After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 95

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 95

Chapter 95 Being Rejected on the Spot

Niki felt Julian’s hand on her shoulder move away, then she blinked and looked at him.

She couldn’t understand the emotions in Julian’s eyes.

But she was eager to prove herself and didn’t care what Julian was thinking at this moment, or why his gaze

had become so cold.

Niki stood up, took the phone placed next to Julian, wanted to connect with Philip by WhatsApp.

But her hand suddenly stopped at the moment of opening, and she remembered what Natalie had just said.

‘Do you really think Philip will give you authorization?’ Natalie’s words appeared in her mind, and she

hesitated a bit.

Niki hesitated and looked up at the people at the dining table.

Grandpa Graham’s expression was clearly incredulous, and Linda’s expression was the same. But Natalie

looked very calm, even cold.

Niki didn’t know if she was mistaken or something, but upon closer inspection of Natalie’s expression, there

was even a hint of inexplicable irony?

What expression is that on her face? Shouldn’t she be in a panic? She was no longer Mrs. Graham at once.

Won’t she feel embarrassed?

Was she covering up her fear with a sarcastic expression?

Niki couldn’t help but sneer. She made up her mind and pressed the voice button, and connected with Philip.

Everyone’s gaze was fixed on her.

Julian’s eyes were even more gloomy, with an emotion that she couldn’t understand. Being stared at like this,

Niki was a little uncomfortable. However, after she thinking for a moment, she still chose to press the

hands-free button directly.

She needs to prove herself, that is, to make everyone who doesn’t like her hear it clearly.

The sound on the phone suddenly became much louder, and the entire table could hear it clearly.

Natalie raised her eyebrows.

Nikl’s move undoubtedly pushed her to the brink of despair. With such a risky hands-free approach, did she have such confidence?

She’s still a bit reckless.

The sound continued Incessantly, and everyone at the table had different moods and expressions on their faces.

But without a doubt, they are all holding their breath and waiting for Philip to connect.

The voice sound lasted for about a minute before being connected.

“Hello?” Philip’s voice sounded.

Niki took a deep breath and said, “Ph…” Before she could finish it, she saw Julian’s gloomy face.

What’s going on?

Niki suddenly realized why Julian was angry just now, and she chuckled in her heart. But she still didn’t change her words, “Philip, I’m Niki.”

It is also a good choice to give Julian a sense of crisis appropriately.

“What’s up? “Philip stood by the window, looking at the moon outside, his face furrowed tightly.

He felt very familiar with the sound, but he didn’t know who it was… He brought his phone closer and saw the

avatar on it clearly.

Then he suddenly realized who she was… Was she the woman who inexplicably stood with Natalie last time?

And she looks a bit like Natalie.

Why did she call him in the midnight? It’s best to have something very important… If there’s nothing urgent, someone who call him at this time, even if it is Natalie, will be scolded by him.

The tone of the man’s voice is obviously very bad, and it can even be said to be harsh.

Natalie couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows when she heard Philip’s impatient voice. He must have been sleeping just now. She suddenly remembered that Philip was abroad, and it was dark night there.

At this moment, Niki called and woke up Philip, who hates being suddenly woken up by others the most on


Previously, she deliberately set an alarm on Philip’s phone to make him unhappy. After he was awakened, Philip became angry with her for a long time and even refused to speak to her.

Natalie couldn’t help but lift the corners of her mouth and a smile appeared on her face when she thought of

these past memories.

Julian’s gaze swept over Natalie like a blade at the moment she smiled, and he was clearly displeased.

The smile on Natalie’s face froze, and she blinked… She seemed to be laughing at an inappropriate time? Then she forced herself to suppress her laughter.

When Niki heard Philip’s angry voice, she immediately changed her face and felt inexplicably uneasy.

The happiness that had just arisen from feeling that Julian was jealous also disappeared.

Did she think it wrong? Philip doesn’t like her?

It’s impossible, or why did he call her so intimate last time and even let Natalie enter the Glory group.

Niki suppressed her unease and gave herself a support.

“L.. I want to ask for your help.” Niki felt very uneasy and even stuttered in her voice.

After Niki finished speaking this sentence, there was no sound on the other end of the phone

The situation at this time made Niki almost want to turn off the hands-free immediately, which was completely different from the scene she had imagined.

Niki was almost in a state of panic. She hurriedly scanned the people at the dining table and saw Mr. Graham’s eyes glaring at her.

Niki couldn’t help but clench her phone and say, “Philip…? Are you listening?”

After about half a minute, there was a voice coming from the other end of the phone, only a brief word, “Say.”, as if unwilling to say a single word.

Grandpa Graham furrowed his brows, the impatience in Philip’s tone was so obvious. How could such an impatient tone be the one displayed when talking to acquaintances on the phone.

What was this Niki doing?

“Sorry…I am just wondering that Dr. Nancy is at the Glory group now?” Niki spoke stiffly.

“Yes. And then what?”

“Then, Dr. Nancy has the authorization of New Bleomycin Drug, right? “She asked cautiously.

“Yes.”, the man still gave her a short word.

“Did you know the authorization of New Bleomycin Drug of the Graham family has expired? ” Niki’s voice gradually became weaker and weaker.

Natalie sat next to her and she was feeling annoyed. Is Niki squeezing toothpaste? She felt annoyed for Philip as Niki kept asking questions one by one.

She was so confident about making a phone call just now, but now she is so indecisive and unable to speak?

Natalie felt restless, so she picked up a bottle and poured herself a glass of wine. The amber liquid was poured into the glass, and she shook it.

“The Graham family?” Because Niki’s voice was a bit low, Philip only heard the word ‘Graham’ and couldn’t

hear the rest clearly.

“Yes, the Graham family.” Niki repeated his words.

“You just said what happened to the Graham family?” Philip’s voice inexplicably became serious.

Niki quickly repeated what she had just said, “The authorization of the New Bleomycin Drug of the Graham family has expired.”

So what? He has nothing to do with the authorization of the Graham family. Philip frowned.

The woman just said ‘The Graham family’, which scared him into suddenly regaining his energy and leaving him completely drowsy. He thought Natalie had something to do with the Graham family again… but it turned

out to be a matter of the New Bleomycin Drug?

“So you came to ask the authorization for Julian? Due to Philip’s drowsiness was driven away, his voice. became very calm, not as impatient as it had just been

“That’s right, I’m here to help the Graham family to ask for the authorization “Niki nodded quickly over the phone.” Can you give the authorization to the Graham family?”

The person at the table took a breath.

Philip’s voice came. “No”

His words was still brief, but like a slap in the face.


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