Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 44

Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 44

Chapter 44 You’re Finally Ditching Gail Rogers 

Jason Hill’s forehead twitched slightly, and he said in a cold voice, “Speak well.”

What do you mean, he went out to have an affair?

Eaton Brown next to him gave Ray White a thumbs up,” Mr. White, your nose is still so sensitive, you can smell it!”

My young master also stayed with Ms. Aletta Rogers for a long time. It is estimated that the two came over when they were in contact.

“Master’s nose has always been good.”

Ray White said triumphantly, and then gossiped, “Tell me, what’s going on? Are you finally going to abandon Gail Rogers and find a new love? Whose lady?”

Jason Hill didn’t bother to talk to the man.

A big man who likes to inquire about other people’s affairs so much.

“If you have the skill, why don’t you study psychology

more? It’s been a long time, and Nina hasn’t gotten better. What’s the use of you?”

Jason Hill finished talking to him in disgust, and went directly upstairs to change.

Seeing that Jason Hill couldn’t ask any questions, Ray White simply pulled Eaton Brown aside and asked, “If your father doesn’t say anything, then tell me? Who is he dating?”

Eaton Brown coughed lightly,” Mr. White, you’d better ask yourself about my grandfather, I can’t say anything.”

Ray White grabbed his neck and said, “You’re so boring, aren’t you? We’re so close! Be honest, I promise I won’t tell anyone!”

Eaton Brown shook his head and closed his mouth tightly, despite Ray White’s coercion and lure, he refused to reveal anything.

Unable to get an answer, Ray White suddenly became anxious …

At this time, the door of the study room opened.

Ray White thought that the two children had come out after class, so he immediately stopped asking.

Then he turned his head and saw Mr. Tyson with a dazed look on his face.

Seeing this, Ray White asked with a puzzled look,” Mr. Tyson, what’s wrong with you? Why do you have a suspicious expression on your life?”

Mr. Tyson glanced at him and said with a frustrated expression, “Is Nina dissatisfied with me recently?”

Jason Hill just finished changing his clothes and went downstairs. When he heard this sentence, his expression became slightly restrained, and he asked, “What’s going on?”

Mr. Tyson said, ” Nina still refuses to write well today.”

As he spoke, he handed over a piece of pen that Nina wrote this morning to write.


Jason Hill glanced at the font on it, it was crooked, and it was written like ghostly characters.

He frowned immediately!

Ray White on the side gave a’huh’ and said, “Amazing, Mr. Tyson, do you know how to use this type of font?”

Mr. Tyson said with a sad and angry expression, “I can’t! I didn’t teach it at all!”

“You didn’t teach?”

Now it was Ray White’s turn to be surprised, “You didn’t teach me, so how could Nina do it? Couldn’t she be self- taught?”

After finishing speaking, he was full of surprise, “Then baby Nina is too talented!”

Mr. Tyson was said to be confused, and asked Ray White for no reason, “Where do you start with this?”

Ray White took the piece of paper, pointed to the font on it, and said to him, “This is the way doctors write


As soon as these words came out, not only Mr. Tyson was shocked, but Jason Hill was also slightly surprised, and asked him, “Are you sure about that word?”

“Of course, I will definitely not admit my mistake.”

Ray White nodded, “I’m a psychiatrist anyway, and I usually prescribe medicine. I’m most familiar with this font.”

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Chapter 44 You’re Finally Ditching Gail Rogers

A few people were talking, Lucas and Lyla over there happened to come out of the study room.

The two were slightly startled when they heard Ray White’s words.

Was discovered?

They won’t reveal their secrets, will they?!

The two children were worried, and Jason Hill over there had spotted them.

At that moment, the man beckoned and signaled them to

come over.

Lucas and Lyla looked at each other, seeing that they couldn’t hide, they had to obediently step forward.

When Jason Hill approached his daughter, he asked directly, “When did you learn this?”

Lyla hesitated, not knowing how to answer.

It can’t be said that this is what she learned from mommy, right?

Lucas knew his sister was in a dilemma, so he had an idea, and immediately said,” Nina learned it from watching videos!”

“No way, you can learn this by watching videos?”

Ray White was clearly disbelieving.

Lyla nodded her head with a’really’ expression on her face.


Chapter 44 You’re Finally Bitching

Ray White stared at the little girl thoughtfully.

He always feels weird…

Even if Nina is a genius, she can’t be so evil, right?

What exactly is going on?

It was about Nina, Ray White did not dare to slack off, and immediately gave Jason Hill a wink.

Jason Hill received his hint, and said to Mr. Tyson, “Come here first today, and come back in a few days.”


Mr. Tyson didn’t think much, thinking that Jason Hill wanted the child to rest for a few days, and left soon.

After the people left, Ray White squatted down and pulled Nina gently.

Nina, you haven’t chatted with Uncle Ray for a while, let’s talk, I heard, you talked a few days ago, is it true?”

His voice is gentle and friendly.

Lyla hesitated for a moment, nodded without resisting.

Ray White was very satisfied with her cooperation, and asked again,”Then can Nina try to speak now?”

Lyla froze for a moment, then shook her head decisively.

This is no good!

My sister can’t speak. If she did, wouldn’t it be

re Finally Ditching


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embarrassing for her?

“Okay, this can take your time.”

Seeing this, Ray White didn’t force her, but said, “However, I can see that baby Nina has made great progress, so today, let’s learn a new recovery method … ”

When Ray White was talking to Nina, Jason Hill was watching from the side, his mind was on his daughter, and he didn’t plan to go to the company.

Based on his understanding of Ray White, this kid

sometimes has an out-of-character personality, but he has his own intentions in everything he does.

Moreover, he is Nina’s psychiatrist. Based on what happened just now, it seems that there is something wrong with Nina.

It’s about the baby girl, so Jason Hill naturally dare not relax.

Ray White sat in the living room with Lyla, talking for a long time like an ordinary chat, and the chat lasted for an hour.

Lucas watched from the side.

He didn’t understand Ray White’s intentions, but he always felt that he should be vigilant.

But after listening for a long time, they were all common problems, and I didn’t find any clues…

By the time Ray White finished chatting with Lyla, the little girl was already dizzy.

She didn’t understand what the uncle said at all.

But in order not to reveal her secrets, she tried her best to deal with it.

It was finally over, and immediately ran away with my brother!

Looking at the backs of the two children, Ray White’s expression was somewhat serious.

He and Jason Hill entered the study room.

As soon as he entered, Jason Hill couldn’t wait to ask, “What did you find?”


Ray White thought about it, and said frankly to him,” Nina’s situation seems to be improving, she has become at communicating with people.”

“I used to ask her questions, and if she answered me with one out of ten sentences, I would be thankful, but today, she responded to every sentence.”

Hearing this, Jason Hill twitched his brows and asked, “Then Nina is recovering quickly?”

“No… ”

Ray White frowned slightly, apparently feeling that the situation was not optimistic.

He said, “It’s not a good thing to recover so quickly! Jason, you are usually busy, so you may not have noticed some small details. But just now, during the chat, I found that Nina is not the same as before.”


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