Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 14

Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Coming for Isaksen King


When Gail heard this, her face turned green and pale. She immediately lowered her eyes and pretended to be very hurt.

Her voice trembled slightly as if she was about to cry and she said, “I’m sorry… I… I just….”

She spoke intermittently and looked at a loss, like a bullied little girl.

This appearance immediately aroused the anger of most of the people present.

Many people knew Aletta’s identity and they immediately started discussing it.

“Oh my G o d, is this actually Aletta from the Rogers family? Isn’t that Mr. Hill’s ex-wife?”

“Do you know what Aletta did back then? How could she do this to Gail?”

“That’s right. She was the one who pushed Gail down the stairs. Isn’t that lame leg her masterpiece?”

“Gail still has a good heart and calls her her sister.”

“It’s time to dig out her heart to see if it’s black. With such a vicious woman, it’s no wonder her biological parents don’t want to recognize her.”

Countless words of condemnation, different scenes, but the same as before, turned into sharp knives and shot at Aletta’s body. She felt a little cold, but the surrounding voices did not stop.

“Who is this person? She came here especially tonight, isn’t it for Mr. Hill?”

Chapter 14 Coming for Isaksen King

“Does she has no shame?”

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After listening to those heart-piercing words, Aletta’s face became a little dark.

Gail saw that her goal had been achieved, then a smug smile flashed across her eyes.

After a while, she put on an understanding look and said to the guests on the field, “Everyone, stop talking about Ms. Rogers like that.”

She looked at Aletta and said gently, “The reason I fell downstairs was entirely accidental and it had nothing to do with Aletta. Don’t talk about her anymore.”

After listening to Gail’s “explanation,” if it weren’t for the inappropriate scene, Aletta would have rolled her eyes at her.

This seemingly well-intentioned explanation was actually to show her kindness and make herself more vicious.

The guests around her were also very cooperative.

“Miss Rogers, you’re too kind to defend this kind of person.”

“Even though Aletta has such a beautiful face, she was the one who pushed you. A mistake is a mistake. Is it so difficult to admit a mistake?”

“I don’t understand how this kind of person can still come to the Wolff family’s banquet!”

“Mr. Wolff, she has aroused public outrage. Hurry up and

drive her out.”

Herman stood on the spot and looked at Jason with great


Chapter 14 Coming for tnsaken King


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Jason naturally heard those harsh words. Feeling a little irritable, his eyes never left Aletta’s face from the beginning. to the end. Naturally, he also saw the change in Aletta.

He wanted to speak, but Aletta said coldly, “Miss Rogers, your acting skills are as good as ever. It’s a pity you didn’t go to the entertainment industry.”

Gail was ridiculed, but she pretended to be stunned and said, “Aletta, why do you say that to me?”

Aletta sneered and said, “Why do I say that? Do you want to know? Gail, you like others to cater to you. I have no objection but don’t dance in front of me. I think it’s quite an eyesore.”


Gail snapped back sharply and her eyes changed slightly. She did know what had happened since then and if she dared to speak out, she was relying on Aletta to make a mistake. In the end, she didn’t expect Aletta to be so stubborn.

Gail immediately pretended to be guilty and said, “I’m sorry.”

This scene once again aroused public outrage.

“Aletta, get out.”

“Yeah, get out. How can you come to this place?”

“Mr. Hill was not someone you could climb up to at the beginning and now he is still….”

Aletta’s expression was cold and she wanted to say something.


Chapter 14 Coming for Insaken King

Finally, Jason said impatiently, “Quite.”

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His unexpected voice seemed extraordinarily cold in the chaotic banquet hall.

Everyone was stunned, stopped discussing and looked at Jason in surprise.

Gail was also stunned.

Aletta also looked at Jason, but her face was calm. She didn’t think Jason was speaking for her.

Sure enough, in the next second, Jason’s face was cold and his tone could not be heard to be happy or angry.

“What is she doing in this Wolff family’s banquet? Don’t you take my Hill family seriously?”

Jason’s eyes fell on Herman.

Herman, the banquet host, touched his nose and didn’t speak.

Everyone was frightened and fell silent. Indeed, their discussion also involved Hill’s family. How dare they gossip about their past in front of Jason.

The guests around were silent because of their shock at Jason.

Only Gail was suspicious.

‘Is Jason really being gossiped about because of the Hill family?’ she wondered in her heart.

Aletta, who was at the center of public opinion, always had a calm face. From the beginning, she didn’t think Jason would


Chapter 14 Coming for Insaken King

speak for her because she didn’t care anymore.

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So Aletta just glanced at him lightly, then looked away and then slightly raised her red lips, evoking a wanton smile and said, “Everyone wants to drive me away so much, but

unfortunately, I will let you down because tonight I was invited by Mr. Hill.”

When she said this, she looked at Herman at the side and said lightly, “Hello, Sir, I am here to discuss cooperation with you on behalf of the ZL company. I saw too many people around you, which was inconvenient, so I didn’t bother you.”

In a simple sentence, she directly clarified that she didn’t come to find Jason. What was even more surprising was she actually represented the ZL company.

The guests who had already shut up immediately pri cked up their ears and couldn’t help but look toward Aletta. Everybody knew there were quite a few people here tonight to meet

Aletta from the ZL company.

Jason’s eyes were slightly cold and his probing eyes fell on Aletta.

After listening to Aletta’s introduction, Herman was also a little surprised. He put away his attitude of watching the show and said with a good attitude, “Hello, Miss Rogers, why are you here? Didn’t you say that Aletta will come in person? Or are you just…?”

“Of course not.”

Aletta didn’t even think about it, so she directly denied Herman’s conjecture.

Chapter 14 Coming for Insaken King

With a confused expression, Aletta explained, “I’m Aletta’s assistant. Let me explain, Aletta just returned and she was a little uncomfortable. She felt uncomfortable in the afternoon. She was just worried that she would take advantage of the Wolff family’s kindness, so she forced me to hold on, but in the middle of the journey, I couldn’t hold on, so I could only go back to rest first, so let me talk to you about cooperation on her behalf.”

What an insignificant Person

Aletta wasn’t worried at all that her secrets would be exposed. Not many people knew about her identity, after all. Originally, she didn’t mind revealing her identity. Still, when she thought about Jason wanting to find a doctor for Gail, she suddenly changed her mind.

“I see.” Herman nodded after listening to Aletta’s explanation.

“Do you mind, Mr. Wolff? If you do, we can have Ms. Smith talk to you about it later.”

Meeting her gaze, Herman smiled warmly and said, “Sure, I don’t mind.

“The ZL Company’s perfume formula is currently the most sought-after commodity internationally. Everyone’s talking about it. Still, I think it’s best to finalize it quickly.”

At that moment, the man said, “Ms. Rogers, please follow


Aletta nodded and quickly followed him.

Jason’s gaze followed her the entire time as a chill aura exuded from his black eyes. He felt a sense of displeasure that he couldn’t quite explain. That woman didn’t even glance at


“Jason…” Gail, noticing his gaze in the direction Aletta left, couldn’t help but feel worried. However, he acted as if he


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