After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 97

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 97

Chapter 97 How could she also be called Nana?

“Tell me! Are you the Nana he called?!” After thinking for a while, Niki thought her guess was right so her voice seemed a bit fierce then.

Linda looked at Niki with a look of disgust.

Linda thought to herself “how dare such a loud woman, with no sense of etiquette want to marry Julian? Julian now really lost his aesthetic.

Niki suddenly lowered her voice and went on, “Don’t pretend to be silly, tell me.”

Well, all she received was silence.


Julian thought for a moment cause the name brought back some memories to him.

The moment when he first met Niki by the river suddenly came to his mind. He still remembered the warm feeling when he saw her beautiful face.

The girl with a bright smile looked at him in the sunlight… Then came the call “Nana”.

Can Natalie’s nickname also be Nana? How could this be possible?

Julian stared closely at Natalie, as if he was eager to find something from her.

“Do you keep silent because you feel guilt? “Niki went on asking.

“Why do you feel guilty? Do you have any secrets with Philip, or do you have an affair with him?”

Jullan felt even more uncomfortable upon hearing Niki said so.

His expression changed. Instead of his usual blank expression, he glanced at Natalie with his cold eyes, sharp as a hawk.

Natalie felt his glance and raised her eyebrows.

She was pondering whether to admit it or not.

If she admitted it at this moment, then it would undoubtedly be a confession to all

the Graham family that she was acquaintant with Philip.

Once they knew that she knew Philip, would they then come to realize that she was Dr. Nancy?

Or perhaps they would know that she was not an orphan girl, but from the Spears family?

Natalie was not sure. All of these worries could become the reality.

Shall she take the risk?

Linda noticed Julian’s eyes at Natalie. Although she was still a bit confused at the moment, she also realized that something was wrong so she asked “Natalie, what’s going on?”

“How could Natalie know the president of Glory Group?!”

Natalie regained her composure and gently touched Linda’s hand to comfort her. “Auntie Linda, it’s nothing,”

she said

“Nothing? Auntie Linda, she’s having an affair with another man! “Niki said in an anxious voice.

Upon hearing this, Natalie raised her eyebrows and showed a sarcastic smile. “What’s the matter with you if I have an affair with another man? In what stance can you judge me?”

“Are you admitting it? “Niki looked triumphant as Natalie didn’t deny it.

All Niki needed to do next was draw everyone’s attention to Natalie, then her own “mistake” would be ignored.

This could not only ruin Natalie’s reputation, but also free herself from this awkward situation!

Julian looked gloomier.

He pondered for a while. “Even if Natalie’s nickname was Nana, so what? She can’t be the same person as before.” He told to himself.

But now this event showed Natalie was obviously related to Philip.

He once considered letting someone to investigate Natalie and Philip, but now it seemed that there was no need. So what Niki just did was caused by her misunderstanding of Natalie?

“Tell us. “Julian also spoke at this moment.

His tone carried impatience and a hint of harshness.

Natalie didn’t speak, playing with the glass in her hand, without admitting or denying.

If she didn’t admit it now, who was that recitation addressed to?

There were only Niki and herself present then. When Niki was talking to Philip on the phone with sound outside, it was obvious that Philip was not familiar with Niki.

Then Nana must be Natalie.

If she chose not to admit it at this moment, Niki would find her fault for this reason, because if she denied, it seemed that she deliberately pretended she was not acquaintance with Philip..

At that time, Niki would definitely confirm that she was trying to cover up!

Therefore, it’s better to admit it now.

Seeing Natalie not speaking, but nervously touching the cup in her hand, Niki smiled and said, “You must have an intimate relationship with Philip because Philip has called you Nana! How could a stranger call you

like this?”

Niki then turned her eyes and said, “Natalie, you’re not thinking about how to deny it now, are you?”

“Don’t try to deny it because we were the only two presents at the time. Since Philip didn’t shout at me, it

could only be you!”

“And your nickname is also called Nana. Admit it!”

Natalie looked up at Niki, and now she was calm.

“Are you going to admit it?”

Seeing Natalie’s reaction, Julian only felt that the answer was very obvious.

“Yes. “Natalie finally admitted.

She had already made a rough analysis of the pros and cons in her mind.

Admitting it now was the best choice.

Natalie knew that Julian had great power, but she believed that Philip’s experience in the business world for so many years, as well as his ability to develop Glory Group into the largest pharmaceutical company in Los Angeles alone,

could demonstrate that Philip’s power was clearly comparable to Julian’s.

But it’s impossible for Julian to suspect that she was Dr. Nancy just because she knew Philip.

As for her status as an orphan… it’s nothing to do with knowing Philip.

Even if she was an orphan, she could still have money and friends.

Julian only felt angry “You have disappointed me.”

Natalie only found it funny. “What are you disappointed with? Why are you disappointed?” said she in a

sarcastic tone.

Julian was with Niki. So whether Natalie had a relationship with other men or not was nothing to do with him. Therefore, there was no reason for him to be disappointed.

“Nonsense!” Niki interrupted.

“You are now Julian’s wife. Why do you think he won’t be disappointed if you have an affair with other men?”

Natalie replied “Why do you think I have an affair with Philip just because I know him?”

She just thought Niki’s words was unreasonable.

“How funny! Don’t you think it’s funny for saying so?”

Niki snorted coldly, “Funny? I don’t think it’s funny at all.”

“You have always acted as perfect Mrs. Graham for three years, but how come a man call your nickname only after you leave Graham family for just a few days? There is only one reason can explain it: you’ve been dating the man secretly for a long time.”

Natalie sneered “do you have no friends?”

“What’s the problem with friends calling each other’s nickname?”

While it seemed that Natalie had spoken out the truth that Niki did have no friends. How could a person surrounded by friends say such words?

Niki didn’t take it seriously and became even more aggressive. “You’ve been pretending to be innocent, and

the Graham family doesn’t even know your friends at all. While if it’s not some kind of shaming affair, why

don’t you just admit you know Philip?


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