Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 19

Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 19

Chapter 19 It Must Be the Wrong Posture to Open the Door

He added obediently, “I will take good care of my sister and wait for you obediently at home.”

“Okay, Lucas is the best.” Aletta smiled softly, touched Otto’s little head, and kissed them before going out. “You have to listen to Daisy at home.”

“Okay! Goodbye, Mom!”

As soon as the door was closed, they looked at each other with excitement in their eyes. Their mom’s kiss was great.

After Aletta arrived at the company, she had a morning meeting, and it was already ten o’clock in the morning. When she came out of the meeting room, Annie came to report, “The people from The Wolff Group are here to discuss the contract.”

Aletta was stunned, “So fast?”

Annie noticed that her expression was not right, so she asked, “What’s wrong? Are you feeling bad?”

“I’m not….”

Aletta laughed dryly, and explained truthfully, “At the dinner party yesterday, something happened, which caused me to lie to Mrs. Wolff, saying that I am not Aletta. So, I may have to trouble you to go and pretend to be Aletta. Remember, don’t reveal your secrets!”

Annie was familiar with that kind of situation. It was not the first time Aletta has done that. When she was abroad, she was so busy that she couldn’t get away, and she would also find

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Chapter 19 It Must Be the Wrong Posture to Open the Door

someone to go out with and become her.

Annie laughed. “I thought that after returning here, I would be able to get rid of this situation…”

Aletta patted her, “It’s not good to make you famous. When you go out in the future, you will be Aletta!”

“It’s just fame. What I want is your ability.” Annie laughed and joked.

Aletta also laughed, “I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do. It’s hard to take away my ability…”

“What a narcist.” Annie gave her an angry look, “I won’t tell anything to you anymore, I can’t keep customers waiting.” After finishing speaking, she left soon.

Aletta also returned to her office. Not long after, the intercom phone on the desk rang.

“Miss Rogers, there is a distinguished guest who wants to see Miss Smith.”

Aletta thought it was a business client, so she replied, “Take that guest to Miss Smith’s office, and I’ll be there later.”

After hanging up the phone, Aletta straightened up, smoothed the wrinkles on her sleeves, and went to Flora’s office. She didn’t know that when the door was opened, Jason’s cold and handsome poker face greeted her eyes.

Aletta froze abruptly. She quickly closed the door and started all over again. However, when she reopened the door again, it was really Jason. Aletta almost couldn’t maintain her expression. Why did he come here?


Chapter 19 Will Meet Grandfather

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Have you ever used intimidation against others?

A quick scowl appeared on Aletta’s face, and she felt as though she was looking for trouble over nothing because of Jason’s persistence! Aletta didn’t come right away since she was still not feeling well, he apologized in a detached, businesslike manner.

“Why, are you also in the hospital?” Jason asked, his expression turning gloomy.


Quickly picking up the phone, Aletta reminded him that ZL Company didn’t seem to have any intention of cooperating with Hill’s. She reminded him that they had already declined the proposal once before.

Pointing out that he wants nothing to do with the mound, Jason said, “Aren’t you an assistant? It is not up to you whether or not you choose to cooperate.”

“I came here this time, but I have brought enough sincerity,” he said as he reclined back. “ZL Company has only recently started operations in America and has no market share or distribution channels for spices. “Hill’s owns his 80% of America’s perfume and fragrance channels. As a result, working with me can provide ZL Company with numerous unexpected benefits and shortcuts. I’m not sure how much more cost-effective it is than working with Wolff’s. I believe a wise person would never pass up such an excellent


Chapter 19 Well Meet Grandfather

After he finished speaking, Jason extended his hand, and Eaton behind him gave over a document. He grabbed it and tossed it on the coffee table. Aletta paused for a moment after hearing these remarks, but she couldn’t contradict them.

Jason was correct. ZL Company was still in its early stages, and various channels must be established. Originally, she intended to rely on the Wolff family, but Jason had revealed that 80% of the spice channels on the market were from the Hill family. Talked about nothing but the research and development process, and the spices that must be consumed were a never-ending pit! Cost consideration was an absolute necessity. Spices purchased through other methods might be expensive. It was undeniably a source of stress for ZL

Company. Aletta also did not believe that Jason would be so benevolent as to allow people to accept so many benefits for


She immediately questioned, “What conditions does the Hill have? Do you want our research and development formula,


“Aletta should heal Gail’s leg?” he said, pausing for a second before continuing, sarcastically.

