Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 4

Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 4

Chapter 4 They Chased Away Mommy’s Rival in Love

“Little Mrs. Hill, are you finally willing to speak?”

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“Nina, can you…can you speak to me again?” Jason asked her cautiously. His anger just now was blown away by this sudden surprise.


The two kids were stunned.

Their scu mbag daddy’s proposal was very strange, and what did he mean…

Could it be that he meant Nina couldn’t speak?

Lyla instantly realized that she had accidentally made a mistake. So she simply pretended to be dumb and never spoke again.

Otherwise, it would be exposed!

No matter how much Jason tried to persuade her, it was


His daughter seemed to turn back into that autistic girl in an


Eaton saw the disappointment in Jason’s eyes, and comforted him, “Mr. Hill, Little Mrs. Hill should have been emotional just


now, so she spoke…Take your time. Everything will be fine.”

Jason nodded and was silent for a few seconds, “Forget it.”

Due to the joy and shock brought by his daughter, Jason didn’t want to pursue what had happened just now, and said, “What has happened today is indeed a misunderstanding. I will explain it to you again. I’m not getting married! So…don’t run away from home again!”

With that, he bent over and picked up the kids skillfully and naturally.

Lucas frowned and was about to struggle.

But the moment he was held in Jason’s arms, he felt… quite comfortable.

Moreover, there was an unprecedented sense of security!

Lyla felt the same way.

They were kids after all. So they chose to shut up tacitly in the end and let Jason carry them away.

Chapter 4They Don’t Like You Near Them

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At the same time, Aletta took the two kids and went to the parking lot to meet her best friend Flora.

Flora took the time to pick them up from the hospital.

Flora and Aletta hadn’t seen each other for a while. Aletta saw that Flora had lost a lot of weight, so she couldn’t help hugging Flora.

After getting into the car, Aletta asked with concern, “How is your mother doing now?”

“It’s still the same, not very good.” Flora sounded a little tired.

Aletta nodded and comforted her, “Don’t worry. I’m back. I’ll take time to visit her later, and I’ll find a way to heal her.”

“Okay.” Knowing that her best friend Aletta’s medical skills were excellent, Flora intended to ask Aletta to take a look at

her mother.

It happened at dinnertime. So Flora booked a restaurant called Grande Hotel for dinner in advance to welcome them.

After entering the private room, Flora was finally in the mood to tease the two kids. She immediately opened her hands and said, “Kids, come and give me a hug!”

The two kids were startled.


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They hid behind Aletta and tugged at her sleeves tightly with a very resistant attitude.

Flora was stunned for a moment, and then said very sadly, “Kids, didn’t you say you miss me? Why don’t you let me touch you?

“I’m so heartbroken…”

After Aletta saw it, she was also very surprised.

The two kids were usually not shy of people. When they go out, they wanted people from all over the world to come and hug them.

The kids had always been intimate with Flora during video calls. Why did they become shy when they met Flora?

“What’s wrong?” Aletta immediately knelt and asked softly.

Facing her gentle gaze, Otto felt a sense of relief.

His mind was racing, and he said quickly, “Oh, nothing. It’s just a little sudden…Sorry.”

He turned his head to look at Flora, and tried his best to


pretend to be natural, “Ms. Smith, can we order first? My sister and I are hungry.”

“Oh!” Seeing the little boy talking to her, Flora immediately cheered up, “Okay, let’s order now. Don’t starve the two kids.”

After ordering, Flora turned her attention to the two kids.

Lyla hadn’t spoken since she left the airport.

“Lyla, why don’t you talk?”

She was not as lively as she had been during video calls!

Aletta followed up and asked, “You were chattering just now. Why didn’t you talk anymore? Could it be that you’re still immersed in the show and can’t come out?”

Nina blinked her big eyes, met her gaze, and said nothing.

Before Otto figured out what was going on with the two kids he had seen on the phone, he was worried that his sister would be caught. So he explained to Aletta, “No, my sister just said that her throat was a little uncomfortable, so she didn’t speak.”

Aletta suddenly became nervous, “How are you feeling?”

Did she eat something bad?

Or did she have an inflammation?

She was so worried that she hurriedly comfort, “Come on, open your mouth and let me take a look!”

Otto looked sideways slightly, winking at his sister.

Taking the hint, Nina hesitated for a while before choosing to open her mouth.

Aletta checked but found no problem. She said in confusion, “It seems all right…”

Annie nodded to the side, also puzzled, “Weren’t you fine at the airport just now?”

In the end, Otto found an explanation, “Maybe it’s because she didn’t drink enough water. Also, she’s in a strange environment and she’s not used to it. Let her take her time. Maybe she’ll be fine later.”

“Is that so…” Aletta believed it, and immediately poured a glass of water for her daughter.


After leaving the airport, Jason also came to the Grande Hotel with his two kids.



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