Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 18

Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 18

Chapter 18 It Must Be the Wrong Posture to Open the Door

When the two babies stayed in his arms, they were both stunned. They didn’t expect this to happen. However, it was not as annoying as they have imagined. Although the feeling was different from their Mom’s, it was very heartwarming.

They only thought that every time their mom finished kissing good night, they would kiss back in return. So, they hesitated for a while, and reluctantly leaned forward, rubbed against Jason’s cheek very quickly, and then said lightly, “Good night.”

Jason was stunned. Because Otto usually wouldn’t kiss him, but then he did. After they went up, Jason hadn’t recovered from his senses and was staring at the closed door upstairs. Eaton was also surprised, and then said with a smile, “It seems that there is no harm in getting hurt. He is willing to get close to you.”

Jason gathered his thoughts and hummed, feeling happy. However, the moment his eyes touched the gauze on his hand, his eyes darkened again after thinking of her stubbornness. She said that the two of them had nothing to do with each other. What happened back then was still vivid in his mind. Jason’s gaze became colder, and the injured hand clenched into a fist and squeezed tightly. Aletta, did she say that she wanted to retreat completely? Has she asked his opinion yet?


The morning light came in through the window in the early morning and sprinkled on the dining table. Seeing that the two babies had finished eating the breakfast on the plate, Jason stretched out his hand to lift his tie, tidied up a bit, and prepared to go out. Before leaving, Jason thought of something, and said, “Your teacher will come to teach you


Chapter 18 Must Be the Wrong Posture to Open the Door

how to write later, so be good.”



Lucas and Lyla heard about Otto’s mention of this matter and nodded to show that they knew about it.

Aletta was also accompanying Otto and having breakfast at the Deer Villa. During breakfast, she thought of something, and suddenly said, “Baby, I will be busy next time, and may not have time to take care of you, so I will find you a kindergarten and send you to school, okay?” She was afraid that they would disagree, so she coaxed softly, “Don’t worry, there are many children in the kindergarten who can play with you.”

Otto thought that those children in the kindergarten were very immature, so there was no fun for them. Moreover, with his and Nina’s IQ, they didn’t need it, right? He didn’t really want that. But it was what their mom wished for. He pondered for a moment, then said cautiously, “It’s possible, but Nina can’t speak yet….”

He turned his head and glanced at Nina, “Other children will definitely find it very strange, but why don’t we go slowly?”

Aletta thought about it and thought it was the same. It could be dangerous for Nina. She looked at them and thought about it, “It seems that Nina’s situation can’t be ignored. I will go to the company in the morning and take her to the hospital for an examination in the afternoon, then we’ll visit the godmother’s mother by the way.”

“Yes, Mom.” Otto had no objections. He knew very well that his sister’s inability to speak was due to a psychological problem, not a physical condition. The inspection was useless.

It Must Be the Wrong Posture to Open the Door

As he stood in front of her, Aletta couldn’t turn around and leave, so she had to pretend to be calm and walk in. Then, she stood still in front of Jason, and said indifferently, “What’s your business in our company, Mr. Hill? If I remember

correctly, our company doesn’t seem to have any business dealings with Hill Group.”

When Jason first saw her, he was a little surprised. But when he saw the door opening and closing, closing and opening again, his expression was not very good. What did she mean?

Jason looked coldly at Aletta. The woman was dressed in well- tailored business attire, and her figure was particularly exquisite. Compared with yesterday’s dress, she had a capable and beautiful mature posture.

Jason stared at her for a while, but he let out a cold sneer, and said, “I’m here to see Flora Smith. Is your surname Smith?”

Aletta was well aware of his intention, so she replied, “My surname is not Smith.”

“Then you have something to say here?” Jason’s tone was so


Aletta pursed her lips, concealed her displeasure, and said lightly, “It’s true, but if you want to see her, you won’t be able


Jason frowned. “Her mother is ill. She is in the hospital during this time, so she won’t come to the company. So, she’s not responsible for the work her, it is all handed over to other people.” Jason didn’t even think about it, and said, “Then call Aletta Rogers, isn’t she one of the people in charge of the company? I have some cooperation and want to talk to her.”


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