After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 98

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 98

Chapter 98 Illicit affairs

“Why should I admit it? Why do I have to tell Julian about my friends? He doesn’t tell me things about his friends, either.” Natalie’s eyes were extremely cold, and her words were full of sarcasm.

She married into the Graham family as an orphan and concealed her identity as a member of the Spears


But in fact, during the past three years when she was in the Graham family, apart from hiding her identity, she never thought about deliberately concealing anything else.

And in these three years, no one had ever asked her anything.

But now it’s funny that they came to ask her about a man just because their relation might bring shame on the Graham family.

“So you mean that Julian needs to report to you all the friends of his? How dare you!” Niki retorted


“Besides, most of Julian’s friends are his business partners. What’ the point to tell things about them to an orphan girl like you? You don’t understand what’s going on among them. It’s just a waste of time.”

The more Niki spoke, the more excited she became. She was sure that all her said was true. “And Julian has never kept his friends as a secret like you do…”

But before she could finish her words, Julian stopped her.

Niki was suddenly interrupted so she turned around in anger. But it turned out that the moment she turned who she saw was Julian, she quickly suppressed her anger.

She stopped speaking.

Julian turned to Natalie and spoke coldly, “So you don’t feel sorry now?”

At this moment, he had already believed what Niki said.

So Niki mentioned earlier that Natalie had already found another man and no longer looked up to him was

true… and the man was Philip?

No wonder when he mentioned divorce before, Natalie was so calm. Because she had already found another

rich man who was the president of Glory Group.

So she was this kind of women! Julian sneered. She really shocked him!

Julian then felt nothing but angry. He extended his slender fingers and pinched the tip of his nose, so he could barely suppress the anger in his chest.

And then it made sense why did Natalie could appear in the laboratory that time because Philip could help her. Without his help, how could she possibly enter such a heavily guarded laboratory?

All of Julian’s doubts about Natalie before could be explained by her relation with Philip after careful


Julian became increasingly angry as he thought about it, and the anger he had just suppressed rose again and his expression become more serious.

Niki was right. It’s obvious that Natalie had an affair with Philip-illicit affair!

He used to feel guilty about Natalie, but now it seemed that his guilt was really ridiculous.

“I have never done such a thing before, why should feel sorry? “Natalie said in a half smile.

“Shouldn’t it be you guys, who slander me without any evidence but just some rumors, apologize to me?”

Julian looked at her coldly.

He only felt that Natalie was just stubborn and reluctant to admit her mistakes, which disgusted him.

“Without any evidence? What Niki said can’t be called evidence? Are you still not admitting it?”

Natalie sneered, “How can it be considered as evidence?”

Linda’s heart trembled as she listened.

Before, when Niki inexplicably came to their house to find the diamond ring, Niki also told her that Natalie never told them anything about her friends, nor did she tell them anything about herself.

If Natalie married Julian just for money as they thought, she was not obedient as assumed. But she didn’t either consider the Graham family as her own home if she did marry Julian for love’s sake.

But Linda always felt that a person must have her/his friends… Natalie also needed private space, and it’s not her responsibility to tell the Graham family everything about herself even as Julian’s wife.

Then it seemed that Philip, the president of Glory Group, was the friend who gave Natalie the very expensive

diamond ring back then?

But would an ordinary friend give such expensive gift? Besides, a diamond ring was a symbol of love!

Linda also began to doubt her relation with Philip.

For a moment, there seemed to be an invisible string gradually tightening in the air, and the atmosphere even

dropped to freezing point.

Everyone looked in the same direction with eagerness in their eyes, with a great sense of oppression.

Especially Julian. He was in an extremely cold mood making people afraid “Why don’t you just admit it?”

But Natalie’s expression was still as calm as before, with no emotions showing in her eyes, as if she didn’t

pay any attention to those glances.

Upon hearing Julian’s questioning, she even frowned impatiently and didn’t even show her interest.

Since Julian didn’t believe what she said, there’s no need to waste any more words. She didn’t want to answer

again and was impatient to respond to his questioning.

Just as the three of them were deadlocked, Mr. Graham, who had been silent all along, suddenly spoke up

“Natalie, do you really know Philip, the president of Glory Group?”

His eyes were sharp at this moment, and upon closer inspection, they seemed to be somewhat similar to


Niki smiled because, almost immediately, she heard Mr. Gu calling her Natalie instead of Nana.

That meant that Mr. Graham must have already believed most of what she said, otherwise how could he have changed his address so quickly?

Niki sneered.

Natalie nodded calmly, “Yes.”

There was no need to deny.

After hearing the affirmative answer, Mr. Graham’s expression almost instantly became cold.

“Since you know Philip and are even so familiar with him, why you keep silent when the Graham family is in such a big crisis at the moment? “Mr. Graham asked in a skeptical voice.

Natalie was surprised, she didn’t expect that Mr. Graham cared about this.

“At least Niki tried to help us when she misunderstood that she knew Philip. How could you do nothing when we need your help and keep your acquaintance with Philip a secret?”

Mr. Graham’s attitude changed very quickly, and it seemed that he believed most of Niki’s words.

She knew in her heart that Mr. Graham had no feelings for her. The reason why he had just been kind to her and had been putting food on her plate was just to show his attitude that he rejected their divorce and

Julian’s remarriage with Niki.

So, it’s no surprise for him to question like this then.

“Are you blaming me for not asking for an authorization letter to help the Graham family?”

Although Mr. Gu was no longer young, his aura in his youth has not diminished by half. “As the daughter-in-law of the Graham family, shouldn’t you help the Graham family?”

“How do you know I didn’t ask for an authorization letter for the Graham family? “Natalie said calmly, “I had already sent the authorization letter to Julian that day.”

“If you don’t believe it then you ask him.”

Natalie looked at Jullan with a sneer in her eve

but you didn’t keep it, did you?”

and turned her head to Julian “I’ve already given it to you,

Julian’s expression was gloomy upon hearing this, and his anger flowed between his eyebrows, but he did

tear the authorization letter.

“Julian, what’s going on?”

“Why haven’t you talked to me before?! “Said Mr. Graham in an anger tone.

“Julian’s expression at this moment returned calm.

“What does it mean not keeping it? What happened to the authorization letter? “The old man’s tone became even more serious, with a sense of oppression.

“Julian, what’s going on? Don’t keep silent!” Linda, who was beside him, became a bit anxious, too. “What else do you hide from us?”

Julian still said nothing.

Today should have been a happy day. How did it become like this?! “Linda sighed as she saw Julian still not


She had a bad feeling in her heart. She intended to call Natalie to soften the intense relation between her and Julian. And then she could persuade them not to divorce. But at this moment things went in the wrong direction.

It completely deviated from her expectations.


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