Jojo and Coco’s Unexpected Love By Aurora Summers Chapter 318

Jojo and Coco’s Unexpected Love By Aurora Summers Chapter 318

Chapter 318 Your Wife Is Leaving You, Do Something!

Chloe’s expression momentarily froze. She then plastered on a smile as she attempted to deceive her way out of the situation. “Grandpa, what are you talking about?”

“Stop pretending!” Harold huffed, his mustache twitching with anger. “Do you think just because I’m old that you can conspire with that punk to deceive me?”

He had long pondered over how Joseph managed to find a wife who was not only well- mannered but also remarkably beautiful. He had contemplated various explanations, but he never anticipated that they would go to the extent of orchestrating a sham marriage to deceive


Chloe stumbled over her words, bewildered by how she had unintentionally revealed herself when things were going smoothly.

Observing her silence, Harold grew increasingly agitated and directed his anger toward Joseph, who sat calmly beside him. “You’re about to lose your wife. Do something instead of sitting there idly!”

Joseph reclined comfortably on the sofa, crossing his long and slender legs. His hand rested on his forehead, while the other casually rested on the armrest. Radiating an aura of at distinguished gentleman, he coolly said, “It was fake at the beginning, but it became real afterward.”

Harold’s aged eyes widened in anticipation as he looked at Chloe. “Is that true?”

It was a contractual marriage, yet it was not entirely based on a contract.

“Yes, it’s true, Grandpa.”

Harold patted his chest, his anger subsiding slightly. “You two should’ve mentioned that earlier. I thought that this punk would end up-”

Before he could finish his sentence, Chloe interjected, “But we’ve broken up now.”

Harold felt as if he could not catch his breath as he suppressed his anger as much as possible. He could not afford to get angry. They needed to resolve this matter now.

He would never let his amazing granddaughter-in-law slip away.

Chloe stared intently at Harold’s reaction. God knew how much courage she had to muster to confess all this. She was worried that he might pass out like last time.

“Tell me everything else you’ve deceived me about. Everything,” Harold demanded.

Chloe turned her gaze toward the composed man beside her and innocently shook her head. ” That’s the only one I’m aware of, but I don’t know if he’s hiding anything.”

Harold’s face brightened with realization as he anxiously slapped his thigh. “Did you two


break up because of him?”

Joseph’s gaze shifted to Chloe, who was trying to shift the blame to him. His thin lips pursed lightly as he corrected, “We both bear responsibility.”

Chloe sneered inwardly. ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah. All you did was just fall into the same trap that men all over the world have fallen into, and I am the one who committed an unforgivable sin that brought an end to this relationship.”

Harold’s brows furrowed deeply as his gaze flickered between the two. “Chloe, go upstairs and rest. I want to have a few words with this scoundrel.”

Chloe nodded, her mind racing with curiosity about who had revealed their secret to Harold. After all, only a handful of people knew about their contractual marriage, and not many had the opportunity to speak with Harold.

She pursed her lips and raised her eyes, locking her gaze with Patrick.

Patrick immediately expressed his loyalty and waved his hands.

That’s right. If Patrick wanted to expose them, he could have done it a long time ago. Why wait until now?

Chloe returned to her room to rest, and it did not take long for Harold’s resounding shouts to reach her ears from downstairs. After ten minutes, Harold seemed to have calmed down. Chloe cautiously opened the door a slit and peered out.

Joseph held an exquisite blue and white porcelain teacup, taking a sip of tea with a nonchalant attitude about him. He was engaged in a seemingly casual conversation with Harold, and Harold, rare as it was, appeared to be listening attentively, occasionally nodding in agreement.

It seemed as though Joseph was the wise elder, the one coming up with ideas, while Harold was the younger who would shout and panic at the slightest sign of trouble.

Chloe listened for a while but did not hear anything significant, so she closed the door.

After another five minutes, Patrick knocked on the door and called for Chloe to come downstairs, telling her that Harold wanted to discuss something with her.


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