Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 46

Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 46

Chapter 46
I still remember that when she first returned to Rogers
Family, Jane Blake pretended to be kind and took her out to meet friends.
In the end, he teamed up with a group of friends to deliberately trick her into drinking the lemonade for washing hands, causing her to lose face in a high-end restaurant.
Later, it even became the laughing stock of the circle.
Thinking of this, Aletta Rogers’ face darkened, and his mood plummeted.
I didn’t expect to meet them here…
What a bad luck!
Gail Rogers was extremely natural, with a gentle smile, he took the initiative to greet,” What a coincidence, Aletta .”
Jane Blake looked at Aletta Rogers with a slightly shocked expression.
The opponent has changed too much!
However, Jane Blake quickly regained her composure, with a malicious smile on the corner of her mouth, and said, “It’s been a long time, Aletta Rogers!”
Aletta Rogers ignored them, ignored them as if they were air, and turned to the clerk politely, “Please wrap it up for me, thank you.”
chess set from the counter, and planned to pack it.
Unexpectedly, Jane Blake snorted coldly, “Slow down!”
We were the ones who saw this chess first, so why should I wrap it for her?”
Aletta Rogers knew that the other party was deliberately finding fault, and her expression became a little colder.
Seeing this, Jane Blake was not afraid at all, but instead said arrogantly,”Don’t you know what it means to come first, first come first?”
Aletta Rogers’ eyes were cold and cold, “Shouldn’t you be asking yourself this? When we came to this counter, we didn’t even see you, so you have the face to say that?”
Jane Blake raised her haughty chin when she heard this, and said, “Why am I ashamed to say it? We’ve been here for a while, and we just watched it, but it’s just not decided yet.”
Such shameless words directly made Flora Smith laugh.
She immediately snorted contemptuously, and said bluntly, “Since you haven’t ordered it, then it’s not yours! Now we want it, why are you barking here?”
Jane Blake flushed with anger, and screamed, “Who are you talking about barking?!”
“Isn’t it you?”
Flora Smith said without thinking.
Gail Rogers frowned, and displeasure was evident across his kind face, “Miss, why do you speak so harshly?”
“I have something even worse!”
Chapter 46
Flora Smith sneered, stepped forward, and said
unceremoniously, “First of all, we Aletta are not familiar with you, and have nothing to do with the Rogers Family, so, can you stop posting disgustingly every time you see someone? Come up to touch porcelain?!”
When she spoke, her expression couldn’t hide the disgust, “Don’t you know that you are more disgusting than flies? The smell is stinking here. I really feel disgusting just by looking at it!”
“I didn’t want to pay attention to you at first, who knew that you didn’t have the slightest self-knowledge! It’s so, stu pid, and, let, people, disgust, stomach.”
In the last words, Flora Smith almost jumped out word by word.
She has always been sharp-tongued, her combat prowess is off the charts, and she has never lost a fight.
Where are Gail Rogers and her opponents?
At that moment, the faces of the two of them turned stinky instantly.
Jane Blake was so scolded that her face was flushed red, and she was about to explode with anger, “Who do you call a fly?”
“Just tell me what’s wrong with you?”
Flora Smith smiled, her tone quite casual.
The bi tch!
Jane Blake’s anger went straight to head, and immediately raised her hand, she was about to throw it at Flora Smith, “I don’t know what’s good or bad!”
Aletta Rogers’ eyes turned cold, and she grabbed Jane Blake’s wrist firmly.
His body was full of momentum, his words were icy cold, and he asked, “What? You still want to do something?”
“She scolded me and Sister Gail, shouldn’t I do it?!”
Jane Blake struggled while roaring.
But she didn’t expect Aletta Rogers to be so strong, she couldn’t help warning, “Let go, or I’ll beat you too!”
Not only did Aletta Rogers not let go, but she tightened her grip on it tightly.
There was a hint of pain on Jane Blake’s angry face.
Aletta Rogers couldn’t help but sneered, ” Jane Blake, after all these years, you really haven’t changed at all. You still like to be Gail Rogers’ lackey.”
The fluffy tone made Jane Blake feel worse than being scolded.
“Who do you say is a running dog?!”
Jane Blake was so angry that she yelled directly, “Bit ch! You are just an abandoned son of the Rogers Family, and you deserve to teach me?”
Immediately afterwards, she raised her other hand and
swung Aletta Rogers hard.
To beat Aletta Rogers!
Aletta Rogers’ eyes turned cold, and she slapped Jane Blake’s face with a backhand.
” Jane Blake, don’t be too arrogant and domineering. You, Blake, only rely on the Rogers Family to get your current status. Who will you pretend to be superior to?”
Jane Blake was stunned, her face full of disbelief, until there, was an unbearable pain on her face.
She suddenly became furious and shouted in a sharp voice, Bit ch! How dare you hit me? How dare you hit me? Neither of my parents ever hit me…
“That’s right, I’ll teach you a lesson for your parents today!”
Aletta Rogers cut her off and said.
Seeing that the situation was getting more and more serious, Gail Rogers spoke at this time and said, ” Aletta, isn’t it too much for you?”
Hearing this, Aletta Rogers turned her gaze to Gail Rogers, and said in a sarcasm, “Compared to someone like you, who secretly provokes troubles and can still watch the show with peace of mind, how can I be too much?”
Jane Blake like throwing garbage, and said to Gail Rogers, “Take your dog and get out!”
Jane Blake couldn’t stand still, and was thrown so hard that she slammed into Gail Rogers.
Gail Rogers also stag gered two steps, and hurriedly supported him, with a very ugly expression on his gentle face.
Jane Blake was furious.
At home, she has always been pampered. When has she been humiliated like this?
She will never let it go!
Jane Blake retaliated to the clerk next to her and said, “Are you really going to sell chess to this woman? Do you know that this woman has no money at all!”
“Not only that, this woman was a mistress at the beginning, which caused our sister Gail to be injured. Her leg is still not healed, and now she actually hits people. Do you also entertain this kind of guests?!”
At this time in the store, it was the time when the number of customers was the most. When those customers heard Jane Blake’s words, they couldn’t help casting/contemptuous glances at Aletta Rogers.
After seeing Jane Blake, she felt elated.
She wants to see if Aletta Rogers still has the face to stay here!
Thinking about it, she added, “Any item here starts at a million dollars. Can you afford it?”
Aletta Rogers looked at the other party’s childish methods and felt a little ridiculous.
Jane Blake really hasn’t grown up at all.
I can’t get tired of playing this trick for so many years!
Seeing this, Flora Smith was about to go back.
But Aletta Rogers grabbed her first, and said in a flat tone, Jane Blake, if you’re stu pid and don’t know how to think, then I’ll figure it out with you now.”


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