Aletta had not forgotten what transpired at the banquet the night before. She might believe that she was the only one who can cause Jason so much difficulty! Jason’s face became frozen, and his eyes drooped slightly.

Seeing the man’s look, Aletta grinned coldly, his attractive face full of alienation, and replied emotionlessly, “It appears to be the latter? Okay, I’ll relay this information to Mr. Hill. if there’s nothing else, I’ll go to work first, you go gently.”

Chapter 19 We’ll Meet Grandfather

When Jason heard her mention Mr. Hill, his face was filled with detachment and indifference, as if he wished to be apart from him! He became very upset right away, got up, and remarked coldly to Aletta, who was about to leave, “Of course it’s for her, could it be for you?”

Putting his remarks aside, Jason marched majestically towards the door and out. Eaton couldn’t help but feel embarrassed when he saw that his always brutal master had turned into a dynamite bag. He halted and stared hesitantly at Aletta.

Mr. Hill’s visit this time was most emphatically not for Gail. If it was truly about Gail, he would have sent people abroad to welcome Aletta sooner rather than later. However, the two’s relationship was strained right now, so now was not the time to explain.

Eaton was forced to say, “Farewell.”

Then he followed and left. Aletta had a long time to calm down after seeing the back of the man leaving. Jason’s entire body was filled with cold after leaving ZL Company, and his countenance was dismal. The rest of the air was still lodged in his lungs!

Eaton was in the driver’s seat, trying to hide his presence, and inquired hesitantly, “Sir, shall we go back to the company?”

Jason’s expression was glum, and he hadn’t said anything in a long time, and he had no idea what he was thinking.

He finally said coldly, “Go to the hospital, we’ll meet Grandfather.”

The old father of the Hill family had been in poor health for

Chapter 19 Well Meet Grandfather

several years. He had been taking medication all year. He also caught a cold a few days ago and was admitted to the hospital to recover. Eaton was well aware of it, stepped on the accelerator smoothly, and focused on driving. The van proceeded to the hospital, arriving half an hour later. As soon as Jason walked into the VIP ward, he noticed his grandfather and the elderly housekeeper who looked after him playing

chess around the table.

When the old housekeeper saw him approaching, he exclaimed respectfully, “You are here?”

With a disgusted expression on his face, Mr. Hill looked at his grandson and said, “If you don’t work hard, what are you doing here? How come you still have a straight face? Who’s furious at you again, let’s discuss it with me.”

Jason’s attitude had improved slightly when it suddenly dipped to the freezing point, and he walked to the bedside. The old butler carefully stepped aside, having grown accustomed to this scene. Jason took a seat across from the old man and picked the chess box at random. For a brief moment, he pinched a chess piece between his two fingers. and gently placed it on the chessboard.

Simultaneously, he stated coldly, “I’ll see if you’re old and healthy.”

When he heard the words, the old man raced to the top of his head, shouted, “You unfilial descendant, do you curse me like that? You are entitled to be outraged. You’re so enraged!”

Jason didn’t say anything and lay down again. Before beginning to play chess with him, the old guy stared at him. After fifteen minutes, the two had completed a game, and

Chapter 19 Well Meet Grandfather

Jason had lost.

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The elderly man smiled and added, “Come again, if you don’t kill yourself for a few rounds and rub your spirit, you won’t know who is the grandson and who is the master.”

He unwillingly inquired, “Tell me, why are you so stinky?” once it was ended.

Jason looked at the chessboard calmly, seeing that the old guy was in a better mood. He worked hard to lose this game.

He pursed his lips and murmured, “Aletta is back.”

“Really? Is Aletta back? When did she return? What happened to her? Why doesn’t her pay me a visit?” exclaimed the old guy as he threw the chess piece on the table.

A sequence of questions was posed. Before Jason could finish his sentence, the old man frowned and asked, “How did you know she came back?”

Only then did Jason could respond, “Last night, Mrs. Wolff held a dinner party, and I met at that party.”

“So it’s been like this for six years,” the old guy thought suddenly. That girl has returned!”

Then, for some reason, I questioned right immediately, “Have you ever bullied others?”


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