Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 28

Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Just Be Honest If That Hurt

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Jason just looked at Aletta coldly as he gritted his teeth and told her, “Do you really think I want to help you? If only that I don’t give a fuck that you’ll burden the hospital staff by fainting on the floor, I wouldn’t even give a shit about you.”

After he said that, the man grabbed her by the waist without even waiting for her reaction. It happened so fast that the woman barely processed it. They were so close that she could feel his breath on her body. Aletta had to admit that this man was indeed a perfect sculpture made by God. How could someone be this handsome?

However, she quickly regained her senses as she tried to break free from his grip and said, “Jason, what are you doing? Let me down!”

This time, she sounded irritated, which made her move even more. Unfortunately, her stomach was affected by her

sudden movements, causing her to gasp in pain. As soon as the man heard it, he shouted at her firmly, “Just be honest if you’re hurt!”

Even if Aletta didn’t answer, her body gave away the answer. Her forehead was covered with cold sweat that made her even weaker. In fact, she didn’t have the energy to speak. Without further ado, Jason carried her to the emergency room. Immediately, the man put her on a chair and told the doctor, “Please take care of her.”

Luckily, there wasn’t any patient in the emergency room. The doctor asked her about her stomachache. Aletta still had the energy to tell the doctors, “Sorry to bother you, doctor. It seems my acute gastritis is coming because I’m pretty busy, so I may miss my lunch several times. Please prescribe some


medicine or infusion.”

Since Aletta herself was a doctor, she knew well about dealing with this kind of situation. The doctor quickly asked her if she had some allergies towards certain medicines before issuing a receipt for the woman. As soon as the doctor issued the receipt, she thanked the doctor.

Without being noticed by everyone in the emergency room, there was a small figure outside the emergency door. That small figure belonged to Otto who was wondering why his father hadn’t returned for quite a while. The moment he saw his father with his mother, the little boy was excited to see it. So, he came to the emergency room.

Realizing that his mother was sick too, the boy really wanted to go to care for her. However, Otto was afraid that he would reveal his secrets. So, he kept quiet.

Still, the little boy felt that this journey to the hospital was totally worth the price because he was assured that his parents’ relationship wasn’t as bad as he imagined. He judged it on his usually cold father’s response if someone was sick. This time, his father even carried his mother to see a doctor. Hence, he believed that his mother held a special place in his father’s heart.

Thinking of this, Otto became eager to let them be together again. His parents were always meant to be together. Otto was sure of it!

In the emergency room.

Chapter 28 Just Be Honest If That Hurt

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After Aletta got the prescribed medicine, the woman tried to get up by putting her hands to support her whole body. Seeing this, Jason just sighed as the man helped her by grabbing her waist firmly and carried her.

“Mr. Hill, I can walk by myself!” she told him insistently.

Constant touches with Jason really made Aletta upset. The woman felt anxious when she got closer to him. However, Jason sarcastically told her off, “Oh, come on! By the time you get there, you probably already died. Don’t burden the doctors even more!”

With that being said, the man brought her out from the chair. Again, the woman was left stunned without any choice. She just kept quiet, but her eyes kept looking at this man. It felt as if everything that happened before her eyes. was a dream.

A few years ago, the woman really craved his embrace. Yet, the man refused to care about her. When she no longer cared about him, he suddenly threw himself on her. How could she react?

But Aletta quickly brushed the thought off. After all, what Jason said was right. She didn’t want to burden those doctors. As soon as he put her to the nearest bed, she distanced herself as far as she could.

“Thank you, Mr. Hill, I’ll repay this favor today,” she said, sounding very polite.

When the man heard that she talked to him formally, it made him angry. Somehow, her distant and polite approach to him really pissed him off. Thus, he just responded coldly,

Chapter 28 Just Be Honest If That Hurt

“Do I care about your kindness?”

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The moment he left, the woman was confused with the hot- and-cold Jason. This man would always be an enigma to her for the rest of her life. Aletta was sure of it!


Jason finally left the emergency room. The man looked clearly angry as his footsteps became even louder. But his steps stopped when she passed by the nurse’s station. Hel gently knocked on the nurse station’s door.

One of the nurses raised her head to see him, making the nurse blush uncontrollably when she saw him. However, Jason seemed to not care about it as he instructed her, “The patient in room 1302 needs an infusion, please go there quickly.”

The nurse immediately did what he said. As soon as he left the nurse’s station, Jason went back to Nina’s ward. When he arrived, the little girl had already woken up. She seemed to be talking to Otto about something. Those two children. looked very adorable that made him warm up his anger.

After that, the man entered the room to sit next to Nina’s bed. He gently asked his lovely daughter, “Are you still feeling sick?”

Nina immediately responded by hugging his huge arm as she shook her head. Seeing that she seemed to be alright, his expression softened.

“Nina, why did you become so clingy when you got sick?” he asked her.

Chapter 28 Just Be Honest If That Hurt

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The girl wrote the answer on her notebook that she brought every day.

[It’s because I like you, Daddy!]

Jason had no idea that Otto just told her that both their parents just hugged earlier. While the man might not know the real reason the girl acted like this, he felt happier to see that the girl felt better which in turn made it even better for him. The oblivious man also didn’t notice that his son had been paying attention to his change of mood since the mant entered the door.

Seeing that their father was happy because of Nina’s subsiding fever, Otto asked out loud, “Daddy seemed unhappy just now, what’s wrong? Did someone mess with you?”

“No, nothing.”

Being asked by his son made him recall Aletta’s indifferent expression. So, he just modified his answer, “Well, a wild cat pissed Daddy off earlier.”


The wild cat Jason mentioned was now getting an infusion. Since Aletta couldn’t go home in time, she had no choice but to call Lucas and Lyla. As soon as her call was connected, two lively voices came from the phone, “Mommy, what’s wrong? Are you coming back?”

“No, Mommy and your godmother are currently in the hospital. We haven’t finished their work yet. You may be home two hours late tonight. Take a shower first, then go to


Chacter 28 Just Be Honest If That Hurt

bed. Don’t wait for Mommy, okay?” she told the children lovingly.

“Okay!” they said in unison.

These two children were always well-behaved. In fact, they didn’t forget to tell her, “You should also pay attention to rest, don’t work too hard, okay?”

“Mommy, get some rest, okay? Your body has to be strong to treat others!” Lyla added.

What the little girl on the other side really warmed Aletta’s heart. In fact, their voices made her body feel a lot better. The woman let out a huge smile as she talked back, “Okay, I understood. Good night, sweet darlings!”

“Good night!” the children responded back before they ended the call.


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