Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 7

Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 7

Chapter 7 How Dare That Woman Come Back?

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Otto shook his head, “Daddy said that Mommy passed away after giving birth to us. So we… didn’t know that we have a brother and a sister.”

Then the two brothers thought of something and looked at each other.

It seemed that something must have gone wrong back then that led to such a mistake.

Lucas smiled and said, “But it doesn’t matter. We recognized each other when we meet now. I can tell you very responsibly that Mommy is not dead!”


Lyla echoed, “Mommy is alive and well! Besides, she misses you very much! Back then, after Mommy gave birth, the doctor told her that you two were dead. Over the years, every time Mommy thought of you, she would be very sad. Unexpectedly, it was Daddy who took you away!”

“Really?” Otto was a little agitated.

Over the years, almost no one in the Hills had dared to mention Mommy in front of him and Nina.

He had occasionally heard gossip about her from the

serv ants.


Chapter 7 How Dare That Woman Come Back?

They said Mommy was a vicious woman who had hurt Gail!

But he didn’t believe it at all!


He went to ask Daddy, but Daddy said Mommy was dead…

Hearing the news about Mommy now and learning that she had missed him and his sister, he couldn’t help but feel very happy.

“Of course it’s true!” Lyla nodded, blinked, and asked, “Otto, Nina, do you want Mommy? Do you want to go back to her?”

Otto nodded without thinking.

When Mommy hugged them today, her body was soft and fragrant, and they felt very secure in her arms. He liked Mommy.

Then, he looked at Nina.

Nina immediately took out a small notebook from her pocket and wrote a few words, “I want Mommy too.”

Although Nina didn’t speak, her watery eyes were brighter than anyone else!

Otto couldn’t help smiling, and said, “It seems that Nina also


Chapter 7 How Dare That Woman Come Back?

likes Mommy very much.”

Nina smiled shyly.

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Lucas and Lyla looked at her at the same time. They thought about it, and asked Otto, “Nina… can’t talk?”

Otto quickly shook his head and explained to them, “Nina could talk. But she got sick and can’t speak now. The doctor said it’s indirect aphasia.”

Lyla understood. She knew this.

“That is, she suddenly became dumb…” As soon as she said the word “dumb”, Lyla realized something, and immediately grabbed Nina’s hand, “It’s okay, Nina. Don’t be afraid.

Mommy is a doctor. Her medical skills are amazing! She will cure you!”

Nina nodded, looking forward to being able to get along with Mommy!

The four kids soon got acquainted. Seeing that the time was almost up, they began to discuss what they were going to do


Lucas said, “Lyla and I will pretend to be the two of you, and go to Daddy’s side. Otto and Nina will go to Mommy’s side, and bond with Mommy first!”


Chapter 7 How Dare That Woman Come Back?

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Hearing this, Otto couldn’t help but ask, “Can’t we just tell Mommy that Nina and I exist?”

“We can, but not now.”

Lucas said solemnly, “The main reason is that I’m afraid that when Mommy finds out, she will be so angry. She will fight our scu mbag daddy because he stole you back to the country!


“Once Daddy knows about the existence of Lyla and me, maybe he will take the opportunity to take back custody.

“I think… Mommy doesn’t stand a chance against Daddy. So we have to take our time and not stimulate Mommy. We have to let her find out the difference by herself!”

Hearing this, Otto instantly understood, “I see…”

While the four kids were discussing, Aletta saw that the kids had gone to the bathroom for so long and hadn’t come back, and she couldn’t help being worried. She came out to look for them.

Likewise, Jason saw that the children hadn’t come back, and

he came out to look for them himself.

However, when he passed the corner of the stairs, he suddenly stopped and stared at the familiar figure that flashed by with deep eyes.

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Chapter 7 How Dare That Woman Come Back?

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That figure looked a lot like… Aletta.

The image of that woman appeared in his mind, and his face. immediately darkened. His handsome turned cold.


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