Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 22

Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Her Handwriting

After Lyla listened, she panicked and asked nervously, “How do we run away? There are many bodyguards downstairs.”

Lyla lay down by the window and glanced downstairs. Several burly men stood downstairs, and Lyla’s heart was ashamed.

“It’s okay. Otto told me how to do it.”

Lucas never took her eyes off the screen, racing against time to break through the system. Then five minutes later the two little ones sneaked downstairs. They walked to the corner of the backyard and pulled apart a piece of grass. There was a hole appeared in front of him.

“Come on, get out,” Lucas said to her sister.

Lyla frowned in disgust. “Is this a dog’s hole?”

“It should be, but I don’t care about that much anymore. Hurry up, or we’ll be discovered.”

Lucas strongly urged his sister. Lyla had no choice but to nod her head and crawl out using her hands and feet.


At the hospital.

Aletta chatted with Flora for a while and later realized that the two little ones were missing. She immediately came out to look for it. Although the two cubs are clever and quick-


witted, after all, Aletta is still a little worried after returning to America. It was just that after coming out, there was no one outside.

Aletta was helpless. She had no choice but to go to the nurse’s station and asked, “Hello, did you see the two children?”

Aletta showed the photos on the phone to the nurse. The two little ones were so delicate that the nurse had a deep memory, and immediately replied, “Yes, the two of them passed in this way a few minutes ago, and they might have gone downstairs.”

“Going downstairs? What are you guys doing running down?” Aletta immediately took out her mobile phone and called Lucas. As soon as the call was connected, she asked, “Honey, where did you go with Lyla?”

and “Mom, we were bored just now. We went out for a stroll, now we are going back.” While dragging his sister to run, Lucas comforted the person on the other side of the phone. “Don’t be nervous, mom.”

Aletta breathed a sigh of relief, and said angrily, “You two little kids, why are you so courageous? What if you two get lost?”

“Mom, don’t worry, we are so smart, and how could we get lost?” Lucas answered.

Aletta rubbed her temples, and said helplessly, “Then I will wait for you downstairs, come back quickly.”

“Okay, we’ll be there in ten minutes, mom.”


Lucas hung up the phone and immediately stopped a

passing taxi. He was then rushed to the hospital with his sister. Not long after the two little ones left, Jason happened to bring Otto and Nina back to the villa over there. After Otto and Nina entered the door, their nerves were tense, their hearts were in their throats, and they looked around. They didn’t know if their brother and sister were still there

or not.

The two kids just wanted to go upstairs and go back to their room, but the calligraphy teacher who was resting in the hall asked them with a surprised face, “Otto, Nina, why did you come in from outside?”

Jason was surprised to see him there, “Mr. Tyson, why are you still here? Calligraphy courses, usually not two hours?”

Mr. Tyson immediately passed a stack of copybooks in front of Jason, and explained, “Nina’s calligraphy today is very poor, so I stayed here, and I want her to practice for a while.”

Jason lowered his eyes casually and took a look. Nina’s handwriting had always been correct and elegant, how could it be so bad? After reading it, he fell silent. Her handwriting was really ugly.

Jason paused for a while, couldn’t help looking at his daughter, and asked, “So, that’s why you ran away from home?”

The corner of Nina’s mouth twitched, and she nodded her head bravely. Mr. Tyson’s chest sank, and he looked at them nervously.

“What? Run away from home? How could it be because you

practiced all afternoon under the pressure?” Mr. Tyson immediately knelt down and persuaded Nina earnestly.

“Nina, if you are in a bad mood next time, tell me about that and I will never force you. Don’t run away from home. Safety is the most important thing.”

Nina nodded obediently. Meanwhile, Jason spoke calmly, “Mr. Tyson, this is none of your business, let’s come here first today, you have worked hard.”

Mr. Tyson hummed and was still a little worried before. leaving. He told Jason to speak up if he had something to say, so he didn’t blame Nina. After Jason agreed, he left.

Jason put the copybook on his side and said to Nina, “Next time you can say if you don’t want to write, but don’t write like this.”

Nina nodded, then took out the small book, and quickly handed it over.

[Daddy, I’m tired, I want to go back and rest.]

“You can go.”

As soon as the two little ones heard it, they ran upstairs. After returning to the room, Otto immediately dialed the phone without seeing his surroundings. He was relieved when he learned that his brother and sister had successfully escaped and went to the hospital to find their mother.


On Lucas’s side

They soon arrived at the hospital. He held his sister’s hand, and said to the driver obediently, “Goodbye, uncle driver.”

The driver asked all the way just now, and now he is still a little worried, so he reconfirmed, “Is your mommy really in the hospital? Do you really need me to accompany you?”

These two little guys were so cute, and they were also young. It was really too dangerous to come out to take a taxi alone without the company of adults.

“No need, my mom is waiting for us there.”

After Lucas finished speaking, he pointed to the entrance of the hospital. “Mom.”

After regaining her freedom, Lyla ran towards Aletta excitedly and even hugged her thigh. The little girl raised her head and said sweetly, “Mom, I miss you so much!”

“Lyla, can you talk now?” Aletta was stunned for a moment and then hugged Lyla with surprise on her face.

Lyla nodded beamingly. “Yes, it’s time for me to speak, I was able to make a sound just now.”

After Aletta heard it, she looked overjoyed. “That’s good, as long as you’re fine.”

As she spoke, she suddenly felt something was wrong. “Where did you get your clothes?”

Alette remembered didn’t wear this outfit for them today. Lucas felt a ‘thump’ in his heart. This journey was too hasty, so they ignored this problem. He thought about it and


quickly explained it to his mother.

“Mom, when we went shopping there just now, we saw this dress and thought it was cool, so we bought it.”

Lyla nodded cooperatively and said, “That’s right, mom. Do I look good in this suit?”

The little girl smugly turned around in front of Aletta. Now Aletta was speechless. “Did the two little kids run out just to buy clothes?” She always felt that something was wrong. Coincidentally, Flora also came over.

Seeing that the two kids were fine, she breathed a sigh of relief, and then said to Aletta, “My classmate has come out of the operating room. He is free now. I will ask him to tell you about my mother’s situation.”

When Aletta heard the words, she didn’t have time to think about it for a while, and her attention was successfully diverted. “Okay, let’s go there now.”

After that, she took the children’s hands. They then went back to the hospital with Flora.


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