Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 11

Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 11

Chapter 11 The Plan Was Exposed

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As she spoke, Lucas who was sitting next to her looked straight at Gail, a flash of disgust in their eyes. Back then, she occupied the throne of wealth and took away the identity of Ms. Rogers, but she still refused to leave.

“She even framed my mom, causing my mom to work hard abroad alone. Dad said yesterday that he would not let this woman in, it’s a lie.” Luc a s’s eyes turned cold, and Lyla was also angry. They were obviously very angry at that time.

With Jenny’s support, Gail felt much better, but she still persuasively said, “Auntie, don’t be angry. It’s because I didn’t do well enough. It’s not Jason’s fault. If you want to blame, blame me.”

Jenny’s heart softened. She then glanced at her cold-hearted son, patted Gail’s hand, and sighed. “You’re the only one who will protect him.”

After listening to these words for so many years, Jason was already immune to them, so he immediately said to see off the guests. “You guys can leave after reading this, my child.”

Jenny suddenly lost her temper. “You chased me away after I couldn’t say a few words? How did I give birth to such a cold- tempered son?”

“What else do you need?” Jason asked.

Jason frowned. His attitude obviously became impatient. After all, she was his mother. Jenny didn’t want to compete with her own children, so she could only change the subject abruptly.

“I heard that the mysterious well-known international doctor Aletta is going to attend the Wolff family banquet tonight. Is




Chapter 11 The Plan Was Exposed

it true?”

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Jason frowned but did not answer immediately. Eaton came to report this news early in the morning. Before, the Hill Group wanted to cooperate with the ZL perfume company. But unexpectedly, ZL rejected the cooperation invitation issued by the Hills Group. Because of this, he planned to go to the Wolff family banquet tonight.

Aletta was the favorite of the first-class domestic companies at that time, and everyone wanted to get in touch with and dig into it. After all, she led the team to develop all the explosive formulas of the ZL perfume company.

Internationally, she was known as a top-talented perfumer. Not only that, but it was said that her medical skills were very good, and she even called a miracle doctor. A small company like ZL was just a new domestic company, but Aletta was simply too talented. In short, such a genius was very popular in every enterprise group. It made the Hills Group naturally not want to let go of this opportunity.

Jason took a long time before he opened his mouth and said, “That’s what happened. What did you ask her for?”

Jenny answered, “Of course, it’s because of Gail’s leg injury. Are you taking Gail to the banquet tonight? Her leg ailment hasn’t healed for so many years. Just in time, I asked Aletta to show her the injury. She is a miracle doctor and can definitely cure Gail.”

Upon hearing this, the two kids, who were originally uncomfortable, immediately changed their faces. It was ridiculous for them. “Those people actually want to ask my mother to heal the bad woman’s legs? This grandma, is she out of her mind?” They knew Gail used this to frame their


Chapter 11 The Plan Was Exposed


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mother back then. Jason frowned. He didn’t want to mix up his work and personal affairs at all.

Jenny seemed to know that her son would do that. She then hurriedly took a step forward, and said, “Back then, that vicious woman pushed Gail downstairs, causing irreparable consequences now. The Hill family is also responsible for this matter, so how can it be done? Does she really not care about that?”

Jenny paused for a moment, glanced at Gail, and then at her own son, “Besides, Gail is such a good girl, she will have a hard time in her life, do you really have the heart to see her like this?”

Lucas and Lyla actually knew that their grandmother scolded their mother in front of them. Jenny kept praising bad women. She obviously pretended that they didn’t exist. Lucas couldn’t bear it anymore. He raised his head, extremely dissatisfied, and wanted to slap someone at that time. Lyla was also very angry and wanted to speak up for her mother, but she was not as fast as Jason.

“Mom, be careful about your words.” Jason almost warned sharply. “The children are still here, what are you doing?”

Although Jenny didn’t say her name in what she said just now, Jason still didn’t want her to mention anything about that woman in front of his children. Seeing this, Gail couldn’t help her feelings. She knew Jason always protected that bit ch Aletta for the sake of their children. She clenched her back molars, feeling extremely upset, but pretended to be kind- hearted. She then comforted Jenny.

“Auntie, it’s all in the past. So, please don’t mention it again.”


Chapter 11 The Plan Was Exposed

It was only then that Jenny realized that her son looked a little uncomfortable about her words. It could be seen from her son’s attitude that he still couldn’t help.

“What’s wrong with me if I say a few words about her? It’s the truth.” Then Jenny changed the subject bluntly. “I know it’s not fine to talk about the past, but tonight, whatever you say, you have to take Gail with you. This matter is settled like that.”

Jason felt impatient at this moment. But he knew that if he disagreed, his mother would come over every day to talk about it. In order not to be annoyed to death in the future, he could only say coldly, “I’m going to discuss business tonight, you can discuss the treatment by yourself.”

Jason finally agreed to take Gain there. Seeing this, Gail couldn’t help opening the corners of her mouth, and her smile gradually deepened. Her displeasure just now also dissipated. Meanwhile, the two little kids were still full of anger. “I have a scu mbag father, he really likes this bad bi tch!”

Lucas didn’t want to comment about his father, so he immediately winked at his sister. Lyla understood instantly. She then pretended to climb back onto the chair, but when she was about to sit down, she pretended to accidentally slip and fall. In a panic, Lucas waved his arm indiscriminately and knocked over the cup on the table. Immediately, all the milk spilt, and part of it fell on Jason’s trousers. Everyone present knew that Jason had a serious obsession with cleanliness, except for the two little ones. They couldn’t wait for the man’s black face, but now they saw Jason stand up to help his precious daughter immediately.

“Why are you so careless? Is there any injury?” Jason gently

placed his daughter on the chair with concern. “It’s okay baby,

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why are you so careless?”

Gail walked over, pretending to be concerned and said, “It’s al dirty, let me wipe it for you.”

Seeing that the bad woman was about to touch her, Lyla immediately raised her hand and waved it away. She didn’t need the help of a bad woman to wipe it. Who knew, Gail didn’t stand firm and fell directly.


Gail Rogers cried out in pain and fell to the ground in a particularly embarrassing posture. Everyone couldn’t react to this sudden surprise. Lyla’s eyes widened. “My strength isn’t that great?”

Lucas was also stunned, and couldn’t help squinting. He stared at Gail who had fallen on the ground. “This trick of pretending to fall is real! Don’t try to use this to slander my sister.”

Lucas immediately said, “Auntie, your legs are inconvenient, so don’t come forward, otherwise my grandma and dad will think that my sister pushed yo


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