Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 2

Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 2

Chapter 2 She Misidentified Her Kids

Six years later, Yargsbourgh.

ZL Institute.

Aletta was in the research room, comparing dense data.

Suddenly, the computer crashed.

Immediately afterward, the entire research institute’s network was invaded and paralyzed.

Outside, people were wailing…

“They’re doing it again, right? Aletta’s two kids!”

“Aletta! Help…” After a short while, many people rushed into Aletta’s office to ask for help, accompanied by the countdown





Chapter 2 She Misidentified Her Kids


Once it counted down to one, all the data in the research institute would disappear.

When Aletta saw this situation, she panicked and quickly

made a call.

“Kids, show mercy. I’m going home! I’m going home right now! Stop it!”

Soon there came a childish voice from the other end of the phone.

It was just that the tone was a bit sarcastic, “Hey, isn’t this our well-known miracle doctor and international top perfumer Miss Aletta? What a big surprise. Why are you calling me?”

When Aletta heard this, she could only beg for mercy.

“I’m sorry, kids. I didn’t do it on purpose. The latest batch of perfume is about to go on the market, but the last formula is always wrong. So I’ve been delayed for a few days…

“I’m going home right now! Immediately! Stop attacking the research institute’s network. I beg you!”

The boy Lucas snorted coldly on the end of the phone, “Well, I’m glad you still remember having a home. I thought your


would live in the institute for a long time. I thought you’d forgotten that you still have two lovely kids!”

Aletta knew her son’s temper, and smiled flatteringly, “Why, you are my sweet kids! I love you the most! Kiss me.

Lucas calmed down and stopped operating the computer, “Well, that’s more like it. I’m giving you half an hour to get home, or I will continue to attack the research institute.”

With that, he hung up the phone proudly.

Aletta breathed a sigh of relief, turned around, and gestured OK to the people in the room.

They wiped the cold sweat off their foreheads and returned to their posts.

Her assistant Annie walked in from the outside holding some documents, and couldn’t help laughing out loud.

Who would have thought that a room full of high-end talents would face the threat of two kids all day long?

When Aletta heard this, she shook her head helplessly.

Everyone knew that her two kids were very decisive, like the scu mbag Jason Hill!

Chapter 2 She Misidentified Her Kids

After that night, she returned to the Rogers but was expelled by her biological parents.

Aletta had thought that she would never have anything to do with Jason in this life.

But unexpectedly, she got pregnant with quadruplets.

Due to Aletta’s physical condition, if she had an abortion, she might be infertile for life. At that time, the doctor did not recommend abortion.

Alone in a foreign country without any family or relatives around her, Aletta decided to give birth after a few days of


Unfortunately, there was an accident during the delivery process, and a baby boy and a baby girl died.

The only ones left now were the siblings at home, a boy and a girl.

The two children had extremely high IQs.

Lucas, the elder brother, had a calm and sensible personality. He loved programming technology, spoke four languages, and was also good at writing and painting. He was a versatile boy.

Lyla, the younger sister, was lively and active. She shared Aletta’s hobbies and liked fragrance mixing and medical skills, She often had some ingenious ideas, and she also knew some methods of dispensing medicines for headaches,

Wherever the two of them went, they were very popular!

Aletta’s heart softened when she thought of her kids,

“Well, I have to go back quickly.” She took off her white coat and muttered, “If I don’t get home in half an hour, the institute will suffer again.”

“Go.” Annie laughed and reminded her, “Remember to pack your luggage when you go back. You will be returning home tomorrow.”

When Aletta heard this, she frowned,

In recent years, in addition to her achievements in the medical field, she also co-founded a perfume company with her best friend Flora, named ZL.

The formulas were developed by her team, so she had become famous internationally, and countless people sought their cooperation.

Flora was originally responsible for the domestic expansion of the branch this time.

Chapter † She Misidentified Her Kids

1788 Vouchers

However, Flora’s mother was seriously ill, so she couldn’t concentrate for a while. She could only ask Aletta to go back to do it.

“Got it. See you at the airport tomorrow morning.” Aletta responded, somewhat depressed, and said goodbye to Annie.

After she hurried home, she was scolded by her two kids.

When she went to the airport the next day, she looked listless.

But her two kids were cool, handsome, and perfect, wearing sunglasses like international superstars.

Their facial features were beautiful as if carefully carved by G o d.

Along the way, many onlookers were attracted. Some even couldn’t help taking pictures of them with their phones,

Annie pulled the suitcase, suppressed a smile, and said to Aletta, “It feels like you gave birth to two amazing kids.”

Aletta looked at the two lively kids in front of her, and replied, “I guess.”

The kids had a keen ear and heard Aletta’s words. They turned around and said, “Mommy deserves it. She always works so hard, and she doesn’t care about her body.”

Chapter 2 She Misidentified Her Kids

288 Wouchers

Lyla had always listened to Lucas, and she immediately seconded in a childlike voice, “That is right. Mommy would be a mess if we didn’t intervene…”

Seeing that the two kids were about to start complaining again, Aletta hurriedly said, “Yes, kids, you are right!”

While talking, several of them boarded the plane together. During the more than ten hours of flight, Aletta was finally left alone.

When she got off the plane, she was still not fully awake. She told Annie to look after the kids and luggage and then went to the bathroom to wash her face.

Of course, Annie didn’t refuse.

After Aletta poured some cold water on her face, she gradually regained her spirits, and she left the bathroom


She bumped into his son head-on.

Aletta was stunned.

When Lucas got off the plane, he was still wearing a casual suit with sunglasses.


1788 Wout her

In the blink of an eye, he changed into a decent suit.

The same was true for Lyla next to him. She was wearing a sweet and lovely floral dress just now, but now it had become a grand pink princess dress.

It looked very formall

Aletta suddenly laughed. She walked to the two kids and joked, “Kids, you will see your godmother later. You’re not going to a dance. Why did you change your clothes especially? Is it necessary to be so grand?”

Hearing Aletta’s words, the two kids looked at her in confusion.

Was this beautiful young lady… talking to them?


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