Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 1

Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Divorce

Aletta had long expected it, but she still felt heartbroken.

She uncontrollably looked at him and self-deceivingly asked, “Are you divorcing me because of my infertility?”

Jason’s eyes darkened when he said in a colder tone, “Aletta, don’t make things too ugly. You should know better than anyone else why we got married back then.”

Aletta looked at him in a daze.

She did know it well.

Jason’s grandfather Donovan had been seriously ill back then, so the Hills had wanted Jason to get married to counteract the bad luck.

And the bride they had chosen was Gail because she used to be the only young lady of the Rogers.

But the pre-marital medical examination had revealed she was not related to the Rogers by blood.

When her grandfather Edward had known about it, he had begun to look for his real granddaughter and found Aletta. So, the marriage had fallen on her.

Before the wedding, Gail had come to meet her in private. She

Chapter 1 Dresde

had wanted to ruin the marriage, so she had fallen down the stairs on her initiative. She had broken her leg and been sent abroad for treatment.

This incident had caused a sensation, and everyone had sympathized with Gail and scolded Aletta.

Even her biological parents hated her guts because they thought she was malicious. After all, they had raised Gail for nineteen years. And she had always been a well-educated young lady. But their biological daughter was ruthless.

At the thought of Jenny’s humiliation today, Aletta wanted to laugh.

It was not because of infertility that she had not been pregnant. It was because Jason had never slept with her!

The more she thought about it, the more disappointed she felt!

Maybe she should not have insisted on such a man because he was heartless. She had tried her best to treat him well and cared for him for the past two years, but it was useless.

However, she was not reconciled to getting a divorce like this!

Why was it always him that made the decision?

Chapter 1 Divorce


Aletta looked at the annoying divorce agreement and sneered, “Jason, I can sign it. But you have to serve me once.”


Jason was stunned, suspecting he had heard it wrong.

But before he could react, she grabbed his collar and kissed him.

Then, she provocatively said, “Why? Are you unwilling? We have been married for two years. I have done my best to take care of you and be a good wife. Even if you hire a maid, you should pay her salary. I am justified to ask for my

remuneration, right?”

Hearing this, he showed a cold look and said, “Aletta, you’re shameless. Don’t you think I will do what you want if you anger me like this!”

“Are you unwilling or impotent?”

Aletta uttered more provocative words, saying, “Rumor has it that Mr. Hill is handsome but impotent. Is it real?”

Jason immediately flew into a rage. And the blue veins on his forehead throbbed violently when he said, “You’re courting death! I’ll show you how potent I am right now!”

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Chapter 1 Divorce

After finishing speaking, he held her chin without mercy and kissed her.

After the passionate sex, Aletta was so tired that she fell asleep! When she woke up early the next morning, Jason was still asleep.

She quietly packed her things and left the signed divorce agreement, a note, and ten dollars on the bedside table.

The note said, “You’re not potent enough, so I am very dissatisfied. You should stop serving others. Otherwise, you will scare away the guests! The ten dollars is for your service last night. You don’t need to thank me!”

When Jason woke up, it was almost noon.

He sat up and found Aletta not in the bedroom. But the clothes sc at tered on the floor showed how fierce the sex last night was.

His eyes darkened because he felt annoyed at the thought that she had successfully goaded him.

He should not have fallen into her trap!

What would she do next?

Chapter 1 Divorce

Would she threaten him with this to continue the marriage?

A touch of coldness flashed across Jason’s expression when he thought he had figured out Aletta’s plan.

However, when he was about to get out of bed, he caught a glimpse of the things on the bedside table.

He was startled, took the note over, and read it.

As the harsh words came into his view one after another two seconds later, his face became extremely gloomy!

“You’re not potent enough!”

“I am very dissatisfied!”

“You should stop serving others!”

“The ten dollars is for your service last night!”

How dare Aletta say such words to him!

She was courting death!

With a sullen face, Jason didn’t bother to sign the divorce agreement but threw it aside.

“Our her

Chapter Divorce

Now, he only wanted to kill Alettal

He hurried downstairs in his nightgown.

When the butler saw his sullen face early, he quickly asked, “Mr. Hill, what’s wrong? What happened?”

“Where’s Aletta?” Jason asked.

The butler was stunned for a second before replying, “She left with her luggage early in the morning and said she will never come back.”

Hearing this, Jason sneered.

She had run away fast. Did she think she could escape?

He raised his voice and summoned his assistant, saying, “Eaton, take Aletta back!”


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