Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly Chapter 8

Ex-Husband’s Regret: Barren Mommy Has Quadruplets By Dolly Molly chapter 8

Chapter 8

Back then, after the woman left a note, she disappeared.

When he heard from her again, he saw two children. abandoned at the gate of the Hills!

Therefore, over the years whenever the children wanted their mommy, he had been so angry with her that he lied to them, saying that their mommy had passed away.

And now, this woman was bold enough to come back!

Jason snorted coldly and immediately caught up.

His figure and appearance were the most outstanding and dazzling existence in the crowd.

Otherwise, Aletta would not have fallen for a man like him

back then.

When she returned from abroad this time, the last thing she

wanted to see was Jason.

But unexpectedly, she ran into him on her first day back.


Chapter 8 How Dare That Woman Come Back?

She was so frightened that her heart tensed and she quickened her pace.

What she was most afraid of happened in the end.

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A glimpse of him, when she left the private room, was enough

to make her terrified.

She didn’t want to have anything to do with the past, especially when she had two children now!

If Jason found out that she had not only been pregnant with his children but also given birth to them, she would be doomed!

Panicked, Aletta ran to the bathroom and yelled directly into it, “Lyla! Lucas! Are you there?”

In the bathroom, there was no response.

Seeing that slender figure stepping out from the corner, Aletta was so panicked that she didn’t care to check whether it was

the men’s room or the women’s room, and rushed in without thinking..

Jason chased all the way. When he arrived outside the women’s room, he was ready to wait and catch that woman. But after waiting for a long time, he didn’t see anyone.


Aletta, It Is You!

He looked very cold.

But even so, his handsome face still frequently caught the eyes of passers-by.

As time passed, Jason looked at the time on his watch, feeling a little impatient.

Without much hesitation, he called to stop a girl who was about to go in.

“Hello, can you help me check if anyone is in the bathroom? My friend is missing and I can’t find her.”

The girl had noticed Jason from a distance just now, but she hadn’t expected the handsome man to take the initiative to talk to her.

She immediately nodded shyly, “Okay, let me take a look.”

Soon, the girl came out of the bathroom.

“Hello, there is no one in the bathroom, and there is no one in the cubicles. Your friend may be somewhere else…”


Jon Nouchere

He pulled his tie and said to the girl, “Thank you.”

Then, he turned around and entered the men’s restroom next to the women’s room.

Aletta was hiding in one of the cubicles in the men’s room. Hearing the conversation outside and the sound of approaching footsteps, she held her breath.

This bas ta rd saw her!

And he wanted to catch her!

What did he want to do?

She avoided him simply because she didn’t want to see him.

Was he trying to catch her because he wanted to take revenge on her for that note back then?

Aletta’s mind was a mess. While she was thinking, she heard the sound of running water from the faucet outside.

Jason came in. He should be washing his hands!

Aletta held her breath and remained motionless.

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Jason was still in a bad mood and his eyes were cold. He was rubbing his hands hard as if he was ravaging that stu pid woman Aletta.

He inadvertently raised his eyes.

Suddenly, he saw in the mirror that a pair of feet wearing high heels were exposed under the cubicle behind him.

High heels…

He suddenly narrowed his eyes and realized something.

His face darkened, and there were unspeakable emotions in his eyes.

But in the end, he suppressed everything. A dangerous storm was coming.

In the cubicle, Aletta knew that he hadn’t left yet. Her heart was beating fast, and she was uneasy.

Just when she was about to pray, she suddenly heard the footsteps of someone leaving.

G o d!

Fortunately, she was not found.

Jason left.

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She was smart enough not to follow Jason out. Instead, she waited a little longer to make sure that there was no movement outside and then came out of the bathroom cautiously.

There was no one in the corridor outside. When Aletta confirmed that the danger was over, she immediately turned around and ran back to the private room.

She didn’t know that just after she left, Jason came out from the fire escape.

His eyes were gloomy. He gritted his teeth and looked in the direction the woman was leaving.

Aletta, it was you!

When Aletta returned to the private room, the children had already returned.

Seeing that Aletta looked nervous and was even sweating on her forehead, Flora couldn’t help asking, “What happened? Why did you run so fast?”

“Oh, nothing.” Aletta shook her head a little out of strength

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and had no intention of bringing up what had happened just.


She looked at the two kids, “Have you guys finished dinner? Let’s go quickly after dinner. I’m so tired after such a long flight, and I want to go back and rest.”

“Then let’s go home.” Flora and Annie naturally had no objections.

The two kids also said that they were full, so they got up and followed their mommy.

Soon, the three of them left with the two kids.

Jason returned to the private room with an inexplicable coldness.

Lucas glanced at him, and couldn’t help but think of the information he had just exchanged with Otto.

Otto said that their scu mbag Daddy had a bad temper, but he loved him and his sister very much. It was indeed because of his and his sister’s obstruction that Daddy had been putting off his marriage with Gail.

At this moment, Lucas reluctantly took a liking to Jason. So he took the initiative to say nicely, “Daddy, we shouldn’t have run away from home today. Please don’t be angry. I won’t be so reckless in the future.”


Charletta, You

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Jason was stunned for a moment and finally recovered from the emotion just now.

He glanced at the boy and his eyes softened a little. He replied lightly, “I’m glad you admit your mistake. You have to correct it next time! Have you finished dinner? Let’s go home. if you finish it.”

Lucas nodded, slid down from the chair, and obediently held his sister’s hand.

Jason stretched out his hand to the boy and took the kids


Back at Hill Villa, the first thing Jason did was to tell the two kids, “Go back to your room to practice calligraphy. I still have something to attend to. I’ll see you later.”

The two kids didn’t say anything. They nodded and then went upstairs.

The two came here for the first time, but they acted as if they had lived here for a long time.

This was thanks to Otto who had revealed the information in


He and his sister lived in the first and second rooms on the right-hand side of the second floor!


Jason was absent-minded, so he didn’t notice anything unusual about the kids.

He couldn’t mention it in front of the kids. After the two kids had gone upstairs, Jason called Eaton and told him calmly, “Go and check Aletta’s whereabouts.”

Check… Check who?

Eaton almost thought he heard it wrong and looked at Jason in surprise.

But he didn’t dare to speculate on Jason’s thoughts, so he replied cautiously, “Mr. Hill, Ms. Rogers… No, Miss Aletta, isn’t she abroad?”

After the two divorced, they hadn’t contacted each other for so many years. Jason even hated Aletta a lot…Why did Jason suddenly want to find her?

Could it be that Little Mr. Hill and Little Mrs. Hill had wanted to see their mommy, so Jason relented?

Jason didn’t know Eaton’s guess.

“She’s back. I saw her at the Grande Hotel tonight.” Jason gritted his teeth and said, “I’d like to see what she’s doing back here!”


Back then, after picking up the two children at the door, he Went to check Aletta’s whereabouts.

It turned out that Aletta had abandoned the children in a foreign hospital and they were almost sent to an orphanage.

It was also from that time on that he had hated that woman.

even more!

He hadn’t expected this woman to be bold enough to come.

back now!

Even if he was the one who had proposed divorce, Aletta was too cruel to her flesh and blood!

“Okay, Mr. Hill, I’ll check it out right now.” Eaton also knew about the children, and he was immediately glad that he

hadn’t talked nonsense.

Seeing the situation, Eaton knew that Mr. Hill and Aletta would be unlikely to get back together!

Eaton guessed so in his heart. Not long after he left, the butler came in to report.

“Mr. Hill, Ms. Rogers is here. She said she is still worried about the children, so she came to take a look.”

“I’m not going to see her.” Jason’s tone was cold and he


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