Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 36

Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Other People Might Think That I Had Feelings for You

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Jason couldn’t help but subconsciously move two steps to the side, widening the distance between both Gail and himself. At the same time, the man still kept eye contact with Aletta. As for Aletta herself, she just stood there before she focused her gaze on those documents she had been holding.

It looked as if both Gail and Jason before her didn’t really matter to her. Little did those two know that she was extremely agitated. In particular, that moment when Gail called Jason very intimately that made her somehow feel pissed.

Seeing that Aletta seemed indifferent toward him and Gail, Jason’s eyes darkened as if he wanted to tell Aletta that he didn’t like her being indifferent. Gail wasn’t blind, she could see that Jason was irked because of Aletta. She tried to suppress her feelings as she put on her usual fake warm smile as she said, “Aletta, I didn’t expect that Jason’s client tonight is you. If I had known, I would’ve come.”

Clearly, Gail wanted to show how intimate she was with Jason as she added, “The last time we met in the party, we ran into some troubles. I’m so sorry that I didn’t have the time to apologize to you.”

However, Aletta could see through Gail’s bullshit. Somehow, Gail’s overly sweet facade really wanted to make Aletta herself vomit because it was just too fake. Thus, she tried her best to not vomit by ignoring that bitch.

She told Jason coldly, “Since I’ve settled the company’s affairs, I’ll leave. I won’t bother the two of you.”

Chapter 36 Other People klight Think That I Had Feelings for You

After she said that, she quickly picked up her phone and bag to leave the room. Seeing that she was being ignored, Gail was upset. She cursed inwardly, ‘How dare this bitch try to ignore me! I can’t just let her leave like this!’

Gail became even more determined to make Aletta suffer. The former pretended to shout eagerly in hopes of making the latter stay longer as the former tried to run to make her stay. Unfortunately, she tripped over the chair next to her that made her fall to the floor instantly.

Since Gail thought that Jason would definitely catch her, she felt that it would piss Aletta even more by seeing how close Gail and Jason were. To her surprise, Jason didn’t even help her. There she was on the floor, looking like an idiot as she looked at the man angrily.

Meanwhile, Aletta, who could see that Gail’s plan didn’t work, was smirking as she made a scathing remark, “Gosh, Gail, have you ever thought that I could see you through those tricks of yours after all these years? It’s really obvious that you want to make me mad.”

Hearing Aletta’s scathing remark, Jason couldn’t help but be stunned over it. The man looked at her, visibly complicated. He obviously could hear that Aletta was insinuating that Gail fell down the stairs back then. Jason then lowered his eyes, looking at Gail coldly.

Feeling that she was cornered, Gail became even more panicked as she quickly explained, “No, Aletta, you

misunderstood me. I was just too anxious, so I didn’t notice this chair.”

Chapter 36 Other People Might Think That I Had Feelings for You

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But Aletta still could see through Gail’s bullshit and sneered as she coldly told Gail and pointed at Jason, “Stand still, then. Don’t tell me that you’re being pushed by me again, okay? We’ve got a witness here. Also, I think I’ve got nothing to say to you. Next time you see me, just pretend that we don’t really know each other. I’m disgusted with you!”

The moment Aletta said that, the woman didn’t even spare a glance to Gail as she coldly walked out of the room. When Jason saw her leaving, the man instinctively wanted to chase her. However, he was stopped by Gail who was still on the floor. The woman tearfully looked at him, signaling to him that she wished to be pitied by him.

She then said, “Jason, you’ve got to trust me! I really didn’t mean that, I really just want to apologize to Aletta!”

Surprisingly to Gail, Jason glared at her as he told her firmly, “She definitely didn’t need it. Why are you still bothering her? Also, you know I’m here to meet clients. So, why do you still come to meddle?”

His cold response really shocked her, but she quickly tried to explain, “I just wanted to come in and say hello, I-”

Jason immediately cut her off before she finished what she said, “What’s your relationship with the clients? You dared to come here, but in what capacity are you going to greet him?”

This time, Jason really looked pissed that frightened Gail. The woman might never have thought that doing this by herself would make him so angry. Her eyes immediately reddened as she tearfully said, “I’m sorry for not thinking about that, Jason.”

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Chapter 25 Other People light

| Feelings for

Even if she was crying pitifully now, Jason didn’t pity her. Instead, the man just warned her coldly, “I don’t want what happened today to happen again, okay?”

As soon as he said that, the man rushed in to take his coat to get out. When he was already out of the room, he instructed Eaton to handle Gail whom the assistant obediently did. As for Gail, the woman still sat on the floor. She couldn’t understand what had just happened. After all, she was nice and polite. Yet, why would that offend Jason very much?

The moment Eaton entered the room, the man just took a glance as he led her out of the room. Frankly, he never felt any sympathy for her. His boss hated other people barging into his office, especially when it came to business deals. Yet, this woman dared to do that which obviously irked his boss.

Was she an idiot or what? What she did was an extremely stupid move. If she still dared to do this, only God knew what would happen to her!

The moment Jason got out of his office, he quickened up his pace to catch up with Aletta. Although the man had no idea why he would be this anxious, he still felt that he had to catch up to her. Nevertheless, it wasn’t supposed to be an issue because Aletta was still standing at the elevator’s door


Since it was lunchtime, there were lots of people who used the elevator that made it longer for ehr to wait. To her

Chapter 36 Other People Might Think That I Had Feelings for You

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shock, she saw Jason who came behind her. After the man stood next to her, he couldn’t help but take her hand as they walked side by side. It caught the woman off-guard, but she immediately kept her cool as she asked, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“I’ll bring you to the VIP elevator,” he responded without thinking.

The moment she heard that, Aletta looked at her coldly. Who was going to take the elevator with them? It sounded so fishy.

“Don’t bother, I’ll just take this elevator,” she said.

When Aletta tried to get out of his grip, she struggled a lot because his grip was a firm one. Before she managed to get off, Jason forcefully brought her to the VIP elevator. She felt extremely annoyed. The woman really had no idea why he would do this.

Seeing that she was already in the elevator, the woman had no choice but to resign to her fate and asked, “Do your grandpa know about your inappropriate behavior? If you do this, you’ll only put me at a disadvantage. Other people might think that I’ve got feelings for you. You’ve got to think about it.”

Thinking of what just happened in the office just now and Jenny’s warning to her made Aletta even more upset. Meanwhile, the man just stared at her face blankly as he asked her with a cool tone, “Who would think that you’ve got something for me?”

After Jason returned here, the two of them met again.

Chapter 36 Other People Might Think That I Had Feelings for You

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Clearly, Aletta avoided him. She sneered and said, “Everyone from your family thinks so, even Gail. Do you think she came to your office just to s


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