After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 99

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 99

Chapter 99 That’s something that can save the Graham family

Natalie raised her eyelids to look at Julian, with no unnecessary emotions in her eyes, and she was very calm. There was no complacency after refutation, nor regret for causing the current situation, just silently watching Julian.

Waiting for his answer.

Niki was very anxious in her heart, but it was she who caused Julian to tear up the authorization letter.

Later, she shifted the responsibility onto Natalie and narrowly avoided a disaster. But she didn’t expect this matter to be brought up again now!

What should she do.

And Natalie was much more difficult to deal with than she imagined.

Niki’s brain was running rapidly, striving to find a way to prevent her lies from being exposed at the time.

Natalie clearly saw Niki’s expression, and her calm face finally changed.

She was very clear that everything Niki had just done was to draw her attention.

But she had indeed been successful, and now everyone present believed that she had found a man outside

She couldn’t even defend herself.

And the matter of the authorization letter being torn, it went without saying, was also caused by Niki. Otherwise, with Julian’s temperament, he would definitely not be so impulsive in tearing up the authorization


Now that the matter of the authorization letter has been brought up again, the first person to panic must be


Natalie raised her eyebrows and looked coldly at Nikl.

Niki noticed Natalie’s gaze, but she had no intention of competing with Natalie anymore. She was thinking

about how to make herself completely withdraw from this scene.

“Julian, aren’t you planning to speak?” said Grandpa Graham, not angry.

“Previously, Natalie did give me an authorization letter.” But before Julian could finish speaking, he was

Interrupted by Niki.

Niki turned to look at Mr. Graham and said, “Grandpa, it’s all because of me!”

She chose to boldly admit her mistake now.

Grandpa Graham narrowed his eyes and said, “Because of you?”

Because some of my misunderstandings made Julian think that the authorization letter was fake, and he also listened to my words before tearing it up.”

“Do you know what that is? It’s an authorization letter that could have saved the Graham family’s life, but you even tore it up?”

Niki saw that Julian wanted to speak, but she urgently stopped him.

Afraid of Julian saying more, she almost immediately spoke up, “Grandpa, it’s all because of

misunderstandings! It’s because of my mistake.”

Grandpa Graham frowned and said, “What a misunderstanding!”

Niki was afraid in her heart, but she quickly spoke up. “Niki received the authorization letter sent by Natalie first, and then gave it to Julian… But at that time, Niki already had an authorization letter in hand, which was entrusted to someone to take from Doctor Nancy’s laboratory.”

“Niki thought Natalie’s was fake.” Niki’s expression was very aggrieved.

“The authorization letter obtained by someone from the laboratory?”

“Yes, because Niki is from the Spears family and they know someone from Doctor Nancy’s laboratory, I entrusted him with a letter of authorization. But I didn’t expect the letter of authorization he brought to be


“Grandpa, all of this is Niki’s fault! Niki didn’t mean to.”

“Don’t blame Julian! If you want to blame me, blame me. I caused the Graham family to be in this situation today. If you want to hit me and scold me, Niki will definitely not have any complaints. “Niki’s eyes were firm, and her tone was also very firm.

Grandpa Graham remained silent.

“If you blame me for this and even refuse to let me marry into the Graham family.”

Speaking of this, there seemed to be endless pain in her eyes, and then she gritted her teeth as if making up her mind, “Niki… there’s nothing to say… as long as you don’t blame Brother Julian, it’s all Niki’s fault.”

Natalie’s eyes were ablaze with flames. What was the trouble with Niki? She blamed herself entirely, unlike

her style?

Under normal circumstances, shouldn’t Niki blame her entirely, saying that it was because she misled her

that led to this situation.

Why was it so abnormal today?

She was pondering, and in her ear came the voice of Julian.

“Niki didn’t mean it, didn’t you need to embarrass her? “Julian’s voice was faint.

The matter of the authorization letter is now over. If you pursue it again now, it will not be helpful. Why don’t you think about how to obtain the authorization letter again now? That’s the key.”

In just a few words, Niki was pushed off.

Hearing Julian speak for her, Niki felt reassured. She looked up at Grandpa Graham in good time.

Just waiting for Grandpa Graham to speak.

As expected, Grandpa Graham’s expression was unpredictable. He didn’t say much, “Forget it, I won’t hold you accountable.”

Natalie’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and she was somewhat surprised by the result. Did Niki not be held accountable if she was miserable?

During her three years at the Graham family, she had no other contact with him except for taking care of him. on weekdays. She couldn’t understand Grandpa Graham’s temperament.

So now she really didn’t understand what Grandpa Graham was thinking.

The expression on Grandpa Graham ‘s face, which had just been uncontrollable, almost disappeared in an


Upon hearing this, Niki’s face immediately began to smile, “Thank you, Grandpa!”

She turned her head and threw a grateful look at Julian, and the small hand placed under the table also

quietly grabbed Julian’s big hand.

Julian had previously told her that Grandpa Graham ‘s temperament was actually very open-minded, even

considered upright. Therefore, she boldly speculated that as long as she explained the matter clearly,

highlighting that her mistakes were all due to misunderstandings.

A person like Grandpa Graham may not hold her accountable.

“However, even if I don’t hold you accountable, it doesn’t mean I agree to you coming into the family.”

“You should let go of this.” Grandpa Graham said, taking a sip of water from his glass.

Niki clenched her hand tightly.

The feeling of joy just now was like being splashed out by a pool of water.

Julian felt Niki’s movements and looked at Grandpa Graham, “Don’t mention these things now.”

This statement was clearly comforting Niki.

“Since Natalie is also present today, why doesn’t she ask Philip to bring a authorization letter to the Graham family now.”

Natalie was taken aback. What he said was really impolite.

This not only helped Niki break free, but also took the opportunity to ask her to take out the authorization.

Natalie curled her lips, with a sneer at the corners of her mouth. Julian, you really had a good mind!

Grandpa Graham turned his gaze to her, obviously feeling that Julian’s plan was feasible. “Natalie, what do you think?”

know the authorization you worked hard to obtain before, but it was actually torn by Julian himself. I must be very angry in my heart. But the Graham family is currently in difficulties, and Grandpa hopes you don’t

argue with that Julian.”


you are willing to help the Graham family now and do not express gratitude for your great kindness, your are the benefactor of the Graham family.”

Grandpa Graham’s words were very sincere, and his words were completely devoid of the airs of his master, only full of sincerity.

Natalie lowered her eyes.

She understood in her heart that this authorization was really important to the Graham family, and it was even crucial for their life and death

“I can’t.” Natalie pursed her lips.

Shouldn’t Julian bear the responsibility for mistakes? He tore up the authorization letter Since he had chosen to tear up that copy at the time, Ben should have already figured out what consequences he should bear if this authorization letter was genuine

She has already helped the Graham family once, and she does not intend to do so again.

She didn’t need their moral kidnapping.

“I can’t do it.”

Natalie spoke the words calmly, with no expression on her face

Niki first spoke up. “Can’t you do it?! How could you possibly not? You just don’t want to help the Graham family, you want to see the Graham family go bankrupt, so you’re happy?”

“What a cruel heart.” Her eyes were full of disdain, as if she looked down upon such people very much.

“Auntie, did you see that? This is the good daughter-in-law you have in mind, who chose to stand idly by when something happened at home.”

Linda’s eyes were filled with disbelief. Why did she do this and why didn’t she want to?

Wasn’t Philip on good terms with her? Didn’t he even buy her a diamond ring worth billions of dollars?

Was she really like what Niki said?


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