woman to come into the Graham family? Have you had enough of the good life?” Grandpa Graham snorted coldly.

Julian’s tone was faint, “I will teach her slowly and not make trouble for the Graham family.”

Niki used all her strength to move her shoulders, trying to swing Julian’s hand off her, but his hand remained


The difference in strength between the two was too great, and she couldn’t move at all. Niki was so angry

that she pursed her lips.

Natalie saw the small movements of the two at a glance.

She held her cheeks with one hand and raised her eyebrows as she looked at the two people silently competing against each other. In Natalie’s eyes, It seemed that Julian loved Niki, so he had been defending


Natalie sighed in her heart.

‘Why does Julian just like a woman like Niki, a woman who had no advantages except for her pure and

delicate appearance?” Thinking to herself, Natalie felt it a pity.

The things that Niki had done to Natalie in the past demonstrated this woman’s despicable, malicious heart

and her lack of morality.

But Julian couldn’t see it at all.

Natalie held her cheeks for a moment and then withdrew her gaze.

“My marriage into the Graham family has only good for you, not any harm,” Niki spoke as she tried to break free.

“Natalie cannot bring any benefits to you, but I can! I can not only help solve the urgent needs of the Graham family at present but after marrying Julian, the various connections of the Spears family will also be very

helpful to the Graham family.”

Upon hearing this, Natalie narrowed one eye slightly, and her gaze, which had just turned, returned to Niki.

Natalie had another emotion in her eyes because Niki was putting Natalie down while praising herself.

But it’s not anger, it’s impatience.

That day, after Niki left, Natalie had already called Philip to confirm it, but Philip said he was not familiar with

Niki at all.

If it weren’t for the fact that she had already confirmed it, she probably would have believed what Niki said for Niki’s unwavering demeanor at this moment was confusing.

Niki was a complete liar.

“What I’m saying is true! I can make a phone call now!” Niki couldn’t free herself from Julian’s hand, and she

spoke anxiously.

“Julian, can you take your hand away? I can’t get my phone.” Niki changed her strategy. Her tone at the moment was delicate and soft, with a feeling of weakness.

Julian just blinked and remained completely unmoved.

“Today is my grandpa’s birthday, we won’t talk about business.” His voice was very low and strong, clearly meant for everyone at the table, especially for Niki.

Natalie had taken care of Julian for three years. Upon hearing his voice at this moment, she almost immediately knew that he no longer had much patience.

If Niki continued to confront Julian, she would quickly anger him.

However, Niki clearly did not understand Julian’s warning at all, and she was still trying to find a chance to

speak for herself.

Natalie couldn’t bear to watch anymore.

If Julian got angry, this birthday banquet would end in displeasure. This would completely contradict Linda’s

original intention of inviting Natalie. Natalie was unwilling to see that scene.

Niki was still trying.

Natalie’s eyelashes trembled. When Niki first made a video call, it was obvious that she was gambling whether Philip knew her or not.

Philip told Natalie that he had indeed seen Nikl a few times, and with Niki’s temperament, it was very likely to misunderstand Philip’s meaning.

Moreover, when she called, Philip had been speaking to Natalie throughout the entire process and did not respond to Niki’s intention at all. But Niki thought Philip was talking to her and believed that he was very familiar with her.

After careful consideration, Nataile decided to speak up and remind Niki.

“Do you think that Mr. Johnson will give you the authorization?” Natalie said all of a sudden.

Nikl looked at her and said, “Of course, I am very familiar with Mr. Johnson, and he will naturally give me the


Her tone changed from a soft moment just now to a clear and proud tone.

“Have you forgotten that thing?” Niki stared straight at Natalie. “Everyone present will question it, only you should not question it.”

“Natalie, what did she mean?” Linda looked puzzled.

Natalie turned to look at Linda and said, “It’s nothing, just a small matter.”

That matter could not be explained clearly in a few words.

Natalie decided to speak more clearly, “Do you know Mr. Johnson? I mean before you called in the small


Niki’s face changed, but it was only for an instant that she quickly suppressed her emotions and said, “Of

course I do.”

“Why would I call him if he doesn’t know me? Waiting to be humiliated by you?” Niki sneered.

Natalie shook her head and continued, “You should know the consequences of making phone calls in front of so many people if you don’t succeed, right? Have you figured it out? Is Mr. Johnson’s relationship with you as good as you said?”

Natalie directly asked three consecutive questions.

However, in Niki’s eyes, these three questions indicated Natalie’s jealousy and unease.

Niki thought Natalie was afraid that If she got the authorization, Natalie would no longer live in the Graham family and her words were just to prevent herself from being swept out by the Graham family.

Niki snorted coldly, “It’s not your turn to question the relationship between me and Mr. Johnson.”

Julian was originally listening silently next to her, but when he heard Niki’s words, his face changed. He never knew that Niki and Philip had such a good relationship.

Julian’s dislike of Philip deepened.

He wondered why Niki never mentioned it before. It seemed that he needed to investigate their relationship carefully.

‘It’s not my turn to question?” Natalie repeated what Niki said to her again in the mind.

She couldn’t help but feel a little funny after hearing this.

Natalie originally wanted to speak more clearly, but when she looked at Niki’s stubborn expression, she suddenly didn’t want to speak much. She nodded lightly and said, “Fine, just call him.”

It seemed that Niki had no intention of turning back.

Natalie had said everything she needed to say, but Niki refused to listen. She couldn’t use force like Julian to prevent Niki from saying anything.

Niki turned to look at Julian and said, “Julian, I know Mr. Johnson. You can trust me.”

Grandpa Graham suddenly put down his fork and spoke, “Let her speak!” His tone was filled with impatience.

It was just endless, his ears are about to explode.

Julian originally wanted to speak something, but when he thought of Niki’s words just now, he kept silent.

The emotions in his eyes were surging.

He did not choose to obstruct.


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