Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 27

Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Crashing Into His Arms

The moment Bonnie heard what Aletta had just said, the man was livid. He immediately scolded Aletta, “You fucking bitch! How can you talk to someone older than you like that?”

However, the younger woman seemed happy to see

trembling with anger. She just sneered as she made a sarcastic remark, “Well, upbringing varies from person to person, they said.”

After that, the woman just left. She left the angry Bonnie behind her who kept screaming, “Stop it, you fucking bitch! Who the hell are you trying to teach me! If I had known that you would be born, I should’ve strangled you in the first place!”

Yet, Aletta didn’t even stop for a moment. The moment the woman entered her car, her mood was foul. Initially, she thought that she wouldn’t be affected by those words. It turned out that she was still being affected.

Six years ago, she still remembered when she was brought to the Roger family. Originally, she thought that she would be cared and loved for. Bonnie and his wife never cared about her. When she was kicked out from their house, she already gave up on those stupid dreams. Yet, they turned out to be very wrong six years later.

Thinking of this encounter with Bonnie really left a considerable pain on Aletta’s stomach. When she drove to the hospital, Flora already waited for her with a visible. concern on her face when she realized how pale Aletta was and asked, “What’s wrong? Why did you look so bad? Are you in pain?”

Chapter 27 Crashing Into His Arms

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But Aletta assured Flora that she was fine by saying, “I guessed I just didn’t get a good sleep yesterday, so I didn’t look good.”

Then, the former changed the subject, “Are your friends free now? Let’s discuss Auntie’s condition first.”

Thankfully, Flora nodded without thinking too much.

On the other hand, Nina was still had a high fever. At night, her fever got even worse. Jason became worried when he saw the thermometer. Immediately, he instructed Eaton to prepare the car because they had to go to the hospital.

When Otto saw that Jason would go to the hospital with Nina, the little boy said, “Daddy, I want to go too!”

Since his son wanted to join, the man had no choice but to take him to the car. As soon as they arrived in the hospital, there were already doctors waiting for them because Eaton had already contacted them in advance. Soon, the doctors prescribed medicine while the hospital staff arranged a VIP ward.

One of the doctors tried to assure the worried father, “Mr. Hill, please don’t worry about her too much. As soon as the infusion was put, her fever will subside.”

Hearing this, Jason felt comforted. The man carefully brought his daughter to the ward. As soon as he put her to the bed, both Jason and Otto stood by the bed to watch Nina after the doctors put the infusion in her.

Time passed slowly. After two hours, the infusion started to dry out. Nina did look better. When her father touched her forehead, her body was still hot even though it wasn’t as hot as earlier. The man noticed that she was sweating a lot and all her clothes were wet.

After a while, Jason told Eaton who was guarding outside, “Go home and bring two sets of clothes for Nina, okay?”

Nina was easily allergic because of her skin condition. Wearing hospital gowns would definitely make her uncomfortable.

“Yes, Sir,” Eaton immediately responded and left.

When Jason saw his assistant go, the man went back to the ward. To his surprise, he caught a glimpse of someone familiar at the end of the corridor. That figure looked like Aletta. So, the man stopped before turning back to the direction he saw the figure.


It took Aletta more than two hours to finalize the operation and time plan with Flora’s friends. She finally was able to plan it for next Wednesday. As soon as she finished handling it, the woman realized that the pain in her stomach got stronger. Since Aletta didn’t want to worry Flora, the woman quickly got out because she thought that it might be fine after a while.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Her stomach got even more unbearable after she walked a few steps. In fact, she almost vomited because of how painful it was. Aletta couldn’t help but hold on to the wall to support her own body as she

heavily sighed. While she initially planned to go to the bathroom, the pain really made her break out in a cold sweat.

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The pain was so much that Aletta had to squat on the ground because she felt that she might faint. When Jason came from behind, the woman was so unprepared that she almost kicked him. For a while, the man froze before he looked at her with confusion as well as anger.

‘What the hell is wrong with her? Did she drop something?’ he thought to himself.

However, Aletta didn’t seem to mind his presence unlike her usual self. This time, the woman was hugging her knees. She felt so faint that she had to bend her knees to support her head. Still, she could see a pair of men’s leather shoes that showed up before him. For a moment, the woman was stunned. Seeing that the shoe’s owner was still there for a while, the woman forced herself to raise her head.

Soon enough, she met a pair of dark eyes. Both Jason and her looked at each other for a while, albeit startled. After all, Aletta never expected to meet this man here.

As for Jason, the man was shocked to see her this pale. It made him somehow overcome with worry. It had only been a few days since he met her, but she looked extremely pale right now. How could that happen?

“Why are you here?” Aletta asked, breaking the silence between them.

Still, Jason held back his emotion that was shown in his eyes and asked back coldly, “Why can’t I be here?”

Chapter 27 Crashing Into His Arms

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His response made her frown as if he wanted to tell that it was unnecessary for her to ask this question. It seemed that the man didn’t want her to question things that somehow felt stupid to her. The woman couldn’t help but laugh. Still, she didn’t ask anymore. Then, she leaned on the wall before she got up because she wanted to walk away from him.

Seeing how weird Aletta walked, the man knew that something was wrong. Unfortunately, Jason was still reluctant to ask about it. However, he saw that she suddenly staggered before he even had the time to ask her. He reflexively stretched out his hand to catch her by the waist. Indeed, something was wrong

Aletta was in so much pain that she didn’t have any strength to walk. The woman was sure that she would fall. To her surprise, she fell gently into someone’s arm which stunned her. When she realized that Jason caught her, she tried to break free. But Jason didn’t let him go.

Instead, the man coldly asked, “What’s wrong? You look like you want to die.”

She didn’t forget to retort, “Well, I may be. Can you let me go?”

Hearing her response made Jason look grim. His grip on her waist became even firmer. Aletta almost fainted because of how strong his grip was. Still, she managed to stay awake as she became even more puzzled by his action. Why didn’t he let her go?

Aletta just wanted everything to be over in order to live her life peacefully without involving her life with this person and

the Roger family. But Bonnie’s words came to her mind. It made her feel depressed. Why did she have to go through all of this?

Realizing that complaining wouldn’t do much, she regained her senses and told the man coldly, “Mr. Hill, please let me go! Don’t forget, you’re a family man! If someone sees us, it’ll ruin our reputations!”

When Jason heard it, he was shocked. What did she mean that he was a family man? Since when did he have a family? Also, what did she mean by ruining their reputations? Was it that hard for her to see him trying to help her?


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