Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 12

Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Mi Hill is An Affectionate Person

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Luc a s’s words made Gail’s face stiff. She really thought so, but it was not easy to act if that boy exposed it so bluntly.

Gail quickly said, “Lucas, I didn’t mean that.”

As she said that, Gail subconsciously wanted to get up. But she remembered that had an illness in her leg, so she naturally pretended to be unable to get up. After two failed attempts, Gail immediately looked at Jason pitifully. The purpose was obvious, she hoped that Jason could help her. Unfortunately, just as Jason was about to look over, he heard his precious daughter sobbing softly. Her tears soaked her eyes. The suppressed crying directly lifted Jason’s heart, and he didn’t

care about Gail at all.

Jason quickly hugged the little girl into his arms, patted her back, and coaxed her softly. “What’s the matter, Lyla, did you fall? Can I take a look?”

As Jason spoke, he looked nervously at Lyla. Lyla pitifully pointed at the position of her wrist, silently beckoning.

“It hurts, Dad.”

Jason didn’t care about anything at the moment. He just rubbed the little girl lightly, and said softly, “Stop crying, be a good girl, okay.”

When Lucas saw her sister who was crying in seconds, he couldn’t help but praise her in his heart. “Your acting skill is too powerful, my sister. It seems that the TV dramas you chase on weekdays are really not in vain.”

Because of this incident, Gail couldn’t continue to stay in Hill Villa and was left in embarrassment. After comforting his daughter, Jason changed into a suit of clothes and prepared


Chapter 12 Mr. Hill is An Affectionate Person


to go to the company. Before leaving, he didn’t forget to tell the two kids to stay at home. Watching the car in the yard drive out of Hill Villa, the disguise of the two little ones was also removed, and the worry on their faces could not be concealed.

Lyla said, “Brother, Dad is going to take the bad woman to the banquet tonight, will our mom be bullied?”

Lyla’s cute little face was full of worry at this time. Lucas shook his head and said, “Don’t underestimate our mother, Lyla. That bad woman is so easily bullied by Mom.” He comforted his sister. “If you’re worried, I’ll hack into the surveillance system of the Wolff Family Banquet. If they really bully our mother, we’ll avenge it later.”

Only then Lyla nodded her head.


At eight o’clock in the evening, outside the Wolff family’s hotel, luxury cars lined up side by side such that there was an endless stream at this time. Annie drove Flora’s car to send Aletta over. The car stopped outside the hotel, and Aletta slowly got out of the car in a carefully selected dress.

Annie lowered the car window and said to Aletta, “I’ll pick you up later.”

“I know.” Aletta nodded and went to the banquet hall.

The people who came to the banquet tonight are all famous. Aletta wore a blue tube top evening dress. The satin skirt was like ripples in seawater. With her pace of walking, there were layers of halos. Aletta’s make-up was specially arranged by Flora. She found someone to dress her up. Beautiful makeup,


Chapter 12 Mi

Mi Hill is An Affectionate Person

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no need for heavy makeup, just a light outline, which made Aletta’s facial features more delicate and attractive. Her flowing and smooth long hair was tied in a loose bun, leaving only a few slightly curly strands of bangs, and hanging down her cheeks.

The appearance of the whole person was elegant and looked unattainable. Although Aletta was a stranger and no one knew her, her appearance still attracted the attention of many people. Aletta acted as if she hadn’t seen him and only focused on searching for Herman Wolff’s figure.

At this moment, Herman was surrounded by a group of guests. Aletta had no intention of joining in the fun, so she found a corner to stay by herself, planning to wait for the other party to relax before going over to talk about things. During the waiting period, several waves of guests came in. Aletta glanced at it, and was about to look away, when suddenly there was a commotion at the door, accompanied by discussions from the guests.

“Look there, isn’t that Gail Rogers, is she still with Mr. Hill?”

“Oh My G o d, it’s really Mr. Jason Hill. He is so handsome.”

After Aletta heard this, her heart tightened and she looked up. The next second, she saw the man and woman walking in from the outside. Jason was wearing a set of iron-grey hand- made custom-made suits. He was well-dressed and extremely luxurious. Gail followed him, smiling softly. She was wearing a beige high-end dress, which looked extremely gentle against the light.

“I have to say, they are quite a good match standing together.”

Chapter 12 Mr. Hill is An Affectionate Person

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The voices of discussion around Aletta started again, and of course, some sour voices could not be avoided. “Yes, who doesn’t know that Gail Rogers is the only one who can stand beside Mr. Hill for so many years?”

Those words, paired with the figure of the pair of Jason Hill. It stabbed Aletta’s heart. Her heart constricted suddenly, and with that forgotten pain, it stabbed densely into the dusty wound. Meanwhile, Gail stood at the door and still got such attention. It was what she wanted. She wanted everyone to know that she was the young lady of the Hill family. The Wolff family didn’t expect Jason to come. Although the competition between the two private businesses was fierce and the relationship was not harmonious, on this occasion, they still had to save face. Immediately Herman came over to Jason.

“We have rare guests. I didn’t expect that Mr. Jason Hill would always come here.”

Jason said lightly, “It’s rare to be lively, so let’s take a look. Mr. Wolff, don’t you mind?”

Gail was also greeted with a smile as if she couldn’t see the secret dispute between the two families. “Mr. Wolff, excuse me. I heard that Aletta will be present tonight, so Mr. Hill specially came to seek medical treatment for me. Don’t be surprised if we come here uninvited.”

“How come I refuse you coming here?” After listening to Gail’s words, Herman looked at Jason with a half-smile. “Mr. Hill is an affectionate person.”

Jason frowned, feeling displeased with Gail’s words to Herman. “When did I come here because of your leg disease?” But under the watchful eyes of everyone, Jason didn’t bother


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to deny it. He turned his eyes around the crowd, and said straight to the point, “Is Aletta here?”

Herman curled his lips lightly, with a faint smile in his eyes. “Just now I contacted Ms. Smith from ZL Company and heard that Aletta has already set off. She should be on the way, but she hasn’t arrived yet.”

Herman’s heart was clear, but he was still neither happy nor angry, regarding the other party’s intentions.

“Mr. Hill, are you sure that you come here today to seek medical treatment, not to discuss business?”

Jason looked directly at Herman. His temperament couldn’t be concealed and smiled. “For a capable person like Aletta, the Hill family naturally flocks to her directly.”

Herman narrowed his eyes slightly, but his expression remained unchanged. He became vigilant in his heart. Jason knew clearly that he didn’t come here today to play games with the Wolff family. He always had one purpose, so he directly stated to Herman.

“However, I won’t do things that force people. Mr. Wolff doesn’t need to treat me as an uninvited guest.”

Herman nodded. He then remembered apparently none of the Hills had any partnership with ZL Company. There was a gleam in Herman’s eyes, and he let go of his inner vigilance.

“That’s good, you will do your own thing first, Mr. Hill. I’ll entertain other guests.”

“Okay.” Jason had no objection, so he lifted his foot and left the place.


Chapter 12 Mr. Hill is An Affectionate Person

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After listening to the whole conversation, Aletta thought it was absurd, and even tried to maintain her expression. “I haven’t seen him for a few years. But the first thing this man did was to ask me to treat Gail’s leg injury. Is Jason Hill



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