Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 3

Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 3

Chapter 3 This Man Is Daddy

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Seeing the silly and cute expressions of the two kids, Aletta only thought that her kids were so cute!

She couldn’t help squatting down and gently pinching their little faces.

“But it’s really cute to be dressed like this. When your godmother sees you, she definitely will be fascinated!”

She could imagine how excited Flora would be when she saw

these two kids.

“Let’s go. Don’t make Annie wait too long.” As she spoke, she planned to hold their hands.

But the little girl timidly hid behind the boy.

The boy Otto came to his sense and asked with a hesitant expression on his face, “Miss, are… are you confusing us with someone else?”

Now it was Aletta’s turn to be surprised.

She felt amused, “Confuse you with someone else? I gave birth to you. How can I confuse you with someone else? You little brat, how dare you call me Miss? Did Lyla watch some TV show and ask you to put on a show with me?! ”

Man is Daddy

Lyla liked role-playing the most!

Aletta coaxed softly, “You can do it at home and I can

accompany you to perform. But we just returned from

abroad, and I have a lot of things to do. So I won’t play this time, okay? Let’s go…”

With that, she wanted to hold their little hands.

But Otto became more vigilant.

Aletta couldn’t help being amused.

Was he addicted to acting?

“Could it be a play of amnesia this time? If that’s the case, then I will prove it, okay?” She took out her phone and opened the photo album, “Here, do you see that? The photos of you two, since you were born, are all there!”

Otto looked at the phone screen in front of him and was completely stunned.

He was certain that he didn’t know the beautiful lady in front of him.

But there were photos of them on her phone!


Chapter 3 This Man Is Daddy

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No, to be more precise, they were photos of two kids who looked exactly like them!

What was going on?

While Otto was in a daze, Aletta put away her phone and said, “Can we go now?”

Without waiting for their response, she picked them up and walked back.

She didn’t notice at all that there was something wrong with the two kids.

Otto blinked.

He originally wanted to struggle.

But because of the photos just now and the indescribable intimacy of this young lady, he hesitated.

He had to figure it out.

Thinking of this, he wanted to comfort her younger sister Nina.

Nina was shy of strangers. She wouldn’t let anyone touch her except him, their grandparents, and daddy.


Chapter 3 This Man Is Daddy

Unexpectedly, Nina didn’t have any fear on her face. Instead, she stared curiously at the young lady…

At the airport, Annie was accompanying the two kids, waiting for Aletta to come back.

But after she waited for a while, Aletta still didn’t come back.

Lucas couldn’t help discussing with Lyla, “Let’s go look for Mommy. Mommy might get lost again.”

Aletta’s sense of direction had never been very good, and getting lost at the airport had happened more than once.

Annie was also skeptical, and immediately said, “I’ll go with you.”

But Lucas refused, “No, Annie, you should stay and look after the luggage here. There is a lot of luggage and it’s

inconvenient to push it around. We’ll go look for Mommy. Don’t worry. We won’t get lost!”

Annie hesitated for a moment. Thinking of how smart these two kids were, she immediately nodded, “Okay, then you guys go. Keep in touch!”

The two kids gave her an OK sign and ran away together hand


in hand.

Not long after they left, Aletta returned to Annie with the two kids in her arms.

Annie was surprised when she saw Aletta holding the two kids in her arms, “Why did you come back so soon? Didn’t you just leave?”

Besides, in the blink of an eye, why did the two kids… have changed their clothes?

Annie was confused and she was about to ask when Aletta’s phone rang.

It was Flora.

Aletta quickly put the kids down and answered the phone.

Flora’s cheerful voice quickly came from the other end of the phone, “Alta, have you arrived yet? I’m at the parking lot. You can see me when you come out.”

“We’ll be right there!” Aletta agreed, holding the kids’ hands while helping Annie pull the box in a hurry.

Seeing this, Annie forgot about it. She pushed the suitcase and left the airport with Aletta.


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Not far away, the real Lucas and Lyla watched their mommy and the others leaving in shock.

Lyla widened her big eyes, and asked in disbelief, “Lucas, have you… seen it? Why do the two kids in Mommy’s arms look exactly like us???”

Lucas also recovered from the shock and nodded, “I see.”

Lyla asked in confusion, “What’s going on? Did our souls go out of our bodies?”

“Stop watching supernatural TV dramas.” Lucas patted Lyla’s head and touched his chin, lost in thought, “I don’t know what’s going on, but is it possible that… those two are our younger brother and sister? They were born with us! Only in this way could Mommy get it wrong!”

“But how did it happen? Mommy clearly said that our brother and sister died.” Lyla scratched her head and looked puzzled.

Lucas was puzzled too.

Back then, their mommy had given birth to two boys and two girls.

He was the eldest and Lyla was the youngest.

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But now, the two children their mommy had thought were dead appeared.

There must be something wrong with it!

Lucas was more clever than his sister.

He suspected that his “dead” younger siblings might have been brought back from abroad, but their mommy didn’t know about it.

As for who had taken away his younger siblings, maybe it was their sc um bag daddy who had abandoned their mommy!

As soon as the thought came to his mind, a few bodyguards in black suits suddenly appeared behind them and surrounded them.

The young man in the lead said anxiously, “G o d… Little Mr. Hill, Little Mrs. Hill, you guys are hard for us to find!”

He was panting while talking, and he looked the two kids up and down.

After confirming that the kids were not injured, he murmured, “No wonder we couldn’t find you. You changed clothes! Come on, come back with us. Your father is angry.”

Chapter 3 This Man Is Daddy


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Without waiting for the two kids to react, he bent over and picked them up.

Lyla was taken aback, but she didn’t struggle because she recognized that the man holding them in his arms was Jason’s assistant Eaton!

