Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 31

Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Don’t Please Him

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Jason put away his phone, planning to go back to the ward. However, when he turned around, the man saw that his mother and Gail standing behind him. It could be seen, from their expressions, that the two of them obviously heard the conversation just then.

Jenny suddenly asked the man with some doubts, “Jason, why are you speaking in a sarcastic tone in the early morning? Who are you calling actually?”

Jason couldn’t understand what Jenny meant. She actually asked that question for searching some information or just to test him out?

So, Jason just responded to her lightly, “It’s from customer.”

Gail on the side clenched her fists. Although Jason didn’t say it clearly, she had already guessed it. The person who called him just then might be Aletta.

In fact, ZL Company had two bosses. Recently, Jason went to discuss cooperation with them. So, Jason made an

appointment with Aletta to meet in the evening.

However, Gail was so jealous that she was going insane and felt little bit uncomfortable.

‘Aletta! If you want to cooperate with Hill’s, you have to ask me first if I agree or not!’ Gail thought bitterly in her heart, but smiled gently on her face.

Gail took a few steps forward and asked Jason in a gentle tone, “Jason, is Nina’s condition better? I heard that she was hospitalized with a fever early in the morning. I was so worried all the way.

Chapter 21 Don’t Please Hum


Gail pretended to be very worried, trying to let Jason knew how much she cared about his child. However, Jason just answered indifferently, “She is fine.”

Seeing his indifferent attitude, Gail looked disappointed, but she still pretended to be relieved and said, “Thanks, God.”

Of course, Jenny could tell that Gail was working very hard and wanted to get close to her son. But unfortunately, her son didn’t know how to cooperate at all.

So, Jenny took the opportunity to say, “Look at how sensible Gail is. When she heard about Nina’s condition, she hurried. over early in the morning.”

Seeing that Jenny praised herself, Gail took advantage of the situation and said, “Auntie, Nina is very well-behaved and sensible kid. So, when I heard she got a fever, I should care about her.”

“Thanks for your caring, Gail,” Jenny said to Nina while taking Gail’s hand, hinting at her son again, “Jason, have you seen that?”

However, Jason ignored them and went straight into the ward.

Eaton had just packed Nina’s clothes, and when he saw Jason came back, he said, “Mr. Hill, the things have been packed and the procedures have been completed. We can go back now.”

“Alright.” Jason nodded, walked over to hug Nina, and held Otto with other hand.

Chapter 31 Don’t Please Him

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After coming out of the hospital, Jenny and Gail followed behind.

Before getting into the car, Jason said indifferently, “I’ll take them back, you can do whatever you want.”

After speaking, he took the children and walked away.

Jenny stood on the spot, looking at the rear of the car in the distance, feeling a little helpless, “He is really going too far….”

She couldn’t help looking at Gail and comforted her, “Gail, you must not take Jason’s attitude to heart.”

Gail showed a disappoint look, but she pretended to be optimistic, “It’s okay, Auntie. I don’t blame Jason for that. Moreover, I blame myself for not please Jason, whether it’s in life or job. In the end, I can’t help him, so he….”

As she spoke, Gail’s voice suddenly became hoarse, as if about to cry.

Jenny quickly said, “Gail, what nonsense are you talking about?”

She softened her tone and comforted Gail, “In the past few years, the perfumes you have participated in in the research and development of Hill Family have sold well. So, thanks to you that Hill Family can occupy such a large share in the perfume market. You’ve already made a great contribution for us.”

Gail couldn’t listen to these praises anymore. In fact, what Jenny said was somewhat exaggerated.


Chapter 31 Don’t Please Him

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Over the years, even though she joined Donovan’s and participated in the research and development of the perfume team, she also released several small hits.

But for a big company like Hill Family Group, it didn’t play a big role, not even could be notice by the market. Moreover, the reason why she had a place in the Donovan’s Team was because of her relationship with Donovan.

But then, Aletta was coming back and the company she belonged to was still ZL Company. Once the two parties reached a cooperative relationship, that light on Gail’s way would completely disappear.

So, when thinking of that, Gail found it hard to accept. She couldn’t help gritted her teeth and said, “No matter how well I do, it’s useless. In the end, I can’t compare to Aletta…”

Jenny’s face immediately changed when she heard it.

After looking at Jenny’s change expression, Gail seemed to realize that she said something that shouldn’t be said, so the woman quickly covered her mouth.

Jenny asked directly, “Gail, what do you mean by that?”

Gail secretly delighted in her heart. On the face, she looked panic-stricken and hurriedly denied, “No… nothing!”

Jenný turned cold and said, “You just mentioned Aletta. What’s going on actually?”

Gail bit her lips and said with embarrassment, “Auntie… I’m sorry, I can’t say it. So, just pretend you didn’t hear it,


Chapter 21 Don’t Please Him


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The more that happened, the more Jenny concluded that there must be something wrong. Jason’s mother couldn’t help thought that Aletta was doing something shameless. again.

Thinking of that, she couldn’t help becoming anxious. “How could I pretend that I didn’t hear it! Jenny, tell me honestly, what did Aletta do? What did you mean by what you just said?”

Gail hesitated for a long time, before she reluctantly opened her mouth to tell Jenny everything that had happened in the past few days.

After Jenny heard it, her face was darkened, then she said angrily, “It’s ridiculous! Jason is so confused, why do you have to be entangled with that woman indistinctly?”

Speaking of that, she blamed Gail again, “Gail, why didn’t you tell me earlier about this matter? Do you have to wait for that woman to do her best to get Jason into her palm, then you are willing to tell me?”

“It’s Jason’s decision after all. I know, I can never change…” Gail lowered her eyes and continued powerlessly, “Auntie has also seen that I have been by his side all these years and tried my best. However, he has always been alienated from me. What position do I have then? It is even rumored outside that I am Jason’s fiancée, but Jason doesn’t seem to think so, I…”

Speaking of that, the woman smiled self-deprecatingly. Even, before Gail finished speaking, she was about to cry.

Chapter 31 Don’t Please Him

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Seeing her expression, Jenny’s anger suddenly subsided. Then, at the same time, she felt a little regretful. Aletta was to blame for her anger at Gail after all.

Jenny pondered for a while and comforted her, “Jenny, don’t be sad. I will take care of this matter as soon as possible.”

Hearing that, Gail quickly took her hand and begged in a hypocritical manner, “Auntie, forget it. Don’t discuss about it with Jason. I don’t want this matter cause unpleasant troubles for both of you. I don’t care how Jason treats me after all. Even if he doesn’t love me, I will always love and guard him for the rest of my life.”

Jenny couldn’t help being moved when she heard this. She was so touched by Gail’s sensibility and gentleness. At the same time, when thinking of her son’s temper, Jenny felt that what Gail said was somewhat reasonable.

Jenny nodded in agreement, “You are right. Even if I discuss about this matter with Jason, he will definitely not take it seriously. Also maybe, he will quarrel with me in the end.”

However, after thinking about it, Jenny sneered, “But, if we can’t discuss it with Jason, we can just find Aletta then.


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