Jojo and Coco’s Unexpected Love By Aurora Summers Chapter 315

Jojo and Coco’s Unexpected Love By Aurora Summers Chapter 315

Chapter 315 This Kind of Thing

Joseph’s expression turned dark, and he twirled his fingers to quell his inner urge. “If your want to cry, go ahead. It’s not like I haven’t seen it before.”

Chloe’s lips formed a slight pout as she looked at Joseph, her emotions tangled within.

“How did you find me?

e?” she asked, her voice tinged with curiosity.

“Emily called me, and I guessed it was Calvin.”

Chloe recalled the things Calvin told her and she asked, “Calvin said you got many men to assault Ava Is it true?”

“Yeah, I did,” he replied nonchalantly, sending a shiver down her spine.

This man was far more ruthless than she had imagined.

Joseph’s gaze intensified as he observed the subtle shifts in Chloe’s expression. Leaning in closer, he placed his hands on either side of her, his commanding presence towering over her.

“Are you scared?” he asked.

“Not at all. You did all that to Ava because of me,” Chloe said, her eyes locked with his. “You came to rescue me. Does that mean you still have feelings for me?”

If Joseph still held a place for her in his heart, she would be willing to calm down and listen to his explanation about that night with Xavia.

Confronted with her probing question, Joseph’s pride compelled him to avert his gaze, his voice turning cold as he scoffed, “You’re simply deceiving yourself. I merely felt sorry for you. and nothing more.”

A pallor washed over Chloe’s face, and a touch of self-derision flickered in her eyes.

In Joseph’s heart, Chloe’s presence may have been akin to that of Toto. He had a fondness for her, but it fell short of love. Occasionally, he would caress her like one would stroke a pet’s fur, but it remained at that level.

She realized how foolish she had been.

“For now, rest. We can discuss everything tomorrow.”

Joseph lay on the other bed in the room. Chloe had injured her head, and insufficient rest could hinder her healing process.

Chloe woke up at eight in the morning to find the other bed empty, indicating that Joseph had left at some point.


“Good morning, madam. I’m the caregiver arranged by Mr. Joseph. Please let me know if you have any needs,” a middle-aged woman humbly greeted her as she entered the room.

Chloe paused, feeling a mix of emotions inside. She could not fathom Joseph’s true intentions. Why had he chosen to appear before her in her most vulnerable moment? Was he oblivious to the fact that it could lead her to believe he still harbored feelings for her?

Throughout the morning, apart from making a phone call to Emily and Icarus to let them know she was safe, Chloe spent her time assigning tasks in the work chat. Her body was covered in various bruises and injuries. Every slight movement caused her pain. As a result, she could only pass the time scrolling through her phone to avoid any significant physical exertion.

As she accessed her social media, a captivating photo seized her attention-a snapshot of Joseph and Natalie engaged in a graceful dance. Their bodies intertwined in seamless spins and twirls, conquering the center of the dance floor. The overhead spotlight silently celebrated their performance, bestowing imaginary applause upon them.

Chloe clenched her hand, her fingertips digging into her palm. A sensation akin to a heavy stone weighed down her heart, inflicting both pain and a suffocating feeling.

Her fingers swiftly scrolled, unwilling to linger on that particular page.

[Wyatt actively sought the attention of a board member in the company, willingly taking on the role of her kept man, all in the pursuit of gaining access to superior resources.]

[Lannie Wurths has been taken away for investigation by the authorities on suspicion of tax evasion.]

[Saydie Lanes has been exposed for undergoing over three hundred plastic surgeries and multiple affairs with a famous hip-hop singer while being married.]

[The stock of Docwood’s most renowned entertainment company has experienced a sharp decline, putting it in the midst of a significant crisis.]

Chloe gazed at the incessant stream of trending topics on her phone, feeling a mix of confusion and bewilderment. Something seemed amiss in the entertainment industry, as a sudden wave of trouble befell numerous popular stars. Driven by curiosity, she clicked into the comment section, and her attention was immediately caught by the first comment that had hundreds of thousands of likes. It read:

[Have you noticed that all the stars involved in these incidents are under Mr. Calvin’s management? Did he offend some mysterious big shot?]

Chloe’s mind raced, connecting the dots between Joseph’s rescue from Calvin’s clutches and the unfolding events. Could Joseph be responsible for all of this?

In the evening, Chloe finally had the chance to confront the man. She blinked and asked, “Did you have something to do with the changes in Calvin’s office?”

The hospital ward fell silent. Joseph sat in a chair, his fingers interlocked across his chest as he asked, “Do you think I went too far?”

Chloe was taken aback, and then she instinctively said, “No, I’m just worried that it might affect your future and that Calvin might seek revenge on you.”

“I won’t even need to take action if he retaliates. My grandfather will be the first one to make a move,” Joseph said.

Their reputation as the leader of the Four Greats was not an empty title. Countless adversaries lurked in the shadows, yet they never shied away from direct confrontations.

Chloe felt slightly relieved, her tone submissive as she said, “Thank you.”

Without Joseph, she might have truly been in mortal danger.

“Is this your way of showing gratitude?”

“In that case, shall I cook for you a little longer? I can be your housekeeper, tending to your needs and taking care of you and the dogs.”

This time, she was willingly offering her help. She did not want to owe him too much. Besides cooking, she could not think of any other way to express her gratitude.

Joseph’s face darkened. “Again? What am I? A pig?”

“I only know how to cook. Oh, and I can also help you translate Estrenian documents.”

“No need. We have a competent translator at Fairlight.”

“Ah…” Disappointment clouded her expression as she lowered her head.

“If you truly want to show your gratitude, there are many ways,” he stated.

“Tell me!” The words slipped out before she realized it. As she saw Joseph’s playful and nonchalant gaze gliding over her, Chloe instantly understood.


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