Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 30

Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 30

Chapter 30 The Feuding Bosses

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Eaton put the things aside, a little puzzled to see Jason’s face was full of depression-his brows were filled with displeasure. ‘What the heck does he want?’ he thought to himself. He couldn’t figure out what his Boss was thinking. If he cared about Aletta, he is the one who asked for a divorce in the first place. If he didn’t, why would he look for excuses to get closer to her.

For the first time, Eaton could not figure out what was on Jason’s mind. At the end he could only sigh at the sight. There was a saying that crossed his mind. ‘A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.’ So was Jason’s mind, he got his head spinning trying to figure them out.

Aletta left the hospital and came home late. When Daisy heard the noise, her drowsiness dissipated and she rose from the sofa to greet her.

“Aletta is that you?” She asked, half-guard.

“Yes, it’s me.” Aletta answered, closed the door behind her and locked it, “Where are the kids?” Aletta changed her shoes, walked in, and looked upstairs.

“In their room. Already sleeping.”

“You had dinner yet?” Daisy asked. “There’s soup in the kitjames. Would you like some?”

“No, I just ate before I got back.” Aletta smiled. She reached out to Daisy’s shoulder and gave it a gentle rub, “Daisy, it’s so late. It must be tiring waiting for me home that you fall asleep on the couch. Go to your room and have a good rest.”

“It’s alright. There’s nothing tiring about sitting here.”

Chapter 30 The Feuding Bosses

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Daisy smiled back, holding Aletta’s hand on her shoulder and gave it a pat.

That’s what she said, but Aletta saw the distressed look on her face. After a few more attempts of persuasions, Daisy complied and turned towards the living room to sleep.

Aletta went straight upstairs to the kids room, she turned the door slowly and found her kids sleeping soundly. Their bodies were curled up, their heads were put together, and their sleeping faces looked so innocent. Aletta’s heart softened, she tucked them in gently, kissed them one by one before going back to the room to wash up and rest.

The next morning, the stairs were loud from the children’s steps. Lyla and Lucas were running down the stairs and found their mother pouring milk in glasses then putting them on the table.

“Mommy!” Lyla, with a bright smile on her face, sprinted over and hugged Aletta’s leg.

“Mommy, did you get home late last night?” Lucas

followed. He remembered that he and his sister were waiting until they’re sleepy, but his mother hadn’t come home yet.

Aletta didn’t hide anything, saying, “Yeah, the discussion took a while.”

“That’s okay, Mommy.” Lucas nodded, smiling a face full of understanding, “Have they gotten any better?”

Aletta hugged the two of them, sat them down on the chair, “It’s still the same. But I have discussed with them that they will perform the surgery as soon as possible. They will


Chapter 30 The Feuding Bosses

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be better soon.” Speaking of this, she said to the child apologetically, “I’m sorry, Kids. Mommy has been busy since we returned to the country. I don’t spend much time playing you. Well, how about this, I’ll bring you out to play after a few days, deal?”

Instead of blaming her, they were being sensible. “It’s all right, Mommy. Business and Nina are more important.” Lucas quipped.

“Yes, we can go anytime after.” Lyla seconded with a soft voice. However, she was weak to lures. Her mind conjured up images of things she would do at the playground soon after she dropped the words.

Halfway through breakfast, she couldn’t help asking Aletta, “Mom, can we go to Universal Studios?”

“Of course.” Aletta laughed, but readily agreed.

“Sweet. You’re the best, Mom.” Lyla cheered, showing two thumbs up.

After breakfast, Aletta kissed the kids and went out to work. She had an early meeting as soon as she arrived. When the meeting was over, she called for Annie.

“Get ready to go to Hill Group and sign the contract.” Aletta’ s eyes were on her desk. She was sorting documents to give to Annie.

Annie was surprised, hearing this, thought to herself she might have heard it wrong.

“Are you sure, Ma’am?” Annie quickly asked. “Do you want to

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Pier 30 The Feuding Basses


“Hello, I’m Aletta from ZL Company. ZL has agreed to work with the Hill Group. Is it convenient to ask Mr. Hill in a meeting right now? If it’s convenient, I’ll go over to the Hill Group to finalize the contract.”

Eaton was a little surprised but soon recovered. He hurriedly put his hand on the microphone, came to Jason’s side and reported quietly.

“Sir, Aletta’s on the phone. ZL has agreed to cooperate and is coming over to sign the contract. What’s your time?”

Jason pondered. He was still in the hospital, but Nina’s fever has completely subsided, and she’s fine. He planned to take them home.

After hearing Eaton’s report, he took the phone

expressionlessly, walked out of the ward with long steps, and said in a calm tone, “I have a full schedule today. Come back at six in the evening.


Aletta was surprised to hear a different person answer the phone, and was stunned by the magnetic voice. After a while, she regained consciousness, she pursed her lower lip, and responded lightly, “Okay, Mr. Hill.”

Jason was a little upset with the address. Jason recalled the moment where he collided with the half-lifeless Aletta, then thought that she went to work at the company after she got sick, and now she was speaking in a worse tone.

“Aren’t you such a dedicated capitalist, Miss Aletta? Lost half of your life and went right back to work the next day. And come to think of it, your company makes only millions a month, right?”

Aletta was a little puzzled when she heard the man’s eccentric tone. ‘Have I offended him?’ she thought to herself.

“Not exactly. My company makes tens of millions a month,” she replied with a pout. “And is it wrong for someone to work hard?”

Jason sneered at the sound, “You and your boss friend. It’s a miracle the two of you managed to keep the company afloat.”

“Don’t worry about it. We make a lot of money.” Aletta retorted, adding, “I’ll be there at six p.m. Jason.”

After finishing speaking, he hung up the phone without waiting for Jason’s response.

Jason laughed angrily when he heard the busy tone coming from the phone.

“This woman.” Jason scoffed.


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