Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 5

Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Chad & They Don’t Love You Near

This restaurant was originally owned by the Hill Group.

When Jason was here, he naturally asked for the best box.

Not long after he finished ordering, all the dishes were delivered.

All of the dishes were fragrant and tasty!

Lyla, who was pretending to be dumb, was a foodie. When she saw the dishes on the table, her eyes lit up.

She was immediately drawn, especially to the big crab leg in front of her. She couldn’t help stretching out her little hand.

When she was about to touch it, the crab’s leg was suddenly taken away.

Jason took away the plate ruthlessly, and said with a trace of remorse and self-blame in his tone, “Sorry, I forgot. You are allergic to seafood.”


Lyla was stunned.

She could eat seafood!

She could eat a big plate of it!

Watching a plate of delicious food being taken off the table, she felt aggrieved immediately and looked at Lucas with expectant eyes.

Lucas put his hand under the table, patted his sister’s little hand comfortingly, and signaled with his eyes, “Be patient.”

Lyla pouted unhappily, picked up a spoon, and gulped down the food.

This scene once again surprised Jason and Eaton.

The child of the Hill family needed to be taught in all aspects, especially table manners.

So, it was the first time they had seen the kids have such… a good appetite. Strictly speaking, it was against the rules.

But Jason did not stop her.

Every time her daughter ate a meal, she had to be coaxed for a long time. When did ever she take such an initiative?!

He decided to let her go…

He was glad that she was willing to eat.



790 Nouchers

When they were halfway through eating, Jason’s phone rang suddenly, and the caller ID was Gail Rogers.

He frowned. He answered the phone, and said lightly, “What’s wrong?”

On the other end of the phone, Aletta’s gentle voice was intentionally mixed with a bit of urgency, “Jason, have the children been found? How about I go out and help look for them? It’s been so long. What should we do if something happens?”

Jason replied to her coldly, “No, thanks. I’ve already found them.”

“Really? That’s good…I’ve been so worried.” Aletta sounded happy.

Then, she said tentatively, “Well, are you at home now? How about I go over and see you? I’d be really worried if I don’t see the kids safe.”

“No, I took them out for dinner and we haven’t gone back yet.” Jason’s tone became colder.

Lucas and Lyla vaguely heard their conversation.

They could tell right away that Gail was calling!

Their faces immediately darkened.

He was a scu mbag!

He was chatting with another woman in front of the kids!

With a straight face, Lucas put down his fork and made a slight noise, as if announcing his dissatisfaction.

Lyla noticed that Lucas was angry, and put down her fork too.

There was delicious food on the table, but she lost her appetite!

Jason heard the sound and found that something was wrong

with the two kids.

He frowned, and said to Aletta who insisted on visiting them in a cold tone, “Nina and Otto don’t like you near them at home. So don’t go to Hill Villa again without my permission!”

With that, he hung up the phone and put his phone away.

Chapter & They Had Him Wrapped Around Their Finger

“I have prevented Gail from approaching our house.” After Jason finished explaining, he looked at Lucas seriously, and said in a commanding tone, “Eat.”

Lucas secretly sneered. Was he in the mood to eat now?

He was very straightforward, “If you didn’t have that thought, you should have cut her off a long time ago. Why are you still seeing her?”

“If you want to have another child with her, we won’t have any objections. It’s no big deal. We’ll just go to Mommy…” Lucas slid off the chair and was about to leave.

Just as Jason was about to lose his temper, his daughter got down from her chair too.

Lyla stared at him, tried to endure it, but finally couldn’t hold back, “Bad guy!”

Jason froze in shock.

His daughter… talked again?

But she scolded him…

Should he be happy or sad?

Seeing the two kids push open the door, Jason was afraid they would run away from home again. He got up and said, “Otto, Nina, stop!”

These two kids were getting more and more rebellious!

Maybe it was because of his cold and serious voice. The two kids were so frightened that they stopped in their tracks and turned to look at him.

With a sullen face, Jason suppressed his anger and explained, “Let me say this for the last time. I have no intention of having. children with anyone else. Just the two of you are enough! Come back!”

Eaton glanced at the two kids, and then at Jason who kept trying to explain.

He felt that Jason was a little pitiful.

These two kids… had Jason wrapped around their fingers!

“Also, don’t mention Mommy in front of me.” Jason frowned deeply, “She’s long gone!”

Hearing this, Lucas couldn’t help frowning.

Their scu mbag daddy not only abandoned their mommy but cursed her?!

Just as he was about to refute it, he suddenly found it sound familiar.

When he had asked their mommy who their daddy was in the past, it seemed their mommy also told them that their daddy had died long ago!

Lucas froze immediately.

He didn’t know how to refute…


It would be bad if Mommy was exposed.

Seeing that they were silent, Jason endured it and ordered them, “Sit down and finish your meal.”

Lucas pouted, “We’re going to the bathroom!”

He dragged her sister to leave.

“Little Mr. Hill, Little Mrs. Hill, shall I go with you?” Eaton was afraid that the kids would get lost again, so he immediately stepped forward and said.

But Lucas said without even thinking about it, “No need! We know the way back!”

Then he left with his sister.

Seeing this, Eaton couldn’t help but look at Jason, “Shall I follow?”

Jason rubbed his temples, and said, “You don’t need to follow. Tell your subordinates to keep a close eye on the exit. It’s fine as long as they don’t leave this restaurant.”

“OK!” Eaton nodded and quickly left.

In another box of this restaurant, Aletta and the others had almost finished their dinner.

Seeing that the dinner was about to end, Nina was a little restless and kept moving around in her chair.

Seeing this, Aletta couldn’t help asking, “Baby, what’s wrong?”

When Otto heard this, he subconsciously looked at his sister.

In the next second, he knew she was going to the bathroom.

He said, “Do you want to wash your hands? I will take you there.”


Nina nodded and put her hand on the palm extended by her brother.

“Mommy, we’ll be back soon.” Otto looked very natural and mature. He took his sister and went out.

Looking at the two kids, Flora couldn’t help sighing and said to Aletta, “It’s been a while since I saw Lucas. Lucas has grown up a lot. He’s more patient now.”

Hearing this, Aletta couldn’t help laughing, “He’s just patient with his sister. Sometimes he still loses his temper! For example, yesterday, he almost paralyzed the research institute again!”

Hearing this, Flora couldn’t help laughing.

After Otto led his sister to the outside of the bathroom, he whispered to her, “Go in by yourself. I’ll be waiting for you outside.”

Nina nodded and went in.

Otto was standing in the corridor outside, thinking about what had happened today.


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