When her brother Lucas looked up the information on the Hills, she had seen it!

Lucas became even calmer, even squinting his eyes.

It seemed that he had guessed it right!

His younger siblings he had met just now indeed had something to do with his scu mbag daddy!

Before returning from abroad, he had made up his mind to find a way to get close to Jason and teach him a good lesson.

Unexpectedly, it saved his effort now!

Lucas suddenly came up with an idea and gave Lyla a wink.

Lyla immediately took the hint and didn’t reveal her identity.

Soon the two kids were brought to the VIP room at the airport by Eaton and a group of bodyguards.


As soon as they entered the door, the siblings felt a tense atmosphere in the VIP room.

It was the man standing inside…


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When the two kids saw their sc um bag daddy for the first time, they were stunned.

There was no big difference from the information they had found.

Jason was a handsome man wearing a hand-made dark gray suit and a white shirt that was buttoned to the neckline meticulously. His two long legs were wrapped in trousers, looking abstinent and slender.


The shining cufflinks on his sleeves glowed coldly. With the aura exuding from his whole body, he was simply noble and cold.

“Mr. Hill, I’ve found Little Mr. Hill and Little Mrs. Hill.” Eaton walked up to Jason to report and put down the two kids at the same time.

Jason lowered his eyes and looked at the two kids who were brought back seriously.

Depressed emotions were brewing in his deep eyes, and the entire VIP room was filled with a strong sense of oppression.

The two kids looked at him, but they were not afraid at all.

seedway Mommy’s Rival in Love

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yla even approached Lucas and asked in a low voice, “Lucas, Is this our daddy? He’s so handsome!”

Hearing this, Lucas glared at her.

He whispered, “Don’t praise him! This is the heartless man who abandoned us and Mommy `back then!

“This time we’re here just to find out what’s going on with our younger siblings, understand?”

Lyla didn’t think that much.

But when she heard her brother’s words, she obediently nodded to show that she understood.

“Don’t you have anything to say?” At this time, Jason finally said in a very unhappy tone.

“You ran away from home. Do you think that no one outside would dare to do anything to you?”

Run away?

Hearing what he said, the two kids were taken aback.

Then they instantly realized something!

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at seemed that their sc um bag daddy didn’t treat their younge

Siblings very well.

Otherwise, how could the kids run away from home?

Lucas couldn’t help feeling a little thankful that he and Lyla had grown up with their mommy.

Their mommy had never treated them badly.

Seeing that Mr. Hill was getting colder, Eaton was afraid that he would lose his temper. So he quickly persuaded the two kids, “Little Mr. Hill, Little Mrs. Hill, why don’t you apologize?”

Eaton had been worried ever since these two kids disappeared.

While paying attention to Jason’s expression, he explained to the two kids, “This time, you misunderstood… Your father isn’t going to marry Ms. Rogers. The Rogers and the Hills are just business partners. They were just going to go to the neighboring city to discuss projects together, not to avoid you.”

“Be good. Calm down. Ms. Rogers has been sent away.”

When Lucas heard it, he found it clearer.

It turned out that his scu m bag daddy was going to marry the

cheeky fake daughter of the Roger family, so his younger siblings had run away from home!

Lucas looked cold, and asked, “Misunderstanding? How could it be a misunderstanding? You abandoned Mommy for Ms. Rogers. Could it be a lie?”

Lucas was angry and imposing as the man in front of him. He said word by word, “Now for Ms. Rogers, you’re likely to abandon me and my sister. Yes, we ran away from home, but it’s just what you want, right?!”

When Jason heard this, his face was extremely gloomy, and he asked sharply, “Where did you hear this?”

Over the years, few people in the Hills had dared to mention. the existence of that woman. How could the two kids know

about this?

Eaton shivered in shock and his face changed drastically.

Little Mr. Hill’s temper was still as tough as ever…

Fearing that the father and son would quarrel, he bravely went up to persuade, “Mr. Hill, maybe some ser va nt gossiped and Little Mr. Hill heard it. Please calm down!”

Then, he said to Lucas nicely, “Little Mr. Hill, that’s not the case. There was something else behind your father’s divorce. Now, your father doesn’t want to abandon you…”


“Stop fooling us. We are not three-year-old!” Lucas snorted coldly and yelled at Jason, “If not, how could you have been flirting with a woman for so many years?”

“My mother…” Lucas had a slip of tongue, but he quickly came to his sense. He remedied without blushing, “We watched it on TV, and it said that when you treat someone you don’t like, you should explain it directly instead of keeping it ambiguous. Do you think you can lie to us because we are young?!”

He sounded confident and spontaneous.

He wondered if there was something wrong.

But he didn’t care!

After finally meeting their scu m bag daddy Jason, he certainly should yell at Jason to avenge their mommy and themselves!

Lyla, who was standing beside him, nodded and agreed, “I think you are right…”

Jason was originally angry. But when he suddenly heard her angry voice, he couldn’t help but freeze.

Eaton and the bodyguards also stared wide-eyed in disbelief.

Little Mrs. Hill actually… spoke?


CUN &This Chared Acay Many thical in Love

The daughter of the Hill family Nina had been kidnapped two years ago!

This caused her to suffer from men tal illness later, and she had never spoken again.

Her daily communication was only expressed through writing.

When she didn’t speak, only her brother could understand what she wanted to say.

But now, she spoke!

Jason was stunned for a long time, and he was overjoyed. He immediately stepped forward and said softly, “Nina, what…did you just say?”

There was rare tension and excitement in his tone.

Lyla was startled by him, a little confused.

Why was Daddy so excited?

Did she say something extraordinary?

Did it seem… no?

Eaton also came to his sense, and exclaimed, overjoyed,



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