Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 20

Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 20

Chapter 20  Like You, But I’m Really Blind

Jason sneered coldly, as if he had overheard a cold joke.

“Can I bully her?”

It immediately came to him that when he was in the car last night, that woman was as violent as a wolf cub, leaving wounds on her hands. The tooth marks were still visible!

“Where do you think someone will be bullied? You cannot be bullied in any way. Still said no?”

“Back then, you saw that she had no backing, she was easy to bully, and forced people away with a divorce paper,” the old man said to his bast ard grandson. “Who knows if you’ve changed since then?”

The two separated back then, and the entire family concealed it from him, an elderly man. The old man felt enraged as he reflected on that. Jason was rendered dumbfounded by the

old man.




“This is entirely your fault.”

When he didn’t respond, the old guy sniffed bitterly,

continued making the knife, and added, “Now that she’s back, she probably doesn’t want to talk to you.”

Jason’s visage became unattractive to the naked sight as soon as he finished speaking.

The elderly guy grinned proudly, knowing he had guessed well, and said calmly to his grandson, “You deserve it, you


Chapter 20 Like You. But I’m Really Blind

blamed me for arranging your marriage, and you look like you despise him! You have no idea what to do! Your dad has now arrived to speak with me. What are you planning to do?”

Jason stated solemnly, “You’ve been nagging in my ears all day, and it’s too annoying, so let me tell you, my ears will be clearer from now on.”

The old man was so enraged that he blew his beard and screamed, “With your virtue, Aletta liked you back then, but she was really blind!”

He didn’t want to waste any more time on this horrible grandchild, so he contacted the old housekeeper.

“Edward! Go right away and find out where Aletta is.”





Eaton has been standing by the side as an invisible person for the past few minutes. He could see it right now.

‘Mr. Hill was planning to take advantage of Ms. Aletta?’

“Mr. Hill, I know where Miss Aletta is.”

Eaton spoke out quickly and looked at his master’s expression as he did so. He realized he was right when he didn’t stop him! He gave Aletta’s address to the old man.

“Okay, okay!”

After hearing the old man, he immediately grinned and said to Eaton, “You are still reliable!”

Then he yelled to Edward, “Hurry up and do it. You invite her to come to the old house for lunch on the day I leave the hospital.”

Chapter 20Like You, But I’m Really Blind



Edward joyfully consented as well. Things progressed as predicted, and the coldness in Jason’s brows and eyes melted away, as did his mood. He was seated next to him, leisurely playing chess with his bony hands.

When he heard the movement, the old man frowned again and murmured, disgustedly, “Why don’t you leave?”

“I don’t know how to bring my two precious great- grandchildren if you want to come. They are far more fascinating than you.”

The elderly man mumbled angrily. Jason was unconcerned.

He put up the chessboard and asked the old man, “Are you still playing? I’m not working today, so how many more games will I play with you?”


The old guy should have had no doubt. He thought he was upright, and he hastily seized the chess pieces, as if scared Jason would repent. They couldn’t stop themselves. Jason even stayed here till midday and had dinner with the old man. Following that, he played several chess games with him, putting the old guy into a pleasant mood.

Aletta went home to have lunch with her two young children after leaving the office at midday. She would spend as much time as possible with her children if she was not preoccupied with work. She took the two cubs to the hospital after lunch. She proceeded to help the child register and do a throat check after arrival. There weren’t many people in line, and it wouldn’t be long until it was their turn. After double-checking,

34 71%

Chapter 20 Like You, But I’m Really Blind

Aletta took the initiative to read the list.

Lyla’s throat was fine, according to the results.



The child’s throat and vocal cords are normal, and there is no problem,” the doctor explained. “This unexpected loss of voice…could be caused by the surroundings.”

“In America, there are examples of this type of issue. Let’s have another look at it later. You are welcome to bring the child here if she is uncomfortable.”

After hearing the doctor’s comments, Aletta could only nod and say yes. She led the children out of the examination room after taking them down.

“Mommy, shall we go see the godmother now?”

Otto took Aletta’s hand, raised her head, and questioned in a

childish tone.

“Yes, you have to keep your voice down later, don’t disturb grandma, okay?” Aletta said softly.

When Otto heard this, he instantly nodded respectfully. “OK, I


Flora’s mother stays in the VIP ward upstairs.

When Aletta arrived with the child, she noticed her lying on the hospital bed with a sick face, extremely haggard, and not looking well.

“I see you’re here.”

When Flora heard the voice, she turned around, her normally bright face exhausted.

55 40

Chapter 20 Like Y

You But I’m Really Blind

“How is Auntie doing?” Aletta said, leading the youngsters closer. “Very bad.”

“The doctor said that my mother’s current condition requires a craniotomy, but experts say that this operation is very dangerous, and the success rate is only 10%…” remarked Flora.

Her eyes turned red as she talked, and she couldn’t stop herself from emotionally gripping Aletta’s hand.

“I know, if it’s you, I’m sure the chances of surgery can definitely be improved, right?”

“You are the most talented genius doctor in recent years, Aletta, can you…” she said, her frail gaze locked on Aletta.

Aletta comforted her partner by patting her on the back and saying, “Flora, don’t worry, I will definitely work hard to increase the success rate.”

Aletta is extremely confident in her medical abilities.

Flora almost burst into tears when he saw her like way. “Thank you, Aletta…”

“However, before that, I need to understand Auntie’s overall situation,” Aletta calmed her.

“Not a problem.”

“My mother’s attending doctor is a classmate, and I asked him to tell you…” Flora nodded.

They didn’t notice Nina standing next to them while they were conversing. They appeared uneasy and enthusiastically yanked on his brother’s arm, writing the word “lost” on the

Chapter 20 Like You, But I’m Really Blind

798 Voucher

paper. Otto recognized it at a look and drew her sister out.

“What’s missing?”

Nina pointed to her wrist, concerned.

It’s a lovely tiny bracelet. Lyla urged Nina to put it in her small jewelry box last night. Lyla had given it to me.

“Don’t worry, I will take you to find it right now.” Otto consoled her younger sibling.

Jason, on the other hand, intended to return since Mr. Hill needed to relax. Eaton trailed behind. They took the elevator downstairs, one in front and one behind. Eaton caught sight of the toll office out of the corner of his eye and came to a


He queried, doubtfully, “Master, are those the children?”



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