Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 34

Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Get Involved by This Man


Time was showing half past five in the afternoon. Aletta just finished her business when she received Eaton’s address. She packed up her things and prepared to go out for the appointment. As a result, Flora came over. Flora didn’t visit her mother in the hospital in the afternoon, but came over to see how Aletta took over.

She heard Annie talk about this when she first arrived. She couldn’t sit still any longer, and hurried over to Aletta’s office.

As soon as she saw someone, she immediately asked, “I heard from Annie that you want to cooperate with Hill’s Group? Is it true?”

“How did you come here?” Aletta asked first before answering.

Flora said, “My brother went to the hospital to take care of my mom in the afternoon, so I’ll come over and have a look… Now it’s your turn to answer me, so is it true?”

“I have this plan.” Aletta answered truthfully.

Flora somewhat disagreed, “Alta, I know that you are thinking about the interests of the company, but I hope that you will not harm yourself because of this matter.”

“Back then, the Hill family bullied and intimidated a lot of people. You finally achieved what you are today. What makes you want to see their faces? Besides, aren’t you worried that Jason would know the existence of the two treasures?”

“I was really worried before, but now I think there’s need to


Chapter 34 Get Involved by This Man

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worry! First of all, because I don’t want to have trouble with the money! Jason took the initiative to cooperate with the money, how could he not accept it? Second, you also said that he and Gail have a child… Given how much he cares about Gail, I’m afraid he doesn’t care about the existence of my two treasures.”

When Aletta said this, her expression was extremely calm. But something deep within her was a flashing self-mockery hidden beneath.

Flora didn’t see it, but still objected, “But… Jason’s mother came to make your life miserable. If you insist on going, she still doesn’t know how to deal with you later!”

Aletta saw that she was worried, and was slightly touched in her heart. But there was a laugh on her face, “I’m not sure who will deal with who! She tried in vain to prevent me from getting involved with Jason, but I did it anyway! Because… I just love witnessing how she can’t understand me, and can’t do anything about me.”

Flora was stunned for a moment, and then laughed too. “It seems that I was worrying about you for nothing. Miss Aletta. You haven’t been bullied at all, have you?”

“Of course! I’m no longer the Poor-Aletta from a few years ago.”

Aletta smiled and groaned, exuding natural confidence and charm all over her body.

Seeing her like this, Flora finally figured it out, and quickly agreed, “If this is the case, then you really have to go with the plan, I won’t stop you! But, can you deal with Jason?”

Chapter 34 Get Involved by This Man

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That man was her former sweetheart. That was why he was notoriously difficult to deal with!

“Of course, don’t worry!” Aletta said, swearing.

After talking with Flora for a few more words, they went to the Grande Hotel to make an appointment. It was exactly six o’clock when they arrived at the hotel. Jason was already waiting there, staring at the time on his watch.

Seeing Aletta enter the door, he lazily raised his eyes, and said lightly, “I thought Miss Aletta wasn’t going to be on time.”

Aletta responded in a detached tone, “I have always been on time in business affairs.”

Jason glanced at her, then retracted his gaze, and greeted, “Sit down!”

Aletta didn’t move, and stood there. She was a little

suspicious in her heart. She thought that she could leave right after signing the documents. But look at this man, why did he look like he want to have a meal? Could it be that he still had an appointment?

Thinking of this, Aletta immediately said, “President Hill, if you have another appointment, let’s we sign the document first, and I’ll leave after our business has done, so I won’t disturb you.”

Jason’s expression did not change, but his voice became colder, “I’ve just met you! I’ve been busy all day, I didn’t have much time to eat. So I don’t want to talk about

business right now. Yes, I will sign the contract, but later.


Chapter 34 Get Involved by This Man


Now you just sit down, don’t talk nonsense, wait for me to eat and let’s talk when we’re done.”

Aletta was a little stunned.

Seeing her strange expression, Jason felt uncomfortable, so he couldn’t help but indifferently said, “Miss Aletta, after a business deal in your company, don’t you have the habit of inviting customers to dinner? What is Hill Group for you? We are also a big customer of your company, right?”

Aletta blinked, regained her consciousness, and thought it was funny, “Isn’t President Hill saying the opposite? Your company came to me for this cooperation, so it’s up to you to invite me.”

After hearing her words, Jason made a very soft voice from his throat, as if he was smiling.

“In this case, let me invite you, what do you want to eat?” He handed the menu to Aletta, “Order yourself.”

Aletta took the menu. After she got it, she realized that she… seemed to have been entangled by this man! She frowned slightly.

It seemed that if she didn’t have dinner with him tonight, this person would not sign the contract! If that was the case, then she could just kill him severely! He was the one who has a lot to do!

Thinking about it, Aletta began to order food. She randomly selected a few signature dishes, each of which was expensive. Anyway, she didn’t pay the bill herself, so it made her mood gradually improved.


Chapter 34 Get Involved by This Man

Jason glanced lightly, but didn’t say anything.

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Grande Hotel served the dishes very quickly, and when they were all on the table, Aletta realized that she had ordered a bit too much. The large table was full like a full banquet! Holding the chopsticks, she was at a loss as to which dish to start with.

When Jason saw her expression, the corner of his mouth. curled up in a cold arc, “What? You don’t like it?”

“No.” Aletta pursed her lips and replied, and finally started to move her chopsticks.

Jason glanced at her, said nothing, and soon began to eat. He ate elegantly and had a cold temper. During the dinner, he didn’t say a word. Aletta also had nothing to say. She really enjoyed the dinner but suddenly she felt a little dazed.

She remembered that a few years ago, she was at home every day, waiting for him to come back for dinner. But every time the food was cold, he was nowhere to be seen. At that time, having a meal with him was a luxury.

Now this man took the initiative to invite himself, although it was only because of business matters… Aletta still felt ironic inexplicably. She lost her appetite and put down her chopsticks.

“You ordered so many foods, and now you just stop like that?” Seeing this, Jason couldn’t help but slightly frowned, and looked over.

“I’m stuffed.” Aletta responded in a calm tone.

Chapter 34 Get Involved by This Mant

Jason frowned even more tightly. He remembered that night in the hospital, when he picked up Aletta’s body, she was so light weight. No wonder she was so skinny!

He couldn’t help but sarcastically said, “If the stomach. problem breaks out again later, no one will save you.”

Aletta responded with a smile, “Then I won’t bother you.”


At this time, at the Hill Villa.

Otto held the computer in his arms, staring at the Grande Hotel CCTV displayed on the screen seriously. Nina sat next to him, propped her chin with her little hands, and tilted her little head to watch together.

She didn’t know her brother’s actions and intentions, so she took out a pen and wrote on the paper, “?”

Otto looked at her younger sister’s curious expression, hesitated for a moment, and said to Nina, “I want to match Mommy and Daddy together.”